By lumacsp - United States
Today, I stopped at the light when someone crashed on to my motorcycle making me fall. The guy claimed it was my fault because I stopped too fast. I got really mad, so I attempted to spit on his face and was ready to start a fight when I noticed that I forgot to lift the helmet shield. FML
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  Zhejan  |  0

That'll show him to never mess with you again, unless he is prepared for the next encounter. In that case, you may as well bring a weapon of your own.

  Zhejan  |  0

That'll show him to never mess with you again, unless he is prepared for the next encounter. In that case, you may as well bring a weapon of your own. May I recommend something sharp, such as a pickaxe?

  TempestJones  |  0

Totally agree with #84... I was on your side till the spitting part... I mean, really? I understand getting frustrated but act like an adult, not a camel.... YDI for being a tard.

  nonotme  |  0

In MI it's 99% the fault of the person who rear ends you. Hell, I had a friend who clipped a woman's back-left fender when the woman turned left in front of her with too little room to do so (coming out of a business while friend was driving down the road) and the cop still gave said friend a ticket. SO...FYL for having someone be a cuntrag at you over knocking your bike over, YDI for spitting at anyone for any reason.

  gigi37  |  0

Aw, that's the first time I've read anyone thank someone for correcting them and someone correct another nicely. Usually people get so defensive and angry

  EireGoBragh  |  1

Not at all true. If it can be proved in court that the person in the front was driving incorrectly, they are at fault. The only reason the person who runs into the other is usually found to be at fault is because usually they ARE at fault, generally because they failed to brake correctly. However, say I t-boned a guy when I had a green light, and he ran a red. The police are obviously going to find the other guy at fault, even though I collided with him, because I had the right to expect that I could cross the intersection.

  lexa1love  |  16

Although I agree with most of what you said t-boning another car is not the same as rear ending someone. They broke a traffic rule and you hit them in the side of the car, meaning they were directly in front of you unexpectedly and you did not have time to stop, automatically their fault. A better example would be if you were going through a green light and the car in front of you stopped abruptly. That car broke a traffic rule, but someone could argue that if you had been paying attention you could have braked on time to avoid the accident.

By  Syn_fml  |  0

Okay, it wasn't "definitely" his fault - for all we know, the OP DID stop real quick. Plus, we've seen they are quick to spit at a person. Could be a bad driver, too!

Yeah, legally it's the person in the back whose fault it is, but doesn't mean the OP didn't slam on his brakes causing it.

  TheTruth1428  |  0

It doesn't matter if the OP did slam his breaks on, it was still the person in backs fault for hitting him.

YDI though OP for being a douche. It's not the being hit you're crying about, it's your spit in your face that you seem more upset about.

  null_fml  |  11

#15: unless the person behind him was planning on going THROUGH the red light, he should have been stopping anyway. His car was not prepared to stop behind the nearest vehicle at a red light; it is his fault in every way.

  Stahn  |  0

Ok, the OP stopped AT A LIGHT. It shouldn't matter how quickly he stopped. The driver behind him can obviously see the light and knows he has to stop as well (and clearly there is a motorcycle in front of him that he has to leave room for). Clearly not the OP's fault.