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Today, my boss asked me if I know anything about those tattoos that girl put on their lower backs. "You mean Tramp Stamps?" I responded. He looked at me with hatred in his eyes and said that his 18 year old daughter just got one. FML
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It's not your fault his daughter's a *****.

That is what they're called right? What ^ said. It's not your fault his daughter is a tramp. FYL that your boss just can't accept that.


It's not your fault his daughter's a *****.

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Well first things first, that;s what your boss gets for having a **** for a daughter. Secondly. YDI. I don't even see why you would say the word 'tramp' around your boss.

it would have been an automatic response for me though. If someone asked me what 2+2 was, I wouldn't hesitate. I would immediately say 4.

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#1 wins!! but really the term 'tramp stamp' is still used because that's what they are.

how the flying **** is a tattoo trampy?

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#1 is right, it's not your fault his daughter is a hooorrr

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Judging a person based off a tattoo in a specific area? Way to go by following stereotypes. I actually had a similar situation. It was a month before my 18th birthday, and I informed my friends I was getting my nipples pierced for the occasion. They all totally flipped the **** out, saying only "*****" and "skanks" got piercings there. I asked why, and they replied with testimony of **** stars and girls who flash their boobs all the time have them. Huh. I'm not a **** star or flash anything or have participated in any sexual acts, so what's the problem? I got them pierced as I planned, and then my friends do a complete 180 and congratulate me about it, wishing they could have been there for it.... What? It is totally ridiculous to believe a tattoo or piercing in a certain area makes a person slutty. The only people who know about my piercings are the friends I have told because no one has actually seen my breasts. See? Not a ****. Though the nipples are associated with sex organs, it does not make the person a **** unless they expose themselves or take part in promiscuous behavior. Same goes with the "tramp stamp". The fact that some people have tattoos there for guys to **** on like a target does not speak for the entire group of people who have them. It's a harsh and false generalization. It's like saying all women who get yeast infections are *****. Yeast infections have a multitude of causes, not just "sleeping around" and whatnot, so saying such an accusation is rather crass and baseless.

^ to add to that... i've got multiple tattoos and still call tramp stamps "tramp stamps." people really need to chill with the political correctness. who the **** cares?

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I'm not freaking out about the name, but the fact that people automatically believe the person is a tramp is the issue here. #110 being a perfect example.

#1 wins. You dont get a tattoo above your ass if you dont want anyone to notice. You wont see it, so why get it other than for people to notice you are easy?

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Honestly I don't see a point in doing that at all. If you're NOT a *****, then what's the point of paying for something that nobody is going to see, or can't be shown to anybody? It's not like you can go "oh hey dad I got a piercing/tattoo" and show him your boobs or butt or well... anything of that sort. Very awkward... FYL OP, but hey, should have thought.

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My sister has a tramp stamp, and I call it that in front of her all the time. BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT IT'S CALLED. Just because a lot of women get them now doesn't mean they aren't slutty, nor does it mean that guys are going to think about it any differently. That's like a girl getting a tongue ring and then getting upset about people thinking she got it for a certain reason. Sorry a commonly-used term offended your sensitive, feminist nerves.

Wow, personally, I think it's just a term. I mean, I can see where it's coming from - if people are looking at it, then they're pretty much staring at your underwear line. It's almost like an arrow below your neck pointing down, or a bullseye in your cleavage. No, you're not NECESSARILY showing that particular piece of skin, but no one's seeing it if you're not. That as it may be, I don't see anything wrong with that. Either you hide the tattoo and only yourself and a few other people see it, or you are comfortable enough with your body to expose it. That doesn't actually make you a ****, being a **** makes you a ****. (Not that there's anything wrong with that either, mind you.)

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Haha, I've couldn't put it better. It's not your fault for speaking truth.

You boss is just made because you confirmed his daughter is in fact a *****.

People with "tramp stamps" who aren't tramps, who get called tramps because they have a tattoo in a place that's easy to cover. Shoulders, large sections of the back, arms, and legs can all show in women's formalwear, so if a girl wants a tattoo that won't be showing at a dinner party, lower back is good. That's who cares.

#1 wins. And #96, a tattoo on a woman's lower back is called a tramp stamp. It's a classic sign of a ****.

Agreed with #1 Not your fault his daughter is a *****.

#112 I wish more people would think like you. I can't casually call something "retarded" or "gay" (not using their literal meanings) without someone yelling at me. >.<

Indeed, #1. Its common knowledge that that's what people think of them.

what would be awesome if it were actually a person pushing a lawn mower through her pubes... she could go around going "I just got a new tattoo omg!"

those tattoos are hot on a girl though...

okay my mom is 45 and she has a tattoo on her lower back, she got it a few years ago and it symbolizes her three children, all from the same father, and she's only had sex with two people....our father and her douche bag ex husband.

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Why would you get your nipples pierced if you weren't going to show anyone..?

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Couldn't have said it any better #1. :/

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WTF anyone else notice the irony of #108 saying she hasnt participated in any sexual acts but her name is HUGORGY (huge orgy)?

hug orgy i think. not huge orgy... dumbass

I don't know why this person got thumbed down, she is completely right. ^_^

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You're not a **** because you get a tramp stamp. You get a tramp stamp because you're a ****, or you just want a tattoo on your lower back.

Having a tattoo on your lower back doesn't make you a *****.

I got all my tattoos for myself. I have one on my inner lip that nobody ever sees, but I like it. Not everything is done for attention.

