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By PrayingForMoney - 25/03/2013 08:48 - United States - Sacramento

Today, I was at my job, waiting tables. A fellow server and myself were given a party of 14 Bible thumpers. They left us $9.00 and a mini Bible after awesome service, telling us we did a great job. Unfortunately, religion doesn't pay for my car. FML
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That's why restaurants should include gratuity on the bill for large parties. Sorry OP :(

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LO388 7

That's why restaurants should include gratuity on the bill for large parties. Sorry OP :(

We all do what we can to get prayed.

2, they do that here in CA. Usually a party of 8 are automatically charged an extra 15-20% of the bill. Sorry, OP, that some people think it is okay to leave little or no tips. My boyfriend and I went to dinner a couple weeks ago and and we saw a couple leave the waitress no tip. They kept complaining, saying she was taking too long but she actually was very efficient and helpful. We watched her open the card/receipt holder and she looked like she was going to cry. So we left her a $15 tip on our $17 bill. All we could do is hope that it cheered her up.

In Australia, tips are automatically put in the price of the food, which makes things a whole lot less complicated. Some places still have complimentary tip jars at the counter, but that's just a bonus to the staff's wage; no one misses out.

I'm from Australia too, and it was on FML that I learned many waitresses/waitors in America can go home without getting paid because their wages are made solely from tips (so if they don't get tipped that night, they don;t get paid). I know it's illegal for a business to do that, but it's sad that so many restaurants seem to get away with it. Definitely agree that everybody should get paid at least minimum wage, and tips can just be an added bonus.

And by "minimum wage", I don't mean the pissy $2-3 that some people down-thread have said they earn. I mean a proper wage. Something you can actually live off. I think Australia's is about $15 an hour nowadays, but I'm guessing America's is a bit lower due to their exchange rate?

Tips are just an excuse to get people to pay for the wages of employees so restaurants can keep paying them less than someone needs to survive.

I hate people like that. No one gives two ***** about what you believe in or your stupid shit pamphlets. I hope they realize God looks down on cheap and selfish people.

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I once had to serve a group of over 30 people. They were Filipino celebrities and their entourage. They were loud and obnoxious and only gave 5 bucks for tip. Oh but someone felt bad and added 5 more bucks. How kind. Considering tips were all divided into 10 or so parts, including all kitchen staff. Some people are just cheap as ****.

Here in canada last i heard minimum wage for servers is around $8 per hour and most large/wel know places that serve alchohol add the tip into the bill. Most of the complaints on how slow the wait staff is isn't their fault ussually... You can't serve food or beverages that the bartender or cooks haven't made.

The only reason I can think of why america doesn't make the switch is doing away with the old system? If all of a sudden waiters were making comparable wages, most customers wouldn't know this and would still leave a tip. For all the bitching on this site, in my experience, most people still leave some form of tip. So in essence, there would be probably at least a year or so where most wait staff would be getting paid twice. Not saying its a good reason, just all I can come up with.

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Did no one stop to think about other possibilities here? What if that group of 14 gave all the tip they could? I'm not saying that is what happened. However, it is very probable that the group paid with cash and all pitched in for the tip that only amounted to $9. It may have been all the cash they had left.

#239, in regions where tipping is standard, it's generally expected that one doesn't go out to eat at a tipping-type restaurant unless one has enough money to also cover the tip -- just as one wouldn't go out to eat if one didn't have enough money to cover the bill. People who don't want to pay a tip can go somewhere that doesn't involve tipping, like a fast-food restaurant.

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242- Its not unreasonable that the group could have been in a new place and didn't know how expensive the restaurant was. No one brings their bank account with them in cash when they go out. So it is also not unreasonable that they only had $9 left and could only give as much. I'm not encouraging others to not tip. I love to give a good tip everytime I eat out. There are times when this sort of thing would happen, though.

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#221: Someone who actually believes in the religion probably already has a Bible, and is probably less likely to want another one.

