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Today, during my first date with a girl I've liked for awhile, she tells me about some minor disabilities she was born with. Wanting to be honest with her too, I tell her I'm slightly autistic. Her response was, "I'm sorry this isn't going to work. I can't date a retard." I had to eat alone after that. FML
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omfg_creepers 8

What a bitch *****. I hope she falls off here bike and gets small rocks stuck in her knee and cries.


enonymous 8

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Are you forgetting enonymous is hilarious? I'm pretty sure he was joking. Just saying...

You always have to tell her first that you killed Osama Bin Laden, and then how you beat up Superman with a broken arm, then tell her the bad news.

I was actually hoping it would cause a chain of comments copying the format of yours xD. I know what you meant :P. Apparently it didn't work.

TheRealHouse 7

Are you forgetting planned combos never work?

TobyWhiskers 0

I agree with Dalliance (#1). If she can't deal with something like that, she isn't worth it. I know how you feel. I have Aspergers syndrome, which is a mild form of Autism. I'm always picked on for it and, at 17 years of age, have never had a boyfriend.

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puppy23 3

You're going to find a great guy!

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It actually is real. If you don't know your facts don't say things like that.

127- He or she was quoting south they weren't being serious. However it is a bad thing to joke around about >_>.

Wow. There are some real heartless f*cks on this website. People are admitting that they have something wrong with them, an you just go along and call them retards? I'd love to see what you say if it was you or someone you knew in that case.

111- Did we go to high school together? You sound a lot like the kid I gave a knuckle sandwich to, after making fun of my little brother's speech disability. Looks like you haven't changed one bit. Sorry you're still such an asshole.

just because in english its ass burgers doenst mean its ass burgers in any other language in dutch is apsergers pronounced, ass burgers

What troubles me, id that nobody pointed out that autism is nothing like down's syndrome. Autists tend to be more intelligent than the average human being. The only "retardation" would be maybe the social underdevelopment, which OP clearly got over.

fmlwinnn 0

Oh my god, Do you people know anything? Autism isn't a mental disorder, it's a whole spectrum of things. The reason why they're different is because their brain develops too fast during childhood and eventually wires differently than a normal brain. They don't have the higher-level thinking skills like logic, reason, or reading comprehension, which is why they have trouble in those areas. They are very creative and tend to be right-brained. They also have trouble with their social skills. Asperger's is a mild form of autism, and those people tend to be very intelligent. My sister is autistic. She's not retarded.

subbullet 7

151 so like i said, nothing like retardation.

veryhighsleepygu 7

And ppl said op is the retard

The outright stupidity of people amazes me sometimes.

Ohh and 151 the brain capabilities of an autist depend on what type of autism they have. Maybe your sister has troubles in those areas but an autist savant normally doesn't. Most savants have an IQ of a genius, which would be ( i'm not sure) higher than 150. So maybe you should do more research, because every form of autism is very different.

ReynshineCutting 10

Temple Grandin anyone? She's one of the most brilliant people I've ever met and she's autistic. She also singlehandedly changed the way slaughterhouses across America operate and invented a new, more humane conveyor system for cattle in the slaughterhouses. I've had the pleasure to meet her and have her lecture in one of my classes since she's a professor at my university and she's an absolute genius.

Jammy01jams 2

Should've said "Me neither! You ******* retard! Have fun paying the check." slap her on the shoulder and leave. Smile an walk away.

I have assburgers 2 am I'm fine. My IQ is 145 and I'm under 14

Was that part of a disability?? And i have friends who r autistic... Doesnt mean ur a retard.

Cshoc16 0

Ha 70 I like how in your bio you say your pic is sexy. Lol since when is kneeboarding sexy? Grow a pair of legs and wakeboard

tjv3 10

you dont need someone like that anyway

my cousin who is autism is very smart and no where near retarded! now myself I have a disabilities which I'm profoundly deaf, but that don't make me retarded either. honestly you dodge a bullet since she is stupid and retarded!

choirnerd9 0

Yeah, I've been going to school with a guy with autism for years. Since first grade, he has been violent and talked kinda weird, but he hasn't had one of those outbursts in a long time. Now he's a genius, only in eighth grade.

