By zahra_786 - 11/04/2013 09:11 - United Kingdom

Today, I played Call of Duty with my new flatmate. He continuously lost and was outraged that a girl beat him. It resulted in him shouting at me, claiming that since I'm Muslim, I must be part of the Taliban, which would explain my gaming skills. FML
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Hey guys OP here! I loved reading the comments! So this was the first week or so he had moved in, so I set up my playstation 3 for us and the other three flatmates to allow him to get to know us and speak to us since he was new here! When I kept beating him, he started shouting stuff in Italian (he's a foreign student) and then at the end he started using my religion as the reason for my win! LOL. I also beat his ass on FIFA..but he had no ridiculous excuse there ! :Dp.s. he's hopefully moving out soon so its all good!

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Pshhh where do you think they get their practice at?! Good job OP for being a video gamer ;) we need more like you


I didn't know the Taliban were huge gaming fans.

I didn't know the gamers were huge Talibaning fans.

I didn't know the Taliban allowed girls either

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Llamacod 11

Well, technically Muslim isn't a race.

Muslim and Taliban are races now? Shit I gotta catch up with the times man...

Bubbelz 25

Racism today is used more as a synonym to discrimination in all its forms, rather than race (humans being racist against dogs or aliens).

RedPillSucks 31

Race is a political construct anyway...

42 racism is used to describe prejudice base upon ones race. Prejudice is the word you are looking for

I'm Muslim, and my race is... probably the 400m. I'm not bad at Call of Duty either.

86 Do you throw the grenades or run with them?

Grenades are for cowards. I use a sword and shield.

zahra_786 19

The funny thing is, I resorted to just knifing in the game since he sucked so bad and I allowed him to use guns. Perhaps the fact that I went easy on him, and still won, angered him more!

kyu_Q 19

The Taliban don't let women be part of combat. Women are more for the amusement of family members. Sad but true

thisisFMLsoFYL 11

Actually I think they're religionist. Prejudice against the religion

OP the way that guy acted was disgusting. I say next time go hard and beat him so bad he cries. **** that douchebag. I hate racist people.

I didn't know the Taliban knew how to shoot, I thought they just blew themselves up.

OP just kept running at him with a grenade until she exploded. There was no need for good aim.

Pshhh where do you think they get their practice at?! Good job OP for being a video gamer ;) we need more like you

More people that are good at Call of duty? Not really, I suck anyway.

Yes the Taliban study video games for their terrorism acts. He broke the code, your cover is blown op.

She doesn't suck at Call of Duty...the fml states that she is in fact at least decent..

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Well when the criteria for an attractive partner in alot of gamer guys is: 1.Plays video games 2.Is a girl Then yea pretty much every gamer girl would be considered attractive

hellobobismyname 24

There is so much discrimination against girls in the gaming community. At least from what I've seen. People leave my lobby just cuz I'm a girl. So I just let them think I'm a dude then laugh to myself when I do better than them.

bamagrl410 31

I do the same. Though I've noticed quite a few ditsy girls in game lobbies who think they're being cute, so they're not helping the stereotype. I just don't let them know I'm a girl until the round starts haha

chlorinegreen 27

I tend to stay quiet in the lobby till the game gets started. Most will leave if they hear my voice. They tend to think I'm bad because I have ovaries. I usually just play people I know anyways. I've said this before on here but my boyfriend and I RARELY play together. We may play the same game but we don't like playing each other just because we play so differently. Are playing styles drive each other nuts. I love my Xbox.

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chlorinegreen 27

Sadly it has gone way past that a few games I've played. They've told me to go die or they're going to rape my mom them stab her and things like that. Hence the reason why I've stopped playing public matches. If I do I make sure I play with a couple friends and in a party. I've started playing a lot of zombies instead of multi just because you need less players. Anyways, carry on...

For me I'm horrible at the newer games like call of duty (except computer games like WoW). But put on some old Nintendo games like goldeneye or Mario cart and I kick ass haha :)

I get kicked because I'm a girl and it sucks because I never get to show them that I'm actually really good at call of duty. Now I just don't talk in games.

