By WellShit - 04/01/2013 02:19 - United States - New Richland

Today, I found out that there's something my new wife hates more than spiders. Black people. FML
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I wonder how much she hates black spiders.

You just found this out after marrying her..?


I wonder how much she hates black spiders.

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I think anybody with extra limbs gives a lot of people the creeps

OhDearBetrayal 25

She must not be a native then because that definitely is not the Minnesota nice that is characteristic of the area.

HooyoMacaan 7

Having lived in minnesota I can from experience say that it's not always the case.. "Minnesota Nice" is really just another saying. Only difference is that people there aren't as vocal about it.

OhDearBetrayal 25

I have and am still living in Minnesota. I know what you're talking about. I'm just saying that it's not often that you find a Minnesotan that is vocal about their racism.

Is there even many black people to hate within the state of Minnesota...?

That's a bit over the top... **** your wife.

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You just found this out after marrying her..?

Yeah, like how do you not notice that your wife hates black people? You haven't encountered them throughout your relationship or what?

I dunno, I can see how that fact might have remained ridden. I mean, it's not as if he ever asked her "do you hate black people" or anything

I'm not going to YDI, but this is a good argument to not rush into marriage before you PROPERLY know someone. What sort of relationship must you have that you didn't know your wife was racist??

txgirl2013 14

I can see spiders cause they're ******* scary but the color of someone's skin? Not cool.

I used to hate black people too. But I was 4.

When I was 4 I thought Mexicans were also black

I think racism and discrimination in general is really just stupid. I just don't see why you would hate some people because they're skin is darker/lighter than yours. You're still equal. No race is better than another.

#13 - When I was 4 I never really noticed a difference, when I get older that's when stupid prejudices become more pronounced and noticeable.

Laurenlou 24

13- Did you have racist parents or grandparents? That sort of thing happens often. Kids follow what they see (or hear), especially when they are very young! I've had friends of many races even from a young age. Thank God my grandparents shut their mouths around me when I was young! The color of someone's skin doesn't make any of us less human. Shame on OP's wife for thinking otherwise. did you not know she was racist before you married her?

It makes sense he didn't know, besides the twin cities there's like 5 black people here

think it's time to get the divorce papers....

jojimugo 20

I don't know why you're getting thumbed down. I would divorce her too bigotry should never tolerated.

42's right. I would hate to be married to someone that has hate toward a particular race.

Laurenlou 24

11, 42, and 47- Why shouldn't OP just try to help his wife? Isn't that what you do when you love someone? I mean, really. It's not reasonable. OP should help his wife. Maybe he could show her statistics on how skin color doesn't affect someone's personality. Or maybe he could introduce her to a black friend of his to show her that they are just as human and kind as anyone else. Why would anyone break off a marriage for something that can easily be worked through?

53 - because she's probably beyond saving at this point

53, I really haven't thought about that. Gosh, I hate when I jump to conclusions so early. Then again, it's 1AM here and very tired. Please excuse my last comment, everyone.

Laurenlou 24

58- And you know this how? There is not evidence or implication that OP's wife is beyond saving in this FML.

Well, um, at least you can get into the mind of someone with irrational hate?