Jammy01jams 2

274 - no offence but I'm pretty Sure being deaf isn't your only disability. Unless it is due to a disability you Gould really learn how to type a coherent sentence.

deannabonney 0

299, don't act like you know shit... 274 probably only has deafness as a disablility. I have severe hearing loss also. 299 allow me to educate you, because obviously you are a dumbass. asl sentences are way different than spoken english and it's hard to learn what you can't hear. Asswipe.

115- I'm sorry people are such ass nugets! U will find someone so perfect that everyone who looked at u funny or made a rude comment will look at u now and ask themselves " why am I such an ass?" I'm sorry...

Jammy01jams 2

313 - you have much to learn my young padawan. Though the mask of the Internet hides me, I am deaf. Do I fail miserably at typing pulchritudinous sentences that fill the mind with joyous knowledge? How about you make like a tere an get out of here.

People who are deaf write like that. My sign language interpreter friend said that it's something to do with the language itself.

You're such an idiot, criticising others when you can't even spell properly yourself.

AllThatHit 7
sydneylol 7
RainbowHeadache 2

It was extremely rude. If she hadn't noticed he was autistic before he told her then it shouldn't have been a big deal since it's obviously not very noticeable. Even if it was she had no right to call him a retard. She's just a ****.

Please do not insult *****. At least you found out she was rude, judgemental, rude and unpleasant BEFORE you got too deeply attached, OP.

I'll say it was rude. I hope OP didn't give her the 1/10th scale model of the giraffe he was carefully crafting out of toothpicks at the dinner table.

The ignorance of some people is really astounding.


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cptmorgan6 8

I try to avoid being serious on this site by all means, but I seriously hope you were referring to a previous comment, and not the FML.

Guys they're referring to the above comments.

hannahcorrine 0

Seriously guys? I don't thing 2 was talking about the FML...don't jump on him/her so fast

Dudelike89 8

I wish I was as perfect as her....

fastbunny 0

I'll love u i love every one exept the frech

insensitive shallow bitch. good thing she showed her true colors early

rudegirlmania 10

Exactly. Hopefully OP doesn't give up on women because of her...not all of us are that stupid.

At least ya know she's the retard in reality.

omfg_creepers 8

What a bitch *****. I hope she falls off here bike and gets small rocks stuck in her knee and cries.

alstbv12 13

Well that happened to me once except my elbow and I had to dig the rock our with tweasers

omfg_creepers 8

That happened to me once but i didnt get all the rocks out :(

omfg_creepers 8

Happened to me once, except they got stuck in my forehead :s. But yes, I'd say the girl deserves something like that.

I hope she gets sharp rocks stuck in her ******

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my bad, didnt read it properly and thought you pretended to be autistic to make her feel better

8- When you insult someone (especially when it is aimed at intelligence level) you probably want to try to make yourself as informed and professional as possible. Sorry to say but you didn't come anywhere near that. Plus your comment is just flat out terrible. That doesn't help your cause. Then you try to cover it up with some BS excuse that doesn't even correlate with your comment. Way to go.

bigantennaemay 3

does it even qualify as a human being, i wonder.... #8 seems to be something... vile...

U have no soul if u make comments like this u heartless asshole

#43: that's not digging your way out of a hole. That's using a freakin' construction auger.

higgy6969 7

Well she was probably born with herpes.

jaq_d 0

Op didnt specify if she said what the defects were I'm guessing possibly a tail and a pitch fork or even extra genitalia.

RedPillSucks 31

Wait?.... Extra genitalia is a defect? I always enjoy it when people say "Go **** yourself", and I actually can. (oohhh. I guess she wouldn't be able to do that if she had two of the same kind)

BlackSnowyOwl 2

Make her go out with herself, yea that'll show her...

higgy6969 7

And the idiot population adds a new member