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By Anonymous - 19/12/2012 01:49 - United States

Today, I was out on a dinner date when suddenly a girl walks up to us and says to my date, "Girl, you can do so much better." Hearing this, my date looks at me, nods, gets up and walks off. I still had to pay for everything. FML
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facepalmtoomuch 8

She probably texted her friend to come and say that for her so she could go home and watch the season finale of Dexter.


siickman 7

& then the girls wonder why they cant find a nice guy. .-.

Girls like dirtbags. Not sure why they like guys who treat um like property but they do

They like confidence the nice guys usually lack that trait while the A-holes have it in spades they don't actually like dirtbags and poor treatment normally they are responding to the cocky attitude that is close to confidence and security the timid nice guys are the ones who finish last plenty of girls are out there dating or married to confident nice guys

Here's the thing with "dirt bags", they usually don't treat the girl bad at the beginning or, between the not nice moments, they do something really sweet which makes the relationship continue, so it's not that girls like bad guys for being bad, they like the nice bits. For the record, a lot of guys end up in the same sort of relationship with bad girls. That being said, as you get older and more educated, these occurrences tend to decrease.

This is why Girls never find anyone. They get told they are with a horrible person so to find someone else if they even find someone else. They had a chance to be with someone because they are single and will never know if it was actually worth it.

Did anybody else read this comment and the FML in a stereo-typical black women's voice?

72- that was really the only way it could be read. I reread it twice to make sure I wasn't just being biased. There was definitely some "urban" influence there.

Did u really get a mike Tyson tatt on your face. DB alert. Good luck with that

That has to be the best reply i've seen in my life.

That hurts, but don't worry, you don't deserve someone that shallow. And hey, you get her leftovers!

facepalmtoomuch 8

She probably texted her friend to come and say that for her so she could go home and watch the season finale of Dexter.

rotflqtms_ 21

I have finals 2 days in a row, so no tv since Thursday...Or was it Wednesday? Lemme make sure I recorded that... Don't hate on Dexter!!! ~He's nice... Well other than the little stabbing and killing he does... But that's just a minor flaw.~ ;)

If she left the date to go home and watch the finale of Dexter, then at least OP can take comfort in knowing they will BOTH be disappointed tonight.

SApprentice 34

Don't let it get you down, at least now you know before you put any more effort into her. She's obviously very shallow, and not worth your time.

it was a set up... it was part of their plan to get free dinner

Yup, that sounds too planned out to be real. The date should have already left or bailed if he was so much "less attractive" than her. I doubt she was that hot herself.

I would have stopped the girl who came up to you, looked her dead in the face, and say "I hope you plan to pay for my meal for ruining my date."

Stand up, look around the rest of the restaurant, nod, say "we can all do better than her," drop a stack of Benjamin Frankins on the table, and walk out like a boss.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

Her loss, OP. Keep your head up!

If she was that easily swayed, it probably wasn't going to work out anyway. Think of it as a blessing in disguise.

Good point. :) Now at least we won't be wasting anymore time with her.

She obviously wasn't the right one for you, you know that now

1dvs_bstd 41

Ouch... wow that was plain rude... the both of them should be couples with shallow lives and personalities.