By (not) fucked - 16/05/2014 16:01 - United States - Kingsville

Today, my girlfriend decided that we won't be having any more sex until I beat her ridiculously high score on Flappy Bird. FML
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xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Why? Its an easy game. Just tap the screen. :P

Jailbreak your device then download the hack.

You're ******, Op...wait, know you're not.

iOceanus 18

Don't leave! Reply with a hasty Challenge accepted!!!

angeloshaheen 8

It would be worst if he had an old nokia

Can't beat her score on flappy bird? Guess it's time to let the fap be heard....

titandesu 14

first time i ever heard of a girl asking to be ignored for a video game

think thats the nickname for her ******

Looks like you should give up then. Stupid ass game. -_-

cryssycakesx3 22

sounds like she's harder to score on than the game...

I don't think anybody is as hard to score on as that game.

BradTheBrony 19

She is literally as hard to score on as the game. Scoring on her is ******* synonymous with scoring on the game Jesus ******* BMX off a ramp and do a 360 shitChrist get your facts straight or I will blow a ******* gasket

classiceagle63 16

Jailbreak your phone and use apsidia to glitch the pipes?

i would say take a screenshot of a higher score picture you find on the internet

SofaKingPretty 13

But if she's clever, she'd check his scoreboard on the app

Better yet, change the variable for 'score' with a memory editor. Change your score to 999999 and tell her she should have made a harder challenge.

Well? Get going, you heard the woman!

Or he could play with his **** in front of her, that'll stir something up (;

Better sit down and play flappy bird to take your mind off your evil girlfriend! Good luck though

woahitstishonda 4

it wouldn't really help though bc he would probably think "the only reason I'm doing this is to have sex with her"

Get or flapping or else you will be left to fapping...

Get to flapping or you will be left to fapping*

Better get to it...hack if needed...or just work on your arm a bit...she should give up eventually...

Coming soon to your relationship: Fappy Bird

Better start looking for cheat codes lol

That's a dick move, is that how your girlfriend views sex? As a competitive tool?

i think OP should just ignore her and pretend she doesnt exist. She'l be seducing him in no time.