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That is what they're called right? What ^ said. It's not your fault his daughter is a tramp. FYL that your boss just can't accept that.

agreed it doesn't mean she is a tramp but that is what it's called

It's more like F-his-daughters-L when he comes home

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I don't know what future year you live in but tramp stamp is not an out-dated term.

I agree. It's still there 'cause that's where the guys are supposed to cum. Duh. Still a tramp stamp.

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It's there so guys can see it from behind, whether that involves leaning down, dancing, or doggy-style. WTF is wrong with you, #9? I doubt any female has EVER let you use her body art for target practice.

Uhm, duh, of course not, I am a female, and here we go: Tramp Stamp ( A tattoo on a woman's lower back. Just think of it as a target. If she doesn't want you to cum in her ass when you are ******* her in the butt, shoot your **** on her tramp stamp.

Maybe in england, but the term "slag" isn't used in the us.

lol.. it is so0o not an outdated term @ all...i know ppl that use it all the time. Just because more and more ppl have them doesn't make them more acceptable. Let's see you show off a tattoo @ a job interview, esp a tramp stamp & get hired.

Tattoos being socially acceptable doesn't make them all good. In fact, it increases the incidence of really shitty tattoos like tramp stamps.

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some women can pull off tramp stamps and not make it look bad... they're just overshadowed by the numerous women that can't pull them off.

No the slag tag is the piercing above the upper lip. Tramp stamp is the lower back tatoo.

They're commonplace because tramps are more commonplace now Thus, tramp stamp They think it looks "pretty" or whatever the **** but really it's just a barcode for the meat market

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Hmm, if a tramp stamp is a target, which I'm not saying it isn't, Why wouldn't someone get the tattoo on their butt? Some lower back tattoos can be tasteful, and just because someone gets a "tramp stamp" doesn't mean they are a tramp, or a **** or whatever else.

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why would you be showing off your tramp stamp tattoo at a job interview anyway? unless your interviewing to be a stripper or something. otherwise its best to keep your pants up and shirt down and not be bending over.

A single upper lip piercing isn't a slag tag. That's a Monroe piercing. Double upper lip rings are angel bites. Double lower lip rings are snake bites. Stamp is tattoo. Learn your body art.

Im pretty sure vaginas don't have upper and lower lips. Inner and outer lips, yes..

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I definitely still hear and call lower back tattoos 'tramp stamps'. Tattoos may be more socially acceptable these days, and I have three, but I still have enough common sense of where to NOT get tatted. i.e.- lower back, face, and practically anywhere visible in a professional job placement, if necessary.

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Well you were simply saying what they are called. It's not ur fault that his daughter is a tramp.

def not your fault. that is what they're called, so you were telling the truth when he asked you what you knew. fyl.

Yeah, that's just what it's called. It's his own damn fault for raising a daughter that would want one and then bitching about it when she inevitably did.

...He didn't actually TRY to raise her to want a tramp stamp, so it wasn't really inevitable.

I'm sick of people thinking girls who get tattoos there are automatically tramps...tattoos are a form of art, and any that are symmetrical need a symmetrical place on the body to look best... That leaves your choices as basically between your shoulder blades or your lower back, and seeing as the lower back is easier to hide for work etc, its the common choice. Grow up people.

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just because somebody has one doesn't mean they are a tramp, its just the name for tattoos in that location.

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It's just a slang term. I explained it to my mother the other day because my teacher had one. Most of the time when I use it, I don't mean it in a hurtful way. It's not a big deal. I want a tattoo when I'm old enough to get one too (two years). Times have changed, women get tattoos, but it does not make them a literal "Tramp" automatically. OP: You did nothing wrong. Bosses with daughters tend to take everything way too seriously. You were just saying what they were called. If he has a problem with that, then he definitely needs to get over it.

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Its not that the tattoo automatically makes them a tramp, its just a person with such a tattoo is more likely to be a tramp than the general population, and that's how the tattoo got the name. Feel free to start calling barbed wire tattoos around the arm asshole stamps.

The lower back is EASIER to hide than the upper back? Where do you work, and what type of clothing is worn that shows the upper back?? Shoulder blade tattoos are MUCH easier to cover than the tramp stamp!

Nobody's saying girls who get tattoos are tramps. Now, the girls who get tattoos on their lower backs; those are generally tramps. Whenever I know a girl and end up seeing a tramp stamp on her my opinion of her usually drops. "Oh... You have a tattoo THERE...? Uh, that's pretty cool..." ... *wonders how much **** has hit the tattoo* Whenever a guy sees a girl with a lower back tattoo he always, ALWAYS assumes it's a cum target and nothing more. "But waaaaaa waaaaa, you're just stereotyping. Blah blah feminist babble." Shut the **** up. If you didn't want to be labeled a cum dumpster then you never should have gotten a permanent label on your body displaying it. Just about everyone knows the social connotations of a lower back tattoo nowadays and knows there's a stigma attached to it. Knowingly getting one is just like purposely wearing a low cut top in a public place and bitching about when guys look.

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Umm I would ask where do YOU work that would have you showing your stomach and lower back all the time? I think its more likely that someone is wearing a lowcut top that shows your shoulders (what a shocking idea) than some slutty top that shows your stomach. Do you work at Hooters?

if you are a girl... it is way easier to hide a tattoo in your lower back than in your shoulder. isn't it obvious?

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tramp stamp is the most used name for those tattoos in our pop's not wrong that you said that. He needs to get over himself and face reality about his daughter instead of getting mad at you.

what else was there to say? you didn't coin the term, do the ink, or raise the girl. he needs to get over it.