RpiesSPIES 27

Attn Girls whom game in this thread: No need to hide your gender, just perform remarkably better than those whom discriminate against you to humiliate them. Gamer girls are the best of 'em all, and I don't want them straying out of game-chat just because of a few douchebags not realizing 40% of the current gaming community consists of female gamers. Plus, if gamer girls stray away from chat, how am I supposed to find myself one?

chlorinegreen 27

Sadly it's the mean and the pathetic that ruin it for the rest. I do think its funny that on the off chance that I do play public they're all mean at first but by the end they TRY and add me but really why would accept? You just told me to go die and take my Xbox along with it. No thank you.

Girls don't deserve that kind of abuse. But if you're corner camping... Go to hell and take your Xbox with you!

I once made a gamer tag that was very obviously female, for the sole purpose of getting guys to fall all over themselves when there was a female in the game and laugh about it and then reveal that I was actually a dude. Little did I know that would seriously be one of the most unholy experiences of my life. I seriously could not believe some of the shit that would fly my way, just because of the perception of being a girl playing halo or cod. It very much, and very quickly, turned from a fun little ruse into an eye-opening new respect and view of female gamers and what they go through just to play and enjoy the same games we do. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't an asshole to them before this, I had plenty of female friends that I gamed with, but this definitely made me take a step back and view them much differently. Ladies, props to y'all for putting up with that shit. I don't know how y'all do it.

spekledworf 18

This is why I keep quiet when I'm gaming. I remember one time I was playing NFS online and consistantly came in 1st. Then at the start of a match the guy in front of me hit reverse to push me back so I got on and yelled "HEY! You can't hit a girl!" Then the guys went wild that I was a girl but showed respect since I had been kicking their asses all along

hellobobismyname 24

I'm very new to multiplayer so I'm not that good. In that game I just don't bother putting on a mic because people get so pissy. My game is zombies and I usually carry the team, and I'll start talking when we're too far in the game to back out and they're saying "nice job, bro". Then everyone's like "wtf you're a girl????!!" It's too late for them to think I suck and they respect me. Although a lot ask me "uhm are you ugly?" Lol but probably doesn't help that my username has the word "ugly" in it.

I usually wait until the veeeeery end to say anything...little boys HATE getting their butts kicked by girls :D

81-I've seen way to many ditsy girls on call of duty one of them I have actually taught and its pretty fun teaching them

What gives people the perception that girls aren't good at games? Games are a source of entertainment for anyone, not a medium from discrimination.

102, a lot of females don't speak in games because of being sexually harassed. I attempted once to speak only to hear sex jokes and harsh words towards my gender. I never really talk now, or reveal my gender. Stinks but it happens. :(

I've never had the problem of people leaving the lobby because I'm a girl. I always tell people I'm a gay guy though so that I can creep them out, so that may be why.

I play online with like 3 or 4 girls on cod for xbox and doesn't really matter the skill level.....if people just act nice towards each other the game is still fun and honestly if you'r on the enemy team weather your a guy or a girl you'r gonna get attacked for you'r gaming style anyway mainly because if you die generally there is a little frustration lol.

> I think he was more pissed that a girl beat him That is exactly what OP said...

bamagrl410 31

I'm not sure when video games became a "guy" thing really. When I was younger my cousins & I would play Super Nintendo or N64 all the time, and half of us were girls. A lot of girls you talk to will say they used to play when they were younger. Somehow I think a combination of girls being pushed toward makeup, hair & clothes while Xbox and PlayStation started marketing to boys just divided everyone into stereotypical sides. But I love a good zombies match... so long as I don't get some immature idiot on my team who sneaks up behind everyone to throw grenades and steal kills and in the meantime running around doing nothing. I hate when people do that.

7- Agreed. If his fragile ego can't handle losing, he shouldn't play the game. :P

I would agree except that in this case "pussy" won.

upallnight11 19

Looks like his sense of logic is ****** up. It just doesn't make any sense.

I didn't know they had suicide bombers in CoD? JALALALALALA BOOM!!

That reminds me of the multitudes of 10 year olds who try to harass everyone online who can beat them. Tell him to practice more and to stop complaining.