By JessMelodique
Today, I finally decided to try an alternative to peanut butter, since I found out I was allergic a while back. Two hours later I had to be sent home because the allegedly allergen-free SunButter caused my lips and throat to swell and patches of rashes to form all over my body. FML
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By  Sparx1_1  |  16

There is no such thing as allergen-free. A product can be significantly less likely to cause an allergic reaction but that does not make it 100% guaranteed. It's even possible to be allergic to allergy medication.

  zeffra13  |  31

SunButter is made from sunflower seeds, not nuts (or legumes like peanuts). Considering she only recently found out she's allergic to peanut butter and then had a severe reaction to SunButter, I'd guess she's allergic to a component or additive in the spread.

  gzmotx  |  9

People who are allergic to nuts or peanuts can also have issues with sunflower seeds. It is likely that an additive is causing the reaction, but it's still worth looking into.

By  Catdragon  |  40

Yeah this sounds like your allergy isn't limited to just peanuts. Perhaps go see an allergist and let them do a skin test to find out what you're allergic to.

By  PegLegRacing  |  34

There is no such thing as allergen free. You can literally be allergic to anything. Even other people. I'm sure the OP meant that it's supposed to be peanut free. And she either a, just so happens to be allergic to sunflower as well, or b, got unlucky with cross contamination at the factory.