By Slayer - 09/10/2011 23:28 - Canada

Today, I went out to lunch with a couple of work buddies. Trying to be suave, I started hitting on our waitress. Not two seconds after saying, "Hey baby," I felt ice water on my balls. The guy next to me had spilled both our water glasses. FML
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YDI for thinking 'hey baby' is suave.

glutgyoogle 6

Well at least you were nice and CHILL


You set yourself up for disaster my friend.

beetboxboy 9

Thats cold man....

brittney4598 0

I wonder if she helped him dry his pants.

I think the bigger fail is the lame "Hey baby" line.

No. Not at all a "lol" situation.

Why was 1 voted down so much for real? It was indeed a major fail..

shae_butter 0

My words exactly baby

72 - because FML'ers expect comments to be funny or add something to the conversation.

rallets 22

rico... suave...

Im not afraid to say it I like turtles just because they are awesome and they are like hey I'm a turtle and I'm gonna swim around and they eat little fishies and they are proud of it

Buy a Keith Stone and be smooth.

Woww. That's coldd/:

Youre pants were gonna get wet sooner or later...

enonymous 8

True Fact: Guy was not happy you chose to flirt with her and not him.

Since when was there a criteria for fml comments? This post is just straight to the point. This post is a fail, although whether it's the pick up line he used or the splashing of water on his pants, i'm still deciding

144, there is a criteria, and although mostly not official, the FML community (mostly) knows what it is. It's sort of like 'instinct' to put it into clearer words. It doesn't have to be taught to you, because if you're all there, you should already know it.

kevsnev 7

Girl, did you just fart? Because you blew me away.

kevsnev 7

Girl, did you just fart? Because you blew me away.

kevsnev 7

Girl, did you just fart? Because you blew me away.

kevsnev 7

Girl, did you just fart? Because you blew me away.

I'm seeing double. No, triple. Wait...quadruple. I need to lay off the shrooms.

125 - You are definitely not a 'gangsta bieber'... More like faggot bieber, which is like fag x 2 = fag faggot.

YDI for the "Hey baby" line, you just met her, that's just creepy

Number 1, i wanna fuck you so hard. Nice pic

She was obviously taken lol

MrBoredGuy 1

You're stupid

I don't see how you can assume she's takin from OP getting water spilled on his lap.

d_dubz86 1

I loathe cockblockers -__-

I meant that the guy who spilled the water obviously didn't want OP flirting with her. It's called a joke people. Calm down.

MrBoredGuy 1

Yep, still stupid

Screw them! Keep going with the flirting!!

Yea cause having a giant wet stain on your pants is attractive haha(:

That really doesn't apply to this situation. . .

That really doesn't apply to this FML

I thought i was the only one But Ontario is full of twats

That's not really significant to this FML. . .

That isn't really relevant to this FML. If OP had gotten punched in the sac then that would be a different story.

goobergirlie 5

My nightmare: Stfu. You've posted your thing like four times. Stop.

goobergirlie 5

Right, like that will change the fact that it's not worth saying in the first place.

Dear MyNightmare, Nobody gives a shit. Nobody gives a shit. I say it twice because nobody gives two shits.

MuchDance90s 0

Vastly more entertaining than the FML

Thaaaat's not really relevant in this situation. . .

Froggirl14 0

Wow I'm sorry.

I don't know what you did but you better be sorry!!!!

Froggirl14 0

Sorry for him I didn't do it

U better be lol


make the waitress lick it off ;)

threer 30

He can't MAKE her do anything.

glutgyoogle 6

Well at least you were nice and CHILL

Well, he seems like a pretty COOL guy.

ceilingfans 1

I don't see why that guy gave him the COLD shoulder.

brittney4598 0

I wonder if he was nervous and FROZE up?

I just got hypothermia from these comments.

C-cc-cccommm *pauses for a second* dammit someone beat me to it. Goodbye cruel world *drives off a cliff*

WATER you talking about?

fatboy1 0

That suck

Wow, you're wet......

dickydickman 0

I like the feeling of ice water on my balls...

Haha smooth move ex-lax!

griffins33 4

His friend spilt the water

Haha that must have sucked!