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What a sweet, caring young man. You should punch him in the face.

The fuck? FYL dude.


The fuck? FYL dude.

his duty as a good samaritan was complete. what he does on his spare time is his business.

Job Description Win?

That's one way to get an abortion.

At least he cared about your safety first.

What a sweet, caring young man. You should punch him in the face.

I agree she could've died D:

FYL OP. Follow him and push him down a flight of stairs and laugh at him. See how funny he thinks it is then!

That would be assault. o-o"

It is? Shit, all this time I have been laughing first and then asking if they are ok, and it was wrong? I am so ashamed.

*Wow, that's so (choose one): A) great B) terrible C) Raven D) all of the above *FML auditors seem to have a problem with my rather innocuous comments. So, I figured this is what they are looking for.

Why are you making this "joke" again?

and again and again and again? Is it that hard for you to say something that isn't insulting and won't be modified? Don't give up so easily, Cranium.

Since you weren't seriously hurt, your fall becomes funny. It's not rocket science here. This is why people send money to see those "Jack Ass" movies.

I forgot the "p". I now understand your corny joke.(:

There's a reason public spaces build railings alongside staircases, use it next time genius.