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Today, I went on a date with a girl my friend set me up with. I thought we got along great, until after dessert, when I asked if she'd be interested in doing this again. She just said, "Nahhh" then got up and casually left, stiffing me on the bill. FML
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Well you dodged a bullet there. Hopefully it didn't cost too much.


Well you dodged a bullet there. Hopefully it didn't cost too much.

What do you mean she stiffed you on the bill? You're the guy, YOU are supposed to pay. SMFH

Durantye 8

That isn't equality though so if we don't want to be sued by feminists everything had to be equal.

kingdomgirl94 29

Not sure if sarcasm or actually that archaic... Even if the guy generally does pay, you still at least genuinely attempt to go halvsies, I mean its your food. What if he seriously can't afford to pay for two and he's too embarrassed to say so? If you offer, accepting is a lot less embarrassing than having to ask because the other person is a bitch. Never assume you're getting anything for free.

If a guy takes me on a date to anywhere...I expect that he pays. Maybe I'm a spoiled brat in that aspect (and I know I'll get thumbed down because of it lol) However, I'm perfectly fine with (actually prefer) dates where you don't have to pay anything. Picnics, taking the dogs to the dog park, skipping rocks by the river...or whatever else we can come up with. I'll even cook and bring food/snacks.

You definitely sound spoilt. Get your money out and treat him every now and then you cheapskate!

Even to this day my hubby and I occasionally split the bill. He pays for the movie, I pay for dinner. That way we both feel like we're being treated :)

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if he asks, especially a first date, I think the guy should pay. generally, whoever asks should pay.

Really? Cause she didn't want to go on a 2nd date? When you know it's not gonna work, what's the point? He was gonna pay either way.

Why would he have to pay either way? Being male doesn't mean you have unlimited supplies of money and the urge to spend it on rude women.

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Should've just whipped out his dangalang

DaMann360 19

In response to myself, that could either go really good or really bad

Not because she didn't want a second date, but because of the way she went about it. It's very rude to leave a date like that. There's a perfectly polite way to decline a second date: "I had a nice time with you tonight, but to be honest I don't think we have that connection, I feel like we'd be better as friends." Then you stay until the bill comes, offer to split it, walk out with your date, thank him for a nice evening, and wish him goodnight.

No, because she just walked out on him without offering to pay. Even if she wasn't interested in doing this again, she could have offered to pay part or politely said, it was nice meeting you, but no thanks. Hopefully OP's and this girl's mutual friend hears so he doesn't set her up again.

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You didn't expect to pay the bill?

It's not expected for men to pay the bill anymore. My Fiancé and I always switch who pays or pay half.

Men don't always pay for dinner. And they shouldnt be expected to in my opinion. I prefer taking turns or splitting the bill. I think most modern women would feel the same way

gingaa96 18

If women are going to push for equality, and become more independent, why should men continue to have to pay? Granted I personally do, and will continue to pay at least on the first couple dates with someone new, but it's very reasonable that a self-sufficient person pay for themselves.

buttcramp 21

so many women work these days, it isn't common for guys to aaaalways get the check.. I don't think a guy should expect it though unless they're the one who was asked out.

Word, sista. I think whomever asked the other out should pay. Seems fair.

skyttlz 32

I always offer to pay for myself. And if the guy pays, I say thank you. I never expect it. Yes I am for equality.

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if someone asks me out then I expect for them to pay. However,I DO carry money just in case. I don't want to be left in embarrassment lol I can pay for myself if I have to thank you very much :)

It's just a nice gentlemanly thing to do. It's neither required nor a bad thing to do. It's just a nice gesture.

32- I love that you basically just said you support equality but still want to be treated special. How progressive of you.

jazzy_123 20

don't mind 32, she's only 14

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Men shouldn't always foot the bill, but it was their 1st date. However, in order to be polite she should have paid her half since she didn't agree to a 2nd date. She just made herself look like a total bitch!

32 you're 14 don't ever refer yourself as a woman until you're an adult and have lots of responsibilities like paying bills, working etc btw cleaning your room and making allowance isn't working. Haha children trying to act grown.

I don't get why the hell feminists yell about men receiving 20 cents more, when in the case of a sinking ship or a burning building, it's "Women and children first!". It's just a 20 cent charge for all the special treatment! Besides that, men do the more difficult labor jobs, and yeah, get better pay because of that. Obviously this isn't true for all women, but it is for 99% of them. I don't see any women digging trenches with me at work.

Though I appreciate that her text is written with real words. Most kids ""rite lik dis"

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#53 I think you can assume from reading the anecdote that this was while she was still there.

Yea, but I think if she has no intention on dating him a second time then she should pay her share

kingdomgirl94 29

she should offer to pay her share anyways. a second date does not mean free food...

True, but if you're going to be going on more dates then the chances of relatively evening out eventually or combining finances is likely to happen, really I spent the most money early in our relationship until I lost my job, then she did for a month or two, then we decided it was just our money (actually that might have happened before I lost my job)

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I would tell my friend what happened, maybe they can tell her how much of a bitch she was

Kinda sounds to me like this girl pretended to be into OP or girls in general just to "see if she liked it". Now, I'm all for experimentation, but not if it directly affects someone elses feelings.

My bad, my app shows OP as female. Apologies.

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What a rude bitch. Be glad you don't get a 2nd date with her.

Personally if it was a good first date I think you should pay or if it wasn't at least split the price. Not be a bitch and leave....

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what an awkward moment.. op: ok lets determine how the bill should be paid. did you enjoy yourself or not? because if you say you didnt I will be asking you to pay for it. obviously its not cool to walk off the way this person did but itd also be pretty awkward to plab ahead for too

It's also pretty stupid to do it your way... Whether it's going well or not, a simple "how much will I owe?" When the bill arrives gives the other person the chance to either tell you your half or offer to pay.

kirrra 11

I wasnt being literal nor suggesting thats how to do it...more so pointing out how awkward it is to go by that logiv because how else are you to know if they enjoyed the date.. if said date had not enjoyed the time like ops date then the type of person in the fml is not going to want to pay, so when asked to split the bill if they didnt enjoy it will say they did. also offering the chance to say how much do I owe doesn't work as the date clearly wasnt planning on paying anyway. you read my reply wrong as I was pointing out the flaws in that situation not suggesting to do it.

What a witch! I'm so sorry OP! You're lucky though, since you deserve so much better than her

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there is a song called or nah, people say or nah where i am from. Like 'was she a bitch or nah?' I honestly thought people would catch on to that d'_'b