By gilbirds - United States - Marysville
Today, my dad took me to the empty parking lot of Wal-Mart to try driving for the first time. All was well until he shouted at me for going too slow, which startled me into jerking the wheel and simultaneously stomping on the gas. I don't think Geico covers a Wal-Mart-sized dent in one's car. FML
gilbirds tells us more :
OP here! I can't believe this got posted. Moreover, I can't believe I forgot to log in. *facepalm* For those commenting about there being no such thing as an empty Wal-Mart parking lot, it was the rarely-used back lot where virtually no one goes. So it was deserted enough for a rookie's practice.
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  oj101  |  33

My parents used to pull the handbrake everytime I didn't stall the car, and it was actually moving along. Kind of defeats the objective huh?

  Sputnikspak  |  13

My Dad used to make me a nervous wreck while driving (even though I only practiced with him after I'd had four two-hour lessons). He'd hiss every time I turned a corner, it was a nightmare.

Which is why I started practicing with my brother (who is younger than me, but got his licence at 17 - I didn't bother until after college, when I turned 25, at which point he'd had the licence long enough to teach) and my boyfriend. Way less freak outs.

  DogsPaw  |  16

My mom would hold onto the handle on the roof and the door. I'd purposely floor it to piss her off. My dad didn't give a fuck and usually texted. Parents need to be more relaxed or they make us more nervous and put us in a bad "driving state".

  oj101  |  33

OP can simply go into Walmart and buy another insurance packet for $0.01, but with an unadvertised $2000 subscription fee with stringent conditions.

  stevenJB  |  25

I never thought driving was difficult. I kinda just figured it out on my first go haven't had accidents or anything. I guess some people are different >.>

  apollojon  |  11

Same here, Nowadays i occassionally do some donuts or handbrake turns to look cool. Not too often though or you'll be doubling your mechanic's salary hahaha

  Epikouros  |  31

One of my driving instructors was called Kickie. I would step on the gas if he walked in front of my car. That jerk would stop the car and give me a 10 minute lecture whenever I made a mistake.

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

As far as hypothesizes go, I can't decide whether that would create better or worse drivers........ -_^
*actually continues to ponder this*
*does fully realize that pondering this is the same as keeping track of the points on Whose Line*