By owned - 28/04/2009 14:12 - Singapore

Today, I turned 18. My parents gave me a card that read "now that you're 18, it's time for some boozy fun... you can do all the things you did before but legally!" Taped to the inside was my fake id that I "lost" three months ago. FML
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I never understood why people couldn't just wait until 18 to drink/smoke/etc. It's not exactly like waiting until you're 65 to retire. =/

your parents seems to be funny. thumps up!


who cares?!?? if ur parents weren't pissed that u had a fake I.d then why an fml??

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I never understood why people couldn't just wait until 18 to drink/smoke/etc. It's not exactly like waiting until you're 65 to retire. =/

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Actually certain places in the US allow you to drink when you're 18. It's legal.

in Australia you only have to be 18 before you drink but everyone drinks here before then even without a fake I.d. :D

In Denmark you are allowed to drink from birth, you just can not buy it in stores before you turn 16 (;

it's 18 in the UK and I don't know anyone who waited that long lol.

Maybe because people like to go out and have fun? Beside the point that alcohol abuse shows a correlation between having a high minimum age to drink and no minimum age. An perfect example is the drastic difference in abuse rates between North America and the Eurozone. Minimum age laws fail to teach respect for alcohol and thus only worsen it's societal impact. Thumbs up for political reform for competence !

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I don't understand why people do any of those things,even legally.

Because its "bad" and teenagers especially rebel against authority.

But if you could retire with a fake id, I believe most people would.

Nice job. It's a parents proudest day when they find your happy card.

your parents seems to be funny. thumps up!

I think thts frickin hilarious tht u just rote thumps up :))

Thinks it's just frikkin hilarious that you said tht

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Where do you live, that the legal drinking age is 18? Just wondering. But really though, not much of an FML.

LOL In Denmark we're allowed to drink from whenever we want, and it's legal to buy alcohol with a certain percent when you're 16, and when you turn 18 you can buy it all. I really don't find this responsible of the politicians, because a lot of kids are getting wasted at age 12-13. In 20-25 years there are going to be a lot of liver-diseases, and that means we're ******. BUT There is nothing rotten in the state of Denmark!

that doesn't seem so bad, they seem cool about it...also, you don't have to wait till you're 21 like those of us in America...soooooo not FML

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Just be glad you don't live in the U.S... you would have been waiting an extra three years to find out what happened to your id.

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atleast they are not mad at you! but it is funny, and your lucky your parents aren't ass holes

your parents sound like fun! Drinking age is 21 in America :( poo oh well Cheers!