By Anonymous - 30/01/2010 05:40 - United States

Today, I took my 8 year-old nephew to Laser Tag for his birthday party. I reluctantly was forced into playing one game. Apparently, no one explained the rules to one child, and instead of 'shooting' me with his laser pointer, he kicked me straight in the balls. FML
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That isn't how you play laser tag?

Did you at least get to shoot the little turd?


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Was that the FIRST time that's happened?

yeah slick, I caught that. lol

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haha I do that too :)

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Less qq, more pew pew.

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I would destroy that little brat.

says the guy who's profile pic is probally from a gay **** site, way to be violent

you shoulda screamed out " noob hacker " nah jk jk but fyl man

and you didn't throw him across the room is because he's a child .... ? Pussy.

Aaa-and, not being Laser Tag, but Laser Quest, they have random people and staff which will kick your ass out the door.

If you were the adult in charge, wasn't it YOUR job to go over the rules? (or to make sure that they were all there when an amployee explained)

The people that work at the Laser Tag place are supposed to explain the rules. /rolleyes

Well apparently the rules were explained to the other kids, so this one kid just went missing during the rule-explaining and OP didn't notice. That might be even worse.

#3/9: He was using rhetoric. Such should be obvious when using one's brain. Not that you'd know anything about that, apparently. Oh hey, nice sneaky editing to try and get away without looking like an idiot though. (The part in parentheses in #3 was originally not there).

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@3,9 stop using a rabbit as your picture you nine year old. It's simply annoying you troll.

Edit: suppose to be a reply.

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hahaha sucks to be u sonn

Did you at least get to shoot the little turd?

Hey, close combat. Be happy he didn't bayonet you. Lol

so let me get this straight. u went to laser tag and some noob didn't no the rules so he kicked u in the balls? either yr lieing or u previked him into doing it

Just shoot him in the eye with the laser. PEW PEW PEW

An eye for a ball :O

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slap him with ur gun

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that's life