By Alaskalex - 08/06/2015 05:50 - United States - Anchorage

Today, I was excited because a friend had added me to a new Facebook chat consisting of my tight circle of friends from last year's summer camp. I then saw when the chat had been created. They kept me out of the chat for almost an entire year before deciding to add me. FML
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Hey, this is OP. The camp is in Washington, and it looked like all the people in the chat were the campers from Washington, so my guess is that they created the chat just for the Washingtonians and started to add in people as camp time drew closer. The reason why it hurts a little is that I've had a pretty rough year with depression- I switched schools and ended up having no friends for about half the year- and it would have been nice to be able to talk with them and get some support, even though they lived so far away. I haven't said anything about it and I won't, there's no point in making a big deal out of something so little. To #13- I did the same thing many a time in order to make myself feel better about being the youngest and not being able to do the things my older siblings did. #22- Lol, okay, whatever you say. You seem a lot more invested in this than I am. #44- Yes, we have summer camps in Alaska, though I was referring to one in Washington. Contrary to popular belief, there exists four seasons in Alaska, not just winter.

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At least you didn't get left out of a family chat...2 years it took them to remember they have a sister...

Aww, man. Sometimes people can be really cruel. Keep you head up.


Aww, man. Sometimes people can be really cruel. Keep you head up.

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Well maybe it wasn't intentional? maybe right before they added OP someone said "oh shit, I just realized OP isn't here! " if there's a lot of ppl in a group its easy to forget someone... or maybe I'm just naive and optimistic.

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#39 Maybe your right, maybe the group of people didn't know OP's Facebook last year but they found it out at this year's summer camp

At least you didn't get left out of a family chat...2 years it took them to remember they have a sister...

Eh. Family chats are overrated. My family included me in one last week, and I was spammed by over 70 messages in less than an hour. They continued on into the weekend. Thank God for the mute option.

I missed them talking about the family holiday I was invited to the week before :L

Last week's family chat was for a surprise birthday party they knew I couldn't attend. They only added me to guilt me into donating money for party supplies.

That's just bullcrap isn't it! Rubbish families

No need to bring up a pity party on someone else's fml

At least you guys have Facebooks. I'm so antisocial, I prefer people not be able to keep tabs on me.

That sucks. Did you ask why, or just assuming reasons?

Exactly! Maybe they couldn't find OP's Facebook. Or maybe they just weren't as close as OP thought.

Don't fret it! there's more important things in life. your apart of it now thanks to one of your friends !

That sucks but at least your on the list now.

Well at least they decided to add you! You won them over, be proud :)

I don't understand why you got so many negative reviews... Can someone explain please?

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Well they could have just not added you. Better than nothing.

Leave the chat, so they know you don't give a ****

That would be like Poland making leaps and bounds by joining the EU in 2004, then immediately leaving for massive economic loss because of not being accepted sooner.

There's more to life than Facebook. Period. I used to be on there constantly. Deactivated my account a few months ago to kick the habit, and don't miss it at all.

I thought maybe they just couldn't figure out your name at the time.