By arse-face - / Friday 28 June 2013 23:22 / Ireland - Caher
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By  lu95  |  16

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  SWhimsynBubbaS  |  14

Hm. I love how people automatically blame being "ugly" by having too much make-up or not 'enough'. I do admit sometimes with too much make-up it can go a little overboard but that doesn't make someone an "arse face" in this case, but putting it on doesn't exactly turn you into a beauty queen. Sorry about what happened to you, OP. On the bright side you no longer have fake friends!

  AestheticGuy  |  21

No offense but the bouncer had every right to let in who he thinks is good for the club. I just hope that OP isnt naturally ugly and she just needs to present herself better.

By  truesarrif  |  33

that's when the slip of a 20$ bill in a hand shake comes in handy. and once you're inside slip another bouncer another 20 to toss your friends back out since they were going in without you.

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