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Today, it was opening night for the play where I was, for the first time ever, one of the leads. I went on stage with a loud and energetic entrance. I came in two scenes early. FML
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Explains why you were never one of the leads before.


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study your lines better stupid.

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Woah, name-calling is unacceptable.

dudeitsdanny 9

Give her a break, she got excited and came in early. That would be slightly better(sliiightly) if OP was a guy. But anyways.. Pay attention to the people on stage and the stage director.

it's more romantic to "come" at the same time.

^win and if OP is the lead, why would it take two acts until they finally appear? doesn't the lead usually start in the first act?

GhostDuck 30

48- scenes, not acts. And maybe they were in Act I Scene 1, then exit and don't appear until Act I scene 4. Just a thought.

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Explains why you were never one of the leads before.

And why she won't be one of the leads ever again. Seriously, two SCENES?!

They call it "practicing" for a reason. DERP!

They don't call it "practising" for any reason, they call it rehearsal!

TheDrifter 23

Insert sarcastic "learn to speak English and not just American" comment here.

Well at least you're great at screwing up and now the whole audience and cast knows it.

You must have been screwing the director to get a lead role because it sounds like you are dumb as rocks.

good luck for next time cos you're gunna need it

iR0ckSkinnys 3

There wasn't like a director are someone who got everyone lined up so you knew when it was your turn? ....well that's weird,Just hold your head up,don't feel too bad about it,it was just a mistake.

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You should've just broke your leg.

Do yourself a favor, don't EVER do plays again and go get a boyfriend.

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Why would you show that picture? You are a sicko!

15 - Seriously, change your pic...that is some nasty ass shit! WTF?!

... Um what was it? Doesn't seem to show anymore.

Oh wait nevermind... I think it is pretty obvious.

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Ummm, no it's still there. The iPhone app doesn't allow you to do that voting thing so we still see it. I want to poke my eyes out!