By shwasted - / Monday 22 February 2010 05:17 / United States
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  iSwag  |  0

@ 30 lol thanks :)

@ 29 even though that comment cost you a middle finger it still made me laugh and for that u thank you lol

@ funnyman thanks...but seeing as how nobody before me noticed perhaps it was a bigger win than I thought...kudos bro


nah, I'm heterosexual.. Why do you ask soccerdude?
If it's for the reason I think: I'm sorry, I'm not the slightest bit interested.. XD
redshorts might be up for it, though.. xD

By  Scourge87  |  0

I gather there won't be a second date ?

I mean, even if he was screwing up because he was too nervous (something I could relate to) it sounds like he couldn't do sh*t straight with a ruler. Not a cool way to end up a night really, in any circumstances.

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