By Anonymous - 12/04/2016 02:38 - United States - Glen Ellyn

Today, an old friend of mine texted me, saying we should hang out. I thought it was really sweet and was excited to see her again, until she realized that she was texting the wrong person, and canceled our plans immediately. FML
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mds9986 24

Well I guess you haven't seen her in a while for a reason then.


Well I guess you haven't seen her in a while for a reason then.

alexish128 13

Time to delete her from your contacts!

RedCronos 17

Maybe in a couple weeks you could try to meet up with her? If you were excited to see her, then maybe you putting in the effort to initiate/plan might bet you some time with your old friend. If not, then don't worry; it's not worth your time fretting about it.

Why? The friend clearly wasn't actually interested in spending time with OP, and hasn't been for a significant amount of time. OP shouldn't waste their time!!

It's not like Op made any effort to meet up with this friend, either. By the FML it appears that OP hasn't talked with this person in a while; so by this logic, isn't the friend in the right too for deciding not to hang with someone who shows them no interest on a regular basis?

You can write how much you value that friendship and then write "oh wrong number".

Maybe it is time to let that "friendship" die. They are not worth the time.

Sorry op that sucks. Don't give that person the time of day.

Yes that does really suck! But if it had been a while and you yourself haven't contacted her either, the relationship is down to become acquaintances. It's not bad, people just move on! Try again in a week or so, and if nothing comes of it she's moved on too! Friendship is a two-way street. (I'm sorry, it is harder if you're shy or an introvert!)

Something similar happened to me :/ I learned the hard way that it's best to let these people go. It can be tempting, especially looking back at memories - but people change and it's not worth chasing after what you used to have.