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  FMLforALL  |  0

I stand by what I said. The daughter didn't just hit the other kid with a book, she BEAT the child so badly with it that she was expelled. I would be surprised if this was the first time she exhibited violent behavior. Schools usually don't expel a child for the first offense.

  MarineWifey88  |  3

Gotta love how people can get all self righteous on the internet when they don't know the full story. One school suspended a 7 year old boy for putting a toy gun in a lego cop's hand. Schools take things too far anymore.


38 could be right but the school could be over reacting. I had a friend suspended for a week because he let go of the door and it closed and hit a teacher on they way out.

it depends on what school, what the person is like, and what you do after it.


Just becase a child hits doesn't mean she's seen a lot of violence. My daughter tried to bite a boy that was taking her shoe away last month, and I didn't step in- I wanted to see how it played out. He let her have the shoe, and she, having no idea I saw what happened has never done it since (or previously for that matter)

My daughter gets pushed around by my friends kids pretty often, but she just has a gentle temperment. She has toys snatched away, so she'll go get another toy and offer it to the offender. She gets pushed down, and gets back up and laughs it off. We would totally let her defend herself by hitting back or yanking toys back if she tried, but she just DOESN'T.

All of that being said, my daughter has seen action movies (that have violence) and watched my husband playing ps3 games with lots of violence. She gets pushed and hit by other kids, and she still doesn't go around beating kids with books. it doesn't take exposure to violence to make a kid aggressive, it takes getting pissed off to the point that you want to beat the stupid out of someone. OBVIOuSLY, that kid needed the stupid beaten out.

  metalwolf  |  17

You obviously havent been in school for a long time. (Most) Schools these days have a no tollarence policy. ANY fighting, even just defending youself, will get you suspended.

  MysticAmmu  |  17

Wow. I bit a kid once when I was in kindergarten, but I didn't get expelled. And from what I've heard from my family, I was a little violent as a kid. But now I can't hurt anything :P

  MissCuteStack  |  12

I would fucking beat the school boards asses with a book and then if no
lightbulbs are turning on in their head I will complain to the school board and then if that dosent work FUCK THE WORLD AND FUCK SCHOOL

  chele2382  |  5

How is it the school that is retarded? Why even blame the school at all?! At the age of 5, kids are literally a sponge. That behavior either scared the crap out of the other kids or could have showed them that it's ok to pick up a blunt object and beat the ever loving crap out of someone.
I say to the OP: YDI for not teaching your kid appropriate social skills. I see upwards of 200 kids enter kindergarten every year. And the majority of them are from parents like the OP. They don't teach them a damn thing and then moan about how their life is so hard. If you are not going to teach your kid how behave appropriately, then no, it is not an FML. It is a major YDI with a slap in the face.

By  seculare_fml  |  0

Kindergarten is a brainwashing function anyway...Perhaps your daughter can develop into a freethinker now; that is, if her parents don't project egotistic biases on her.

  iEnvade  |  2

176... something tells me those are contacts(or photoshopped).. and probably not their own eyes anyways. And I'm also fairly positive no one cares if you have strange, glowing, abnormally colored eyes...

@OP your daughter sounds like the next Chuck Norris..

  iEnvade  |  2

222 - I never said she wasn't beautiful, but the eye colour she is claiming to have is rather unnatural looking. And this is FML, she didn't even have anything relevant to say regarding the post so...

By  IneffableLullaby  |  13

What a violent little child you have on your hands. Hahaha. How exactly are you raising your child? Or is it because you're not raising her that she's so...expressive and undisciplined? :p

By  MarineWifey88  |  3

Did the other kid deserve it? My 2 sisters and I all got into a few fights at school, but never got in trouble because they were all provoked. Lol
My mom took us out for ice cream, we were taught not to pick fights but to stand up for ourselves.


ha! same- my mom totally took me out for ice cream too. the last time I was suspended for fighting it was for punching a guy in the face for making derogatory remarks. he was three times my size, and it was basically ineffective- but, I got ice cream and 5 days off! awwwwe yeaaaa