By SkinsCastSelection - 17/01/2011 09:53 - France

Today, my dad’s best friend, who has been his business associate for the past 28 years, took me to a Star Wars store for my 18th birthday. He put on a Darth Vader helmet, and imitating his voice, said: "I am your father." I laughed. It wasn’t a joke. FML
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hotscar 3

wow... all I have to say. but why the star wars store?

Think about it; where else can you use "I am your father" line?

Ali_Br_fml 33

And this guy is supposed to be his father's BEST FRIEND?? I wonder what his worst enemy did...

jazziness 12

I was thinking the same thing… star wars grow up

Ashl3y15 0

wait mabe that was the best way to tell yu !

maybe he was joking when he said it wasn't a joke

ooh.. maybe he thought that was the best way to break it to you. as a dad he wouldn't know how you'd take it if you've been lied to for 18 years>> I don't know what the full story is but at least give him a hug?

danz123 7

Why not take the helmet off him, put on your own imitation, and tell him, "who cares, this will not change anything." Take it off, tell him he's a massive douche, kick him in the balls, and leave. :D

perdix 29

So, your mom is Princess "Lay Ya?"

ZeeBest86 6

actually princess Leah would be Darth Vader's daughter and Luke's twin sister...his mom would be Padme...sorry to kill your joke.

perdix 29

If you're correcting me on Star Wars trivia, shouldn't you be able to spell Leia correctly? ;)

MerrikBarbarian 9

that'd be Padme unless you are thinking incest as well. :p

ZeeBest86 6

Good point Perdix...As long as you understood who I was talking about... ;-D

he didnt get the joke hahaha Lay yah as in liar ?

mintcar 9

Well...let's just pretend that it was a joke. Eh? Eh?