By arse-face - 28/06/2013 23:22 - Ireland - Caher

Today, a group of friends and I went out to a fancy club together. The doorman checked us out and let everyone in. Everyone except me, that is. The doorman's reason: "Her face looks like a baboon's arse." My "friends" all went in anyway, leaving me to walk all the way home. FML
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Those aren't your friends.

Shitty bouncer. Shittier friends.


Those aren't your friends.

I like how the first two comments are nearly identical

Never mind, I read it wrong, lol ignore me

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miasaur 11

lol @ the reply comments

Llama_Face89 33

The stupid hurts my head...

Troll senses tingling. Did someone edit their comment?

Poochavist 11

No one wants to see your 'lol'

Those asshats aren't your friends.

Throw shit like a monkey at the bouncer, and when they bitch at you just say "I'm only validating your point"

How does PROVING their point help her?

It doesn't help her but that whole situation just gives her permission to act wild and get payback

@25 LOL I laughed way too hard at that....

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Red face. I get it.

Hm. I love how people automatically blame being "ugly" by having too much make-up or not 'enough'. I do admit sometimes with too much make-up it can go a little overboard but that doesn't make someone an "arse face" in this case, but putting it on doesn't exactly turn you into a beauty queen. Sorry about what happened to you, OP. On the bright side you no longer have fake friends!

Your a bitch, you know?

pinguino3669_fml 23

Makeup doesn't define beauty.

Shitty bouncer. Shittier friends.

Shitty solution, throw feces at him to prove his point.

Proving his point won't help.

No offense but the bouncer had every right to let in who he thinks is good for the club. I just hope that OP isnt naturally ugly and she just needs to present herself better.

however funny it may be :)

Sorry, OP. Probably aren't your real friends then :( at least you now know!

Well, I guess you can use that time to find better friends

mrdinofly 6

You'd have no idea how hard it is making friends when you don't have friends in the first place.

glamorous18 10

sorry honey, those aren't your real friends. try finding people you can trust & rely on.

that's when the slip of a 20$ bill in a hand shake comes in handy. and once you're inside slip another bouncer another 20 to toss your friends back out since they were going in without you.


This... This is... This is the guy.

Okay... okay, sir... okay, sir, please stop... Thanks!! :) ...

ApollosMyth 22

I don't know if those friends are worth $40.

"Uhhh...excuse me sir, I have someone I'd like you to meet...*pulls out money*and this fellow doesn't like those people over there.*

rosatoscano 12

Your friends are assholes...

they don't count as friends

Well, OP, I guess those "friends" of yours need to be returned. And as for the doorman, I'm sure he's wrong.