By Carebeareatu - United States
Today, my fiancé confronted me about our wedding arrangements. Apparently, if he's not allowed to wear a duct-tape tuxedo and have a Jesus impersonator as his best man, the wedding is off. FML
Carebeareatu tells us more :
Hey guys, OP here. I agreed to the Jesus as the best man but not the tux. No, I'm not going to dump him or call the wedding off because of his ideas, since it isn't just the woman's day but his too. It isn't too terrible to have have a little spunk at Our wedding ;P
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  boredSOLDIER  |  33

I guess I should've worded it with, weddings are usually (for the most part) planned by the bride while the grooms only job is to stand there and say I do (but that's just me, I don't obsess on how or where it's happening so long as it is with that special one). But, obviously, she thinks it is irrational that he puts out an ultimatum on such a big event over a silly thing as wearing a duct tape outfit, and a Jesus impersonator being present.

  DK_91  |  9

its not just the ultimatum that's irrational, it's his entire request. I wonder if he's just setting up that argument to get something smaller he wants out of it

  MuseFan1991  |  14

what i want to know is if he's a professional jesus impersonator or just looks like him.
i've not read OP's comment yet but im hoping he was joking and maybe trying to say she's not letting him have enough of a say in the wedding.
i personally would welcome that, mine has the same response whenever i mention the wedding: 'i dunno'

  daken96  |  21

Hey, weddings are about the guys too, or else why would they ever want to even get married? He wants an awesome wedding. I like his creativity. Also would be freakin hillarious to see/experience.

  Treveyon56  |  14

Hey I seen people do stranger things. I know about one webbing where the bride and groom made it a Halo 3 theme. Even had the pastor dressed as Master Chef. Pretty cool it my books.

By  BRLHP  |  24

I think she's being irrational.

  FrankHotpants  |  30

Well according to the OP she doesn't mind a little spunk in her wedding so no, he wasn't being irrational for such request. Weddings don't have guidelines other then the ones you set.

By  eksyneet  |  23

well, if these are the only reasons he's ever had to marry you, then good riddance. on the other hand, this actually sounds like fun and you may want to consider it. boring weddings suck.

  jessBeAqueen  |  13

I agree. its his wedding too. if those are his only requests then just let him have them. some people prefer unconventional ceremonies and they tend to be more memorable. plus if this is his excuse to bail, once you agree to these conditions hell think of more ultimatums and youll know for sure it isnt going to work out.

  knotcool  |  15

You've never made a duct tape wallet as a kid? If you put the sticky sides together, and stagger them so half the strip of each side is stuck together, it won't stick to you. Mostly.

  Bobby100  |  14

He doesn't mean just putting duct tape on his body to form a tuxedo, you have to make multiple layers and actually make the tuxedo. So the sticky sides aren't exposed at all

  DKjazz  |  20

If you made the wedding dress of duct tape as well, that would save a lot of money, too. Also, it represents the "unbreakable bonds" of marriage.