>you should respect others beliefs Not by default, sorry.

No, but praying to God just might. :D

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No, but starting a church and having people donate money to it might.

If praying to any god actually worked, most people would be rich and immortal.

21 That sounds like money laundering..

Bullshit. Isn't that how it's supposed to work? Pray and you'll get whatever you want? If not, what's the use in praying? None at all.

So should you, then. OP can pray all she/he wants for money to make up his salary and unless he gets tips or the employer decides to do something, he/she won't get it.

A car is probably what gets her to work.

Depends on where you live. Where I live, there's no public transit, and it would take several hours to walk to the nearest town. A car is not a luxury.

No, a car is virtually a necessity in many cases, both for transport to/from work and for grocery runs. Mass transit systems aren't always reliable and in some places non-existent (I had to quit a job because my car stopped working and my place of employ was outside the metro transit system).

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Humans invented shelter, shelter is a need. Your argument is both invalid and stupid.

Humans invented clothes, too. Does that mean we don't need them? Cars are a need. Even if something is only a 20 minute walk away, if it's 40 below, you need a car. Walking and other slower methods of transport aren't practical. If I need to get to somewhere by 8 in the morning but it's an hours drive away, there's no way to make it in time walking unless I get up at an obscene hour. Which cuts into sleep- a definite need. If god only answers prayers that are 'needs' the. Why the hell doesn't praying stop people from starving? Why doesn't praying stop people from living on the streets? Why are people sick? Why do people suffer? If praying worked AT ALL, then the world would be a much better place. So obvioisly either god has an out of touch sense of what people need, or praying is useless. I'm going woth the latter. Any prayers that have beem 'answered' are just coincidences.

They bible is old it's out of touch with reality. So really, god should realize this and adapt to the modern world. This is assuming god exists of course. There's no proof any higher being exists. Shelter comes naturally? Tell that to the homeless.

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no 167 just no. gosh what a dummy

obviousboy 8

It's always funny watching a religious person attempt argue using logic and get put on their ass every time.

Don't know when people thought God was some sort of Genie to grant every damn wish a person pleases by saying a couple of words.

Praying is like wishing for something, but doing nothing about it.

Funny how if you let religious fanatics talk long enough, they'll end up completely undermining their own "logic" (I use that term loosely)

obviousboy 8

There is actually no need for a god. That's how millions live their lives without one.

She's actually right though, a car is a luxury item... It may seem like too much work to us nowadays, but you CAN wake up five hours early and walk wherever you need to go. Even more basic, you don't NEED that job you like doing but is an hour drive away. You can give up your worldly shit and live for next to nothing and be a bum. From a purely religious standpoint, she was right. It just shows you how complacent we as humans have gotten in the last couple thousand years.

Trust FMLers to get into a pissing contest about religion if the topic is even uttered. That goes for everyone arguing, regardless of your opinions. It's a shame that you guys constantly feel it necessary to do this every time religion comes up. Can we not agree to disagree? Must we always attempt to undermine one another's views? It's ******* disappointing, and ridiculous.

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Thank you for being nice, 229, unlike most of the people on this thread

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Still, unless you ordered only a water, an average of a 64 cent tip is entirely too little.

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Unless everyone had only coffee the 64 cents may be extremely generous if everyone should tip a minimum of 15 percent

For me, I will always tip 10% if the service is good. I really think a lot of people don't know that a lot of waitress' salaries are dependent on tips. At least you got something though, would have been worse if they just left the bible

#181 - 10% is a weak tip. Reserving that for good service? If you're tipping the minimum for good service (which is 15% here in States and much of your native Canada as well), there's no reason for you to be proud of yourself. Better than nothing is a phrase reserved for cheapskates. If you can't afford a decent tip, you can't afford the luxury of eating out.

