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  LilyZombie  |  8

I'm 21 and have a box of 120 crayins I carry in my purse. Along with a coloring book. And sketch book. But I still grab a coloring page at restaurants too :D

By  x_eyebrows  |  0

No worries - it happens to me all the time, and I'm 21. But I used to be a hostess at a restaurant, so I know that it can be really hard to tell how old someone is at first glance, especially if they're 12 - 16, or so. :)

By  butteredtoast  |  0

That continued to happen to me up until I was 18. Now I'm 20, and that hasn't happened in a while, but people still tell me I look like I'm 13.

But hey, I like coloring anyway....I would grab the crayons on my own.