By JMU - / Monday 6 July 2009 19:34 / United States
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  Ox_Baker  |  0

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  WIDRR  |  0

He didnt say he took a dump faggot. And he also didnt say that he was visible from the road faggot. The drivers told the cop he was in the woods going to the bathroom. ...faggot

  themixedt4pe  |  0

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in the US, it is a crime, even if you go a mile into the woods and it's just to pee. They've arrested people for that. YDI, the drivers told the truth! What would you do if you were them and the police were like "umm... where is the driver of that car?" I mean, even if you say you don't know, when they see you coming out of the woods, they're going to KNOW what you were doing and arrest you. PS, you're a sex offender now (so long as you live in the US).

By  haha_goodone  |  3

...And that's why you never attempt to help a stranger. Also who doesn't know that pissing outside is a crime? (not saying the OP is stupid, I've pissed outside plenty of times, but to the people writing the comments...are you idiots?

  nuclear  |  0

Yeah, I guess I am an idiot. I obviously know pissing in public where everyone can see you is illegal but not when it's in the woods where no one can exactly see you.. Maybe ticket-worthy but not getting arrested.. Excuse me for not knowing this oh-so-obvious piece of information.

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