10% is a fair rate. If they give me really good service I'll bump up to 15% and I do 20% for steller service

hotPinklipstick 24

I always tip 15%, 20-25% for great service. If I get crappy service I'll still leave a tip, it just won't be as great. If I don't have enough money to leave a decent tip, I won't go to a restaurant. I'll either cook my own food or go get fast food. -209 10% is actually crappy for a tip. That means you'd only leave $3 on a $30 bill. That's pretty shitty.

If I get bad service I don't tip the servers and will try to find a way to tip only the cook and busser

That's the right idea, but 10% is considered a pretty stingy tip in Canada. 15% is standard.

hotPinklipstick 24

I believe in tipping even if its not good service. 211- How would you feel if you went to work and your boss said, "I know you worked today, but you didn't do well so you're not getting paid." You'd be pretty pissed.

God. None of y'all must be servers. Ten percent is a horrible tip. As a server, I tip out 4.5 percent of my sales to my support staff, so I give a proper twenty percent worthy service to all of my guests. But the ten percent tippers are remembered and given service accordingly next time they are in.

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i always tip 50%. sometimes im like "**** it, stop bringing shit to the table and have a seat!" and if the service is really good, i take them out back for a happy ending.

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Don't give up hope , hard work leads to success

Unfortunately, that's frequently not true. America has a huge problem with the working poor. People who have families, multiple jobs, and yet struggle to remain with their heads above water, financially. But I agree that people shouldn't give up hope.

You're not entitled to tips, you know.

Entitled? No. But if you're not going to tip, don't eat out. It's how we make a living and if you don't like the system, don't participate. If I give bad service, that's one thing. But if you simply don't tip on principle, you're a scumbag. Everyone knows eating out entails tipping, we make half minimum and all of that goes to pay taxes.

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I usually tip, but as far as making under minimum wage - I was under the impression that when it comes to jobs that rely heavily on tips, the employee must still make at least minimum wage when tips are counted. If you don't then your boss is supposed to pay the difference. Has this been changed or does this vary on a state-by-state basis?

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7 - I agree. I don't think that a server automatically deserves a tip just for being in the service industry. A tip is supposed to be a reward or thank you for going beyond the basics of what your job requires you do. People know what they're signing up for when they enter the industry. I work in the service industry, and am able to roll with the punches just fine. If you don't like it, don't work in that industry. I DO however think it's bullshit that servers don't get paid minimum wage at all places. You shouldn't be able to deny someone the same amount of pay for just as much effort and skill as another job requires simply because someone decides to thank them for their extraordinary help and kindness at the end of their service.

I waitress as well and basically I'm doing what you should be doing for yourself. Getting ranch, extra napkins, ketchup, refills, cleaning up you dirty dishes, touching your nasty dirty napkins, as some have said we don't expect tips if we did bad, however, if we go above and beyond the call of duty and make you happy it is very disappointing to find $5 for a $50 ticket for 6 people who said you did great. It's basically saying "yeah you're awesome, but not worth more than this." And there are waitresses who make more than teachers even do so its not like this is supposed to be like a job at McDonald's it is supposed to be a great job for people to enjoy. Good prices are cheap because we are not paid by our company because YOU are supposed to be grateful for us running like chickens with our heads cut off and pay the difference. If you don't want to pay tips you can either expect McDonald's quality at fancy restaurants or to pay $10 (double) for your generic biscuits and gravy so that you don't have to tip. Before waitressing I tipped 15% for okay service, 20 for good and whatever I felt was necessary for great service 25-35%. Because that not only makes those servers happy but also shows that they are doing things well so they will continue to do things well instead of be bitter. Okay end of rant.

I can't believe you're in service after reading your comment.

twaumat 28

#20. if yoy don't like your job then get another one. I won't tip you for something you should already be doing. if I want to go out and eat with out leaving a tip I can. servers with your attitude never get a tip from me.

