By axsmith01 - United States
  Today, the girl I have been dating for the past five years asked me to move to California with her to get married. Naturally, I was thrilled and said, "Of course, when do you want to leave?". She just stared at me blankly and said, "Shit, I was kidding." FML
axsmith01 tells us more :
Today, it turns out I am the only bi-sexual woman in the world who doesn't know same-sex marriages in California are no longer legal. Double FML
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By  dirtyrubes  |  0

Yikes! Why would she date someone for FIVE YEARS and have that attitude?

I hope the OP responded with, "Shit, I wasn't kidding." That would have been the money response.

By  Rasputia  |  0

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By  Lonely_Lez  |  0

Damn... apart from the fact where California will no longer work (Iowa will! :P) that really sucks. After five years though, you really should discuss it seriously though.

And 10, maybe she'd get half of her girlfriend's stuff. You never know.