By SkinsCastSelection - France
Today, my dad’s best friend, who has been his business associate for the past 28 years, took me to a Star Wars store for my 18th birthday. He put on a Darth Vader helmet, and imitating his voice, said: "I am your father." I laughed. It wasn’t a joke. FML
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By  konpaito  |  5

ooh.. maybe he thought that was the best way to break it to you. as a dad he wouldn't know how you'd take it if you've been lied to for 18 years>> I don't know what the full story is but at least give him a hug?

By  danz123  |  7

Why not take the helmet off him, put on your own imitation, and tell him, "who cares, this will not change anything." Take it off, tell him he's a massive douche, kick him in the balls, and leave. :D