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  Dmars444  |  4

maybe it was excelant timing?? now she doesn't have to move all her stuff and insurance will cover everything and put new furniture in her next house :)

  MizzErikaHart  |  8

if I were op I would be wishing I was in the building when it happened. at least for a little while I would be...idk FML would be the last thing on my mind tho. I'd b trippin

  YacL  |  15

37- Your comment makes no sense to me FML would be the last thing on my mind, too, so I can understand that, but the whole "wanting to be inside a burning building" thing is whats confusing me.

  FNFPhilly  |  0

73- I think he meant that if all his shit was burned down he/she would want to die...which still is ignorant because I can understand being upset about losing stuff but notice the word it's JUST STUFF no need to want to die.

  imacreeper  |  3

35, you're the one to talk? calling someone retarded is like a racial slur, such as n*gga, something you shouldn't be making fun of. and who said I was making fun of this FML? it could very well be a sign from Jesus. how do you know if someone would have robbed his new house that day or maybe even
murder him? so yes, hush ya mouth.

  SirBedevere  |  0

Actually calling someone retarded is completely different from a racial slur. And how are you so sure it's a sign from Jesus? How can you even be sure that this Jesus even exists? I'm finding your comment a bit ignorant.

  smurfsarwales  |  9

53- science has evidence proving Jesus exists. and anyway, he never said he was sure, just that it could be. the original comment was meant to be a joke, and everyone took it wayyyy to seriously.

  livin_plur  |  0

59- wud u like to prove this 'fact' to me, I'm actually interested this isn't sarcasm but I just find it hard to belive there is scientific proof that there's a Jesus, if there was cold solid evidence, I dont think atheists would exist right, there all about the facts n evidence.

By  rexdog7  |  5

Thats karma. How many disabled children did you have to make fun of to result in that? But seriously, that sucks and i hope you have some kind of insurance for that stuff.

  Evan2297  |  0

Aww lets burn YOUR house to the ground you little asswipe. Think before you type, it might actually get you an atom of respect. "Rofl"....