By shwasted - 22/02/2010 05:17 - United States

Today, I had one of the worst first dates of my life. After leaving the restaurant early, we went to a party to try and salvage the night. My date then got wasted, ended up puking in the back seat of my car on the way home, then lied about it. My night ended with me cleaning vomit out of my car. FML
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YDI should have dumped him after the restaurant.

This sounds suspiciously like the 80's movie, "Blind Date."


It says first date in the first sentence.

No, it says one of his first dates. How many first dates do you get, OP?

I think #1 meant first date ever. Funnyman, I don't think it was since he says "one of the worst first dates" of his life.

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the point of #1's post was to announce his 'firstness'. notice the capital letters. not as much of a win as mushoo but nice try

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To all of you who keep saying "his"...uhm the O.P. is a WOMAN. @ 21....huh?? @ O.P. At least you know what not to look for in a guy, right? Sorry your date was so bad though.

Lol lied about it? "Whats that?" "I dunno" "How did it get there?" "A guy came in, and he puke in your car!"

Yes, yes #19 is correct! Good job 19... You've now earned my friendship for an entire lifetime. CONGRATS!!!

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@ 30 lol thanks :) @ 29 even though that comment cost you a middle finger it still made me laugh and for that u thank you lol @ funnyman thanks...but seeing as how nobody before me noticed perhaps it was a bigger win than I thought...kudos bro

sucks for you! (enter number of the numerical order I'm under)

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ew that's disgusting I hope you at least tookhim home though

I can't believe you would want IT in your car after what it just did. *sigh*

OP could have put out.. Just 'cause she just had the worst first date ever, doesn't mean her date can't have the best.. ;-)

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r u 1nc4p4bl3 0v sp3ll1ng ts0cc3rdood?!?!!111!11!!!!!!!11111

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yeah seriously dude look at your pic

nah, I'm heterosexual.. Why do you ask soccerdude? If it's for the reason I think: I'm sorry, I'm not the slightest bit interested.. XD redshorts might be up for it, though.. xD

This sounds suspiciously like the 80's movie, "Blind Date."

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Why do you drive home bad first dates? don't do that :)

YDI should have dumped him after the restaurant.

Oh shoot, I just realized I wrote that in Urdu. What I meant to say was "Exactly". LOL. Ahem.

OP is a man and apparently a gentleman. YDBetter.

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@ MQ: nice shoes...I bet you look VERY GOOD in those :-)

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^ bet she's ugly. ur gonna regret that comment

@ iSwag: lol, thank you. =) and as for #29: *insert middle finger* Good day.

Okay, why am I feeding the picture-less troll?Carry on, mofo!

I gather there won't be a second date ? I mean, even if he was screwing up because he was too nervous (something I could relate to) it sounds like he couldn't do sh*t straight with a ruler. Not a cool way to end up a night really, in any circumstances.

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Similar to my first date with the girl that is now my wife.