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By Anonymous - 29/03/2015 13:33 - Philippines - Philippine

Today, I found out the fund-raiser my uncle ran to raise money for his cancer treatment was all a sham, that he doesn't even have cancer, and that the money was to fund a coke habit nobody knew he even had. FML
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Breaking Bad : Philippines

lexiieeex3 32

That's absolutely terrible. More like F your family's life.


lexiieeex3 32

That's absolutely terrible. More like F your family's life.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

fuck addictions.. but more so fuck cancer!

My aunt literally did the exact same thing about five years ago, though she also bought a car.

It's time to ununcle him.

Breaking Bad : Philippines

Would it be Walter Yellow now since hes yellow and in breaking bad hes white

More like "Intervention" only Philippine style.

"I am the one who runs!"

sounds like a different version of breaking bad

ea247 20

No coke Pepsi!

Pretty sure 4 was joking; I thought it was funny. Although he must've been buying a lot of soda if he was doing a whole fundraiser for it!

colvindj 22

did he use kickstarter?

Drugs are such dictators. The way they take over peoples lives is heartbreaking.

It really is so sad. I say F his life too. I imagine he felt awful while doing it and this definitely isn't how he imagined his life would be. Addicts are literally slaves to their drug. It's so sad and horrible. I hope your family can get him help op!

Ok, I seriously hope you're not defending him for this. The guy needs to take responsibility for his actions.

I wouldn't call it defending, but I grew up with an alcoholic father, and I know that having an addiction completely alters the person, and they don't even realize it. And quitting is extremely tough. So even though what he did wasn't okay by any means, I actually feel some sympathy for him, just because I know what it's like.

"Alcoholism is a disease."

I hope your family had enough time to stop him getting his habit.

jentrynicole 20

I hope this means that he wants help sobering up now. Best wishes to your family.

Wow, hopefully you can get him help

that's horrible.