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Today, I received a phone call from the counselor at my son's preschool, requesting that I come pick him up. He was barking incessantly at his classmates. And when they asked him to stop, he growled. FML
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Op here, definitely looking into a new program for him! At first this one seemed great but now I realize they're super uptight.

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I would think he is just playing around pretending he is a dog, often you see children pretending to be a dog or copying them when they grow up with them , do you even own a dog?

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Looks like everyone's having a ruff time because of him...


nonsensical 26

Looks like everyone's having a ruff time because of him...

Shouldn't have barked up the wrong tree.

I would think he is just playing around pretending he is a dog, often you see children pretending to be a dog or copying them when they grow up with them , do you even own a dog?

Yea he's just playing when I was little I pretended to be a wolf so it's normal

But is it normal to "incessantly" bark at people and not stop even when asked? Bear in mind that the counsellors and other staff at the school will be very experienced with kids so are unlikely to mistake simple playing for concerning behaviours that requires him to be taken out of school.

I used to do this all the time as a kid. We never got a dog but I used to ask for one every day and I often pretended to be one. And yeah, I sometimes barked, growled, scratched when I was having a tantrum or didn't want to work. I know, I was an annoying kid. But it's not that uncommon behaviour overall. He was probably having fun and didn't want to stop.

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41- it's completely normal for a preschooler to do this. My friend and I use to put her little sister on a leash and we would walk her around the block because she wanted to be a dog. I use to work in a daycare and saw all sorts of things. This would just be a funny story to tell one day.

Do any of you remember the television show Roseanne? This reminds me of the episode where Roseanne got called in to talk to the teacher because Darlene wouldn't stop barking in class.

Haha yeah it was the pilot episode!

Okay fair enough #55 - I know next to nothing about children so I wasn't aware of that :)

My niece does this. We have 3 dogs, and when I come home from work and she's anywhere near the front door, she will bark at me. She'll even get down on all fours. If you do something to make her mad, she'll growl at you. I wouldn't worry about it at a young age.

A rolled up newspaper does wonders Just saying....

That's honestly kind of adorable. Annoying, but nonetheless adorable

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Dude, it's completely normal. I played pretend all the time when I was a kid as all types of animals. Dogs, cats, horses, etc. I even had a turkey vulture phase when I fell in love with one at the zoo. Hell, I'm 28 and I still sometimes "play dog" when I'm playing with my dog.

That's why they're kids not adults. I wasn't aware that children are required to behave in a manor that is suitable for an adult environment

At least he wasn't in high school! Besides, I think many kids go through a stage in life where they pretend to be animals. Annoying? Yes. Strange? Probably not!

And if Tumblr has taught us anything, it's that many of them never grow out of it.

And they sometimes become even more ridiculous and strange.

Alright, well past the obvious puns and suggestions of child abuse in a couple of the previous comments, I think you should definitely sit down and talk to your son. It's okay to pretend but there are appropriate places for that type of behavior and a classroom isn't one of them.

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I think it's obvious that that's what she has to do, and if he's in preschool he's probably 3-4 years old.... The best thing would probably be to squirt him with water, or if it gets too bad, send him to the pound, no?

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C'mon! The kid is in PRESCHOOL. His brain isnt even developed enough to comprehend such complicated terminology and subject matter. The kid was having a rough day. His mom should ask him whats wrong and what she can do to help him not sit him down and give him a lecture that he won't understand.

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Well, at least he didn't hump the teacher's leg... ....right?

Actually the current consensus is that this is a Scooby Dooby don't

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Should told them to say "down boy."

I don't see the concern here. honestly if my kid did that he'd get a high five. I might be a little biased since I too growl at people I don't like.

Then don't have a child yet. Yes the behavior is usual but it's not one to encourage. There are times for pretending and he needs to learn them. I did a lesser form, mostly growling and purring, sometimes in school but it was almost always in breaks where it wouldn't disrupt anything.

Lol so do I! but I give a warning....touch me and ill bite you after the growl :) oh and I have 5 kids!

You're 25 why do you have 5 kids?? Also biting people can get you a criminal record.

#37 she said "touch me and i will bite you" its self defense, she wouldnt go to jail. And i agree with pp. dont be so judgmental. Some people like having a lit of kids why not get them out of the way early? Or could gave had multiples, etc.