ElementaryEdGuy 18

89: Fine. Then you can refill your drinks, get your food from the kitchen, and put your order in the system yourself. If you don't want to pay for the service, you should not GET the service. The two dollar safety net is to secure servers from people like you who think they don't have to pay for a service.

twaumat 28

96. its YOUR job to serve me, last time I checked you get paid to serve me. or are you a volunteer?

Hpixiee 23

Yet he will still get it whether he tips or not, so..

twaumat 28

89 when I go through a drive-thru, the employee takes my order, gets me my drink, takes my money and hands me the food, gets me sause, and napkins. why don't we tip them? just because I'm behind a table sitting down I have to tip?

ElementaryEdGuy 18

97 - I am not in the food service industry. However, I know that the minimum wage for servers is 2 dollars. So either tip, or your food prices will go up to adequately pay the servers. You're the one ruining the process for everyone. The gratuity is standard because they are NOT paid the legal minimum for serving. So, if you're not paying for the service (because you are to pay for part of it too) you do not get it. This book may be half off, but you are still required to pay your half while the store is taking its losses too.

ElementaryEdGuy 18

102 - You do not tip fast food workers because they ARE paid minimum wage. Are servers reimbursed if they do not average minimum wage? Yes. However, if a server is constantly reimbursed he or she is likely fired because they are seen as not being a good server (if they were good, they would get tips!). I've seen it happen plenty of times.

Ok, you're paid low by your employer, why the hell should the customer be responsible?

twaumat 28

118, exactly what I'm saying! I have to pay $40 for food plus a $10 tip for something the employee should be doing? have the employer cover the employee.

Twaumat - The "uma" in your name should be removed. Tipping has become part of eating out whether you choose to admit it or not. It isn't built into their salary, it's something they've come to expect because they deserve it for serving ungrateful fuckwits like you. Not leaving a tip is like a slap in the face. Full stop.

twaumat 28

128, you mad I dont always tip? I work hard for the money I make and I used to be in the service industry, I never went to work with an attitude that every damn person better tip me or im gonna go home and post on fml that I wasn't tipped. and idk what you mean by the "uma" but my name is a sentence in a different language. feel smart?

Take out the "uma" and you get "Twat". It was a play on words, regardless the language, moron. Feel stupid now? If you were in the service industry, then you should know better and you're even more of an idiot. The "good" waiters don't bust their asses just because they're nice people - they do it so they can earn a better tip. And "you mad" is an argument made only by the dimwitted with nothing else to say. Thank you.

ElementaryEdGuy 18

135 - Fine. Would you rather be paying 50 dollars for your food, and expect your food in two hours? Also, where the hell are you eating that you're paying 40 dollars for one meal?

The reason you are paying $40 instead of $60 is that you are supposed to pay the tip which would be $8 for 20% not $10. Also, if you cannot understand the concept of this then you are not intelligent enough to be in this conversation. It's a matter of showing someone that since you are lazy and do not want to cook tonight you are grateful that they are waiting on you hand and foot often times running back and forth for 4-6 different things that you "forgot" to ask for when you ordered. We shouldn't have to get another job if we "don't like" not being tipped. This is a matter of ignorance. People think someone else will tip better so they can tip less or not at all, however, I earned that gracious tip from them. WAKE UP. No one here is saying you need to tip 20% everytime at every place, we as a serving community know that when we mess up or are not kind we should not expect anything, but when we are doing things perfectly and making you happy we expect to be encouraged with a nice tip. As for a drive through where the hell can you get a sirloin medium/well and 6 refills on your diet coke and extra ranch for your fries and gives you ten minutes to look at the menu to decide dessert? You get what you pay for that is the deal. You get shit food at drive through a because you pay less and are not supposed to tip. You get good food at restaurants because you have servers that get you everything they can and should be tipped according to their great or not so great work.

expertsmilee 26

I can't help but notice that that Twaumat retard didn't bother responding once Doc put him in his place...does my heart good.

twaumat 28

136. I do feel pretty stupid. working in the service industry gives me a say, and its my opinion. if a person deserves a tip they will get a tip, but some servers don't deserve a tip. I've had terrible terrible service where I waited 20 minutes for the server to take my order and another 20 till the food was done. when I go out to eat I go out to eat not look at the table that was sat after mine that got their food, ate, and already left before I even got my food. should my waiter get tipped for that service? she thought she should. I disagree.

twaumat 28

I'm sorry for not responding fast enough, im too busy working. dumbass.

