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Today, my roommate went away for the weekend so she could hook up with a guy from Tinder that she's never met. This wouldn't be a problem if we hadn't already made plans for my 18th birthday, which is also today. Here's to a night of Netflix with my dog. FML
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That's sucks, at least you have your dog and you're not 100% lonely.


That's sucks, at least you have your dog and you're not 100% lonely.

Do you not have other friends or family you can see? Otherwise just pretend it's a normal day, I tend to game more on special occasions.

Guy: Bros before hoes Girl: Dicks before chicks

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Eat your favorite food while watching your favorite movie/show. And have dessert, lots of dessert.

She'll probably bring home an, there's that. Cheers!

Why don't you hit Tinder yourself and get out on a date? Not every guy on there is just looking to hook up. Beats sitting at home with your dog on your birthday and who might meet a great guy.

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Maybe she doesn't want a date. Maybe she doesn't like meeting people online. Maybe she just wanted to be with a friend and not strangers on her bday. The solution to cancelled plans is not "go on a Tinder date." OP should, however, go and do something she enjoys instead of watching Netflix and feeling sad about being ditched. Then again, watching Netflix and being with my dog sounds like a good night to me.

Wow....harsh! Maybe to you the solution to cancelled plans isn't a Tinder date but you aren't empowered to speak for everyone. I was merely attempting to help OP realise that there were alternatives to being alone on her 18th birthday. She clearly wasn't happy with the prospect. Just becuase you enjoy the idea of sitting at home alone doesn't mean everyone else does. Especially on their birthday.

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14, you're not empowered to speak for everyone, either. And the solution to being ditched on your birthday when you had plans with your roommate is hardly to find a random guy when it's pretty clear OP wanted to spend it with her roommate - probably a girl's night out type of thing. Also, you say that tinder isn't just for hooking up but everyone knows that that's what you're going to get a majority of the the time. You want a date then you go to, like, or eharmony. you want a hook-up? you go to tinder.

Again...very harsh. I wasn't trying to speak for everyone. Like I said I was just trying to offer an alternative to being alone. She wanted to be with her roommate but that was out. It seems pretty obvious that she didn't want to be alone and had no one else to call. God...the woman that suggests she stay home, feel sorry for herself and eat her sorrows away gets upvotes and I try to suggest she get out and have fun and you all come down on my head like a ton of bricks. What's wrong with all of you? Oh...and just because a guy wants and expects a girl to hook up with him at the end of a date doesn't mean she has to.

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Dude, I never suggested that she eat her sorrows away and feel sorry for herself. You're acting as if she's now in a state of depression and being ditched is the worst thing ever. It sucks, but there are other solutions than just going on a date with a stranger on tinder. And just because a woman can say no doesn't mean she would still want to be in that situation. You say you weren't talking for everyone, but neither was I. But your advice was "why not go on a Tinder date yourself?" I gave you a bunch of reasons why she wouldn't. And you took offence. Why do you seem so insistent that it's the best solution to OP's problem? There's nothing wrong with relaxing at home and hanging out with your pet. And I did say OP should do what she enjoys instead of feeling sad. You're just seeing what you want to see.

I never said it was the best solution, just that it was an option and probably a better one than sitting at home alone. It's certainly more constructive than the "bros before hoes" and "dicks before chicks" as well as the "eat lots of desert" comments. Yet I'm getting dumped on for suggesting it. I'm sure given the choice most people would prefer not to celebrate their birthday alone.

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You're not getting dumped on "for suggesting it" - you're getting dumped on because your comments sound rude/like you are speaking for everyone and the way they're reading - like the only option to celebrate a birthday and have it be enjoyable is with a man. Also, you're calling us "harsh" because we're pointing out that OP likely doesn't want to celebrate her birthday with a stranger and your replies to us about it are rather harsh themselves. It kinda comes off like you're making yourself the victim in this thread of comments. Also, people prefer to celebrate their birthday with people they actually know. If the only option is stranger, then their dog is definitely a better option.

Well 11's initial reply seemed very rude and adversarial to me and I guess that got my hackles up. Also, I was kind of annoyed that I was getting downvoted when as far as I could tell I was the only one that offered anything constructive. I guess it's just me but I would rather get out and do something on my birthday than sit at home alone. Even if it is with a stranger. What's wrong with meeting new people? After all it's what you make it.

Did you see his/her pic? They probably get swiped the bad direction every time!

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#10 - wow, that was very rude and uncalled for..

So you had the netflix and she had the chills