By Mak10 - 21/08/2009 05:18 - United States

Today, I went out to eat dinner with my family to celebrate my 18th birthday. I playfully put 3 straws between my knuckles to make myself look like Wolverine. I turned to my 6 year old nephew and ask, "Who am I?" He then replied with, "An idiot." FML
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Your nephew's a toolbox.

he's got a point


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*Presses the "...ok then what" button*

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so right!. not an fml. if yuhr nephew calling yu an idiot hurt yuhr feelings, then, well, yu are an idiot. p.s. HOW THE HECK DOES STRAWS MAKE YU LOOK LIKE WOLVERINE!?.

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Six year old FTW!!!

GOD i lol'ed hard at this

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I know right. I mean, shouldn't this be the other way around. Although, there is a bright side to this. When you act like a 6 year old "idiot", you inspire your nephew to act like an 18 year old smart ass. BRAVO! Lol. YDI for thinking you were funny. YDI for acting like a complete fool in public. YDI for being retarded. YDI for using straws instead of knives to stab yourself with. FYL

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Oh yeah, and you deserved it for putting "ask" instead of putting "and asked him" or "asked" Verb tense.

DX grammar nazi fail.

She was just trying to make her son laugh and recognize Wolverine, and it failed in front of other people. FML is about life's little inconvinences. Therefore, FYL, OP.

of course he couldn't figure out who you actually were, Wolverines are the people with knives, the idiots are the ones who face them with straws and think they can compete.

68- Do you know how uneducated you sound when you purposely spell 'you' and 'your' wrong? It doesn't change the spelling of the word. And you sound like a dumb ass.

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i agree. you got owned, OP

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OP well he's correct either way.

i think i love your nephew.

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I agree ♥

Your nephew is awesome!

That's not even funny!

it's hilarious

fakkumairaifu 14

Sorry your nephew is already a dick at 6 years old. But I LOLed.

You're 18, and you got called an idiot by a 6-year-old. Fuck your life.

Your nephew is fucking smart. Maybe you should start taking lessons.

the kids a champ. your an idiot.

and "you're" an idiot as well.

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ydi for not having real claws.