By SarahNB - 01/03/2014 21:09 - United States - Salt Lake City

Today, after paying at the gas station, the cashier stuck out her hand, which was clenched into a fist. I thought she wanted a fist-bump, so I gave her one. She just stared back at me. Turns out she was just trying to give me my change. FML
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Karenezzy 20

But you just wanted to be homies...

I bet you made her job funnier to be at too

You came, you filled your tank and you took the opportunity to pound her when it was there ;D

JMichael 25

Heck yea! Who wouldn't want to be homies?

Why are they downvoted? #13 Made me laugh. :)

I am so doing this the next time I fill up my gas tank!

Maybe its time to change to digital transactions. ;)

Pstraka6 20

Comeon, thats funny now and Im sure she got a kick of it and besides you got your change back too

She could've been staring in awe because of how awesome you are! :)

AviKerensky 17

Shut up and take your money!

she must not know PEWDIEPIE :) its ok we'll make her a bro!

I don't know why , but something about that guy makes me really despise him

It probably has something to do with obnoxious overreactions to any kind of stimuli and just generally acting immature on the camera, catering to the younger audience and generally raking more views.

Something tells me everyone would do the same thing. Don't even fret.

I have actually had people do this before to me. especially customers that you get to talking with as you ring stuff up...or regulars.

Never heard of such a dumb thing. Fist bumping??? No wonder the cashier looked at you like you were crazy!