By coffeeshopgirl - 08/05/2012 00:25 - United Kingdom

Today, I'm cheering myself up about being newly single by having a sleepover with my best friends. Their boyfriends have all decided to sleep over as well though, so I'm currently alone in a corridor with nothing but the sound of all my friends having loud sex to keep me company. FML
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Have loud sex with yourself to get back at them. Let's make this awkward.

NoisyNykkii 10

Start playing Justin Beiber to get the boys turned off?


jerseyboy732 16

3 way?

I think you need to reevaluate your "best friends"..

66, Why? The only thing she needs to re-evaluate is why she is seeking comfort in failed relationships from sex crazed girls. They may be really great friends, but apparently are far more open and expressive about their sexuality than their friend is.

twisted_cherub 14

74- I don't follow your logic. When you are heartbroken it's not okay to find comfort by socializing with friends? The reason 66 (and I) think they were being lousy friends is that they were pretty much throwing it into OP's face that they have guys when she now doesn't. They're lousy friends because they couldn't go one night without sex to help a friend feel better. OP- If it's your place, why did you let the boyfriends come over at all? Kick them out and tell your friends how horrible their behavior has been.

I wanna hit on my dad

I don't think they were doing that at all...if anything I think they probably just weren't taking her very seriously. I don't disagree with people that this isn't what you should do, but this is a group of people who are apparently all comfortable openly sleeping with their partners together, it would seem obvious to me that this is a group of very sexually liberal people. I don't understand the need to discard people so quickly over one instance, especially when you should know what your friends are like in the first place. For instance if I was broken up with I wouldn't turn to one of my friends who I know is very unsympathetic, it just seems like common sense. Friendship is based on more than just an emotional vent. The situation sucks yes, but really why would you suddenly cut people out of your life for something so trivial?

tl;dr "op should have already known that her friends would do something like this but this one instance doesn't make them bad friends" Pretty much

Well I thought the point was obvious before, it was an elaboration in response to the message that apparently didn't get it the first time, but yes that was the jist :P

Ya know, I'm actually going to have to agree with "downtime". I have friends who I would NEVER turn to for sympathy. And I've had friends who've insulted me in some form and I've forgiven them and moved on. While it was really harsh to have sex in OP's house, she should have expected it from certain "friends". If I was heartbroken, I would turn to only one friend that I knew I could trust for advice and sympathy. Granted, I'm not justifying her friend's actions at all, because it was very rude on their part. But OP knows her friends well enough to decide who and who not to talk to in certain situations. Different people have different feelings and mindsets. Some are callous, while others are very sweet and sympathetic. Unortunately, OP mistook the callous for the kind... I'm Sorry OP, and I hope things work out for you...

twisted_cherub 14

Downtime, I said she should let her friends know how poorly they behaved, not get rid of them. But you emphasized that they seem more open sexually. That has nothing to do with how OP feels. You often get preachy about sexual liberation. It's not for everyone. Some of us don't want to have multiple partners; be in open relationships; have sex in front of other people; watch our friends have sex. There's nothing wrong with that. OP is complaining about being shunned by her friends and it sounded like you were blaming her for not being into having all her friends f*ck all over her house when she invited them there for comfort. Even if a person is into that sort of thing, there's a time and a place.

Since what I said was in direct response to someone else suggesting "re evaluating" your friends, and you claimed to not understand my logic, I assumed you were asking for me to explain the point. Your comment about telling her friends their behaviour was unacceptable wasn't directed at me at all, I didn't read it. I don't care how you feel about it, I'm saying you know what your best friends are like. I wouldn't be comfortable with my friends ******* in front of me in any situation, but I would obviously make this known and move on with not being a dick about it, not "re evaluate" my friendship with them. I get preachy about it because people here get preachy and extremely judgmental about the opposite. What do you expect? The number of harsh unnecessary bullshit comments that lack any kind of understanding of the topic would obviously leave me wanting to put my two cents in. So before this starts to just loop over the same old points, my side of this discussion is over. Feel free to make more irrelevant points if you wish.

mizuki123 8

I agree with downtime and 181. I wouldn't go to some of my friends for sympathy they could probably care less. I'm sorry that happened OP.

Have loud sex with yourself to get back at them. Let's make this awkward.

dump his ass op

87 - can you not read? It says "newly single"

And how does that pertain to my comment 87?

mrsmillsy 10

She probably read it as simple "have loud sex," and missed the "with yourself" bit. I did that the first time, but then re-read and suddenly it was awesome.

That makes sense, and thanks :)

tmmundy 17

87...whose ass would she be dumping exactly? I feel that you have not learned to read the op's FML and you just start reading comments....ummm, let's see, this one looks good, "dump his ass"...we should dump your ass in a

Break out the toys, baby! "I love you, B.O.B.!"

Single gets to mingle(;

yea just walk up and introduce yourself to one of the friends' boyfriend. that should break the ice.

Sure. I'd do it. Introduce yourself while they are doing it OP.

you should come to my place then lol


Burst into the room and yell 'STOP FUCKING AND GO TO BED!!!!' Wait, it's a group sex?

You should awkwardly walk in on them

Walking awkwardly? There's an image. But I think they're all in the same place.

...with a big bucket of ice water. Cock blocking time!

Walk in, lay on the bed, and have a seizure. XD

NoisyNykkii 10

Start playing Justin Beiber to get the boys turned off?

*cough cough* BIEBER... Presume with the 'thumbs down*-ing

Well, if you insist...

ss_20_xx 14

Haha yes that'll surely work!

33 do you even know what presume means?

Thank you 127 - I had absolutely no idea what 33 meant until your post gave me the clue to "re-imagine" the word "presume". 33 - I think you mean "commence" or even "begin", although the "with" is unnecessary.

fck justin bieber i know totally random anyways if they were true friends they would of understood and tried to stimulate you up in a cheerful way not by showing what ur missing out on

Elfkid21 19

Calm Down, Satan!!

Your friends suck balls.

zingline89 18

Yes I believe that's the problem

and unfortunately there arent enough to go around

27 - You'd think with two each, somebody woulda shared a ball with the OP

breeY0 7

ahh how uncomfortable :( absolute least they could have done was brought a friend for you !

heidelbergmeme 5

Wouldn't a one night stand/ blind date be even worse?

BlackRuse1 5

Actually, the least they could've done was absolutely nothing. What you said was the least they could've done if they were trying to be nice. People are gonna hate me for this c;

their boyfriends are already screwing them apparently

It's still a sleep over... They slept over in their bags!!!!nyuk

Horrible friend..poke holes in all the condoms

:O i wouldn't even wish that on my worst enemy!

what if they arent using condoms?

I would wish it, but I wouldn't do it.

While they're in use? Or do you think she should have preemptively poked the holes in them, knowing her friends were going to **** later? I don't know how your comment makes any sense...

Ninjasaurus18 9

Haha, yeah. I would walk in and tell the boyfriends to leave. They do not belong!!! Haha.

CmlJ63 5

Your terrible!!!

Lmfao hell yeah that will teach them

who uses condoms? Not me!