By Anonymous - 12/06/2011 06:37 - United States

Today, my apartment burned to the ground. I was packed and ready to move out tomorrow. FML
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Jake_2013 0

That's a true FML

talk about bad timing.


talk about bad timing.

it doesn't want you to leave.... obviously you have done something to your apartment and now you need to call an exorcist

no need seeing how the apartment is now burned to the ground

You better get the hell out of there.,, the final destination ghost is after you! BREAK THE CYCLE!!!

The gods of real estate didn't want OP to move.

karma. you obviously did something bad in another life to an apartment and now it's getting u back :D

what the hell did you do? it doesnt magically start a fire itself.

maybe it was excelant timing?? now she doesn't have to move all her stuff and insurance will cover everything and put new furniture in her next house :)

You did it in the wrong order, fool. You're supposed to move out, THEN commit arson.

at least you have a new place to go

zendaddy0 0

it diddent want to live without you ;(

Jake_2013 0

That's a true FML

How does OP deserve that?

cheshireau 26

Read what they commented. *forehead slap*

jonan1212 5


Hey, at least you're alright? You could have been in the building...

Never said he wasn't.

iSitt 0

the op died just after hitting "Send" on FML

MizzErikaHart 8

if I were op I would be wishing I was in the building when it happened. at least for a little while I would be...idk FML would be the last thing on my mind tho. I'd b trippin

37- Your comment makes no sense to me FML would be the last thing on my mind, too, so I can understand that, but the whole "wanting to be inside a burning building" thing is whats confusing me.

73- I think he meant that if all his shit was burned down he/she would want to die...which still is ignorant because I can understand being upset about losing stuff but notice the word it's JUST STUFF no need to want to die.

I would have rather been in the building

imacreeper 3

This was a sign from Jesus.

xxsarahfxx 6

wtf. your retarded, it's not something to make fun of.

cc_the_beast 6

Jesus was like 'hey dude, don't move out of this place, it's pretty cool ay'

imacreeper 3

35, you're the one to talk? calling someone retarded is like a racial slur, such as n*gga, something you shouldn't be making fun of. and who said I was making fun of this FML? it could very well be a sign from Jesus. how do you know if someone would have robbed his new house that day or maybe even murder him? so yes, hush ya mouth.

Actually calling someone retarded is completely different from a racial slur. And how are you so sure it's a sign from Jesus? How can you even be sure that this Jesus even exists? I'm finding your comment a bit ignorant.

53- science has evidence proving Jesus exists. and anyway, he never said he was sure, just that it could be. the original comment was meant to be a joke, and everyone took it wayyyy to seriously.

35- This is the internet. We make fun of EVERYTHING. 53- Are you kidding me? I won't bash you for this idiotic comment...this time.

xxsarahfxx 6

61 - don't go thinking your the shit and you can do whatever you want. Your annoying .

59- wud u like to prove this 'fact' to me, I'm actually interested this isn't sarcasm but I just find it hard to belive there is scientific proof that there's a Jesus, if there was cold solid evidence, I dont think atheists would exist right, there all about the facts n evidence.

imacreeper 3

66, please, just stfu.

I'm with 90. How is it a sign? I'm pretty sure he would let you move out first.

Not if OP was Muslim or Jewish

Hmm... you better not have to pay a fee. Unless it WAS your fault in some way. Anyway, complain to your landlord if worse comes to worse.

rexdog7 5

Thats karma. How many disabled children did you have to make fun of to result in that? But seriously, that sucks and i hope you have some kind of insurance for that stuff.

I hope you were insured. High likely no

fthislyfe 22

that sucks, how can you laugh?

Yeah, stop typing.

The point of this app is to laugh at other people...

Not for stuff like this. I feel terrible for this person and if that happened to me I wouldn't want someone laughing at me. (My house burned down about 2 weeks ago by the way)

BigHoshJosh 0


just please shut up

Aww lets burn YOUR house to the ground you little asswipe. Think before you type, it might actually get you an atom of respect. "Rofl"....

I have plenty of respect, and also a set rely morbid sense of humor. "Little asswipe" Haha

Guess you got a lesson on procrastination.

eminemchick 19

i imagined u saying "procrastination" like spongebob said " imagination" in that episodexD i mean like I said in that episode.

cc_the_beast 6

I thought exactly the same thing.....procrastinaaaaaaaaaaationnnnn

Yarrachel 16

How do you know they procrastinated? Maybe they just could not move into the new place until then.