ElementaryEdGuy 18

177 - HOW is it the server's fault that you ordered food that took longer to cook than the table beside you?

expertsmilee 26

I wish there was a no one cares button to press on this site.

twaumat 28

I never said it was the servers fault that the food took 20 minutes, clearly its not. but it is her fault that it took her 20 minutes to even start taking the order.

expertsmilee 26

Sounds like you were indeed insinuating that she should be denied a tip due to another table getting their food before you from my perspective.

Twaumat - NO. Now you are changing your story. Originally you said "I won't tip you for something you should already be doing" (those are YOUR WORDS) and now you're saying that you won't tip only if you get bad service. Nice try. You're just trying to save face and make yourself look like less of an asshole after you've already shown your hand. Bad servers who do a poor job have not earned a tip (or a very small one), so I can not disagree with you there. But making an idiotic blanket statement like "I won't tip you for something you should already be doing" shows YOUR bad attitude. Porters at hotels are getting paid to put my bags in my car, but I give them a tip because my bags are heavy or unwieldy. Valet drivers are getting paid to park my car, but if I see them running to get my car, I know it only saves a few seconds, but it shows EFFORT, and they get a tip too. Get it? Work hard at a service job, earn a tip. I shouldn't have to explain this to you.

89 - You're a douche. Restuarants don't always pay the difference. Like the one I used to work at. If I made 10 bucks cause it was a slow night, that's what I got. If I closed, I had to clean the entire restuarant by myself (I worked in a smallish pizza place) that took, usually, about two hours. So i got paid four bucks before taxes (minimum wage for servers) to work my ass off. That's why I will never serve again.

Ugh. I'm a server/bartender...the excuses people give for being bad tippers are incredible. I'm sorry, OP, I feel your pain.

I'm slightly interested in hearing some of them.. Surely I'm not the only one..

Visit the blog - hilarious stories about bad customers from the waiter's point of view. The earlier stories are the better ones

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One of the hot ones going around was a bible thumper that came in with seven or eight friends for lunch. They racked up a large bill, and when gratuity was added for the large party, she scratched off the gratuity and left a zero tip, instead of 18%, with the note: "I give God ten percent of everything. What makes you think you deserve more than him?"

Success4444 12

I just really hope this doesn't hurt servers. It is a horrible excuse, so please don't use it!

47- Surely, you're not. My curiosity has been piqued, also.

What happened to “Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's.”? :P Most religious people I've dealt with, have always tipped "extremely" well. I have the feeling that this party might have thought that the gratuity was already included and the $9 and bibles was extra. If I'm wrong, than it's unfortunate because that's a sure way to get people to become extra bitter towards their church/beliefs, which defeats the purpose of leaving the bibles.

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ElementaryEdGuy 18

That's 64 cents a person. That is nothing.

It is NOT excusable to tip that much because it is "better than nothing". In the time they spent on that 15 person party they could have served FOUR tables of 4 people and earned a great deal more than 9 dollars. People KNOW servers live off their tips, pay their bills and put food on their own tables, yet don't feel inclined to participate in the system? Self-righteous pricks, all of 'em.

Different countries have different policies on how things work. In Australia, tips are included in the price of the meal, and the wage of the worker, so we don't tip here. Sure, there are some places that have complimentary tip jars at the counter, but that's pretty much it. Tips here are just for exemplary work or if you've got extra change. Very different dynamic to America obviously.