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Today, I was supposed to be going on my first date with a guy I really liked. He never showed up. I just found out my dad was outside washing the car when my date showed up. He told him he didn't have a daughter and to never show up on his driveway again. FML
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wow....I just hate how overprotective parents can be's so damn annoying >_< they get so unrealistic about things.


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uhh....either you're super pretty or you're dad's embarrassed to show you to people.

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so your date NEVER showed up, but when he DID show up your dad made him leave? so he showed up LATE you mean?

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Did your date not call and say he couldn't find your house? FYL bc you obviously weren't worth the extra effort to him!

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damn that sucksid be so mad thats why we have phones ;)

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holy crap ur dads awesome! XD

lmao 51 and maybe he's just really protective about u ?

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Sounds like my dad. I feel for you. Kick his ass and rebel, rebel, rebel.


20 ; no she thought her date didn't show up , & then later found out what her dad did ;] anyways , FML , if my dad did that to me I wouldve never talked to him again .

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58 is pretty. and that sucks OP, FYL.

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wtf they changed my comment!

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ur date probably thinks u gave him a fake address. fyl.

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I don't know how sweet and innocent you are, but I'd have done bad things to the car he was washing. You do NOT screw around with someone's lovelife...

haha if your both only a teenager. I would of been a good idea to introduce himself to the folks ya know. then maybe your dad would of gave him a condom instead of his "words of wisdom" heheeeh

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YDI for trying to date Tony Danza.

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YDI for wanting to date and possibly fornicate. YDI for having a dad. YDI for having a driveway. YDI for your dad having a car. YDI for having running water with which your dad can wash his car.

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You forgot YDI for existing.

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YDI for liking guys. You missed that one.

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YDI for having a ****** YDI for being a teenager and having hormones Hmm that's all I can think of.. Trollz took the funny ones.. :P Why?.. Helping is fun

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YDI for possibly being a **** causing your dad to think its just some other guy there to bone you.

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Shes possibly been slutty with past dates

Unless you know she's been slutty or it's heavily implied, it's not a YDI.

he loves you.. how is this a fml? dads and older brothers are suppose to do these kind of things..

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ughhh I have 2 older brothers -_- I've experienced something kinda like this.

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37 - Did you break it in half? Or did you break the prongs/tines?

FYL for living in America, where men seem to have this stupid overprotective thing for their daughters/sisters... Really, FYL.

Yeah because if you have a super hot daughter/sister of course you're gonna see some overprotectiveness because some horny 13/14/15/16 year old come along whose gonna try sticking his wand of magic where it sure as HELL doesn't belong, and being a rebel only makes it worse for the parents/daughter because she'll being doing lots of adult things and might possibly get pregnant etc. If the dad told her first date he never had a daughter it might be possible she was a little too young or she was super pretty and he didn't want no one boning her.

And if your daughter wasn't "super hot", then you wouldn't care? I've found that plenty of moderately attractive to mildly unattractive girls can be the most sexually available, often compensating for low self esteem. FYI, both males and females can contract STDs, so you should be just as protective of your sons. Pregnancy isn't the worst thing; it can be ended or otherwise dealt with (kept, adoption, ect.), and any son of yours that knocks up a girl who decides to keep the baby is also affected for life. At least the girl has the option of abortion. Your sons wouldn't even get that choice. "HEY! YOU! Back off! If anyone's gonna be havin' sex with my daughter... IT'S GON BE ME!"