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Today, I decided to not wear makeup for the first time. My boyfriend asked me if I got punched in the face. FML
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That's the thing with wearing make up all the time: no one appreciates your true beauty since they're all used to the fake you :( fyl OP

"No sweetheart, but you will be!" *punch*


Yes. They didn't call for the midwife at her birth, they called for a team of professional makeup artists. "I can see a head!" "Quick, fetch the mascara!"

That's the thing with wearing make up all the time: no one appreciates your true beauty since they're all used to the fake you :( fyl OP

That is why I don't wear make up. That, and I don't have the time and patience to do so.

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Assuming the scenario that op and her bf slept together, I wonder what he felt when they woke up next to each other in the morning

You should have promptly responded by punching him in the balls.

Agreed! That & it cost so much :L I'm sorry OP, that would've been terrible for your self esteem!

Guys do get used to the makeup face. My girl usually does eye liner and that kinda stuff. I once saw her without it and it looked like she had been crying. As a guy. I prefer natural beauty. Save the makeup for special occasion ladies :-)

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I think women's faces that constantly wear make-up are like parts of the body that have not seen the sun in some time, it's almost like its a sickly tinge from no exposure to natural light. If i am not fully coherent I apologize ahead of time

Makeup is not supposed to make you look "fake" it's supposed to enhance your natural beauty. There is nothing wrong with concealing imperfections such as dark circles (I'm assuming that's OP's issue). That doesn't make you "fake". Then again, most people don't know how to put makeup on...and they think they look fantastic with 20 pounds of makeup on their face...but no...

20, he felt like Edward after sleeping with Bella. Probably gonna get downvoted for twilight reference whatev's

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70- I thumbed you down because I don't understand your analogy

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"no one appreciates your true beauty" Or no one is horrified by your true ugliness.

personally, I like wearing makeup, but I also have no problem with not wearing it too. I usually only wear it if I can tell I look a little tired in the face or if I simply feel like dressing up and "being girly." I think makeup becomes a problem when girls refuse to leave the house without having any on. that's just.. sad.

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You should of never worn make up at all and you'd be with someone who loves you for you.

If i could thumb you up 100 times, i would. Hate fake girls.. + make up doesnt make you pretty all the time...

How bout next time u start dating a guy, don't cake your face in make-up and actually show him wat you rele look like. Just a little make-up to none is best in my opinion

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Before you post a comment know how to spell really :3

Did you understand the meaning of what i put? If not ur a ****** moron. If so, get on with ur sad, pitiful, meaningless life and quit worryin about spelling

There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup. There is something wrong when you put 20 pounds of make up. I put make up all the time and people have seen me without it. I look the same, no big difference :)

I used to be too impatient and think that just eyeliner was ok- but then I was looking on Youtube one day and found this sweet girl- Tanya Burr. Just gave me confidence because I've always felt my skin was terrible

Some of us have bags/dark circles under our eyes due to illnesses,sleep depravation, and/or genetics and must wear concealer under our eyes in order not to receive these types of comments.

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#133 you just said my life was sad and pitiful, yet you don't know me? what a shame.

181 yea it's pretty easy to deduce when you apparently have nothing better to do than worry about how someone spelled something on fml. What a shame

"No sweetheart, but you will be!" *punch*

You're a dick to think that violence against women is funny even if it's a joke, you do know that actually happens to women across the world.

I think 3 is saying the chick will punch the guy

Ah that makes much more sense then, I withdraw my comment.

Men get punched by women too, i don't see why joking about it is as serious as you make it out to be.

True 69, but the difference is, probably 99% of those women can't or don't actually inflict Half the damage a man would. Plus no one really gives a damn when woman hit men.

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71 I give a damn! depending on the age anyways I once saw a video of this Asian lady beating the crap out of her son who I don't think could even walk All I could do was sit there killing the women repeatedly in my head while she beats the poor baby, not holding back or anything D;

75) there is a difference from a full grown man, and a disabled kid, that is why I used the term 'men' not males.

GVirdi 11

The baby wasn't disabled, but he lived through the hell that woman gave him and he is staying strong, therefore, he is a man!

You just said you thought he couldn't walk, which means you thought he was disabled. Why don't you pm me the site you saw this video and I'll look it up when I get my laptop back.

87: Gvirdi means that he was so young that he couldn't walk. Use your common sense, please.

91, How gvidr explained it sounds like the woman butchered every ounce of his body, which I still don't believe is true, but never the less I don't think an infant can go through all that and still survive. Please use your common sense and know that babies are much more fragile then us.

GVirdi 11

Yep 91 got it, sorry if I confused you, the baby was just trying to crawl away from that abusive demonic lady and she kept hitting him down with a pillow and sometimes beating him with a remote, I say he was about 1-3 years old

^sorry but it just got even more confusing. My brother learnt how to walk when he was 1 and a half years old, But I still want to see this, curious what crazy bitch would do this to their own baby.

Sure auzz1, just because someone you know learned to walk at 1 1/2 years old, that means EVERYBODY learns to walk at that age. I'm surprised you kept commenting after the second, considering how every other comment seemed progressively ignorant.

136) It was jut an example, why don't you google the average age.

#62-- Murder and death are real, too, yet I have no problem with things that include them (i.e. most of film and television.)

I agree with the argument over walking,it's different for most. I was seven when I finally did it. though I have a physical disability

The poor baby in the video was 8 months old, I'm glad the mother's in jail.

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Fact. More domestic abuse cases have women beating men now then men beating women. When I was a police officer I arrested more women than men getting arrested for it and even arrested one woman three times in less than 12 hours for beating her husband. The first time was with a fireplace poker. The husband was bleeding from several holes in his back and leg. He never touched her. Second time she had bailed herself out and attacked him with a frying pan. He was now bleeding from the head because he did not expect her to be home. She had NO damage to her at all. Later that day her mother bailed her out and she hunted down her husband at his friends house. She threw his friends tv at him, damaging the tv beyond repair and cutting his arms and hands as he blocked the broken tv. She received mild burns from the electrical cord from it getting jerked out of the tv and the other end was still plugged in. The friend was unharmed. The facts are, most men will not raise a hand to harm a woman. More women than ever will not hesitate to cause as much damage to anyone they dislike. It is just sad.

auzzi just shut the **** up already, hot damn.

He was prolly just being honest. Honesty really is rare nowadays.

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He probably said that because she usually wears makeup and she looks different or kind of sick without it.

Did he honestly believe she got punched in the face? He was being rude to ask such a question. I'm all for the natural look but I also like other looks too. (No, not the clown look) That's what's so great about make up. Changing your appearance every once in a while is not a bad thing. (:

16 - Sometimes brutal honesty is not needed, especially when the subject at hand is someones natural appearance. Which can't be changed for the most part for the average person.

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Punched in the face? What a great excuse to 'make up'.

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Yikes. You could cheat and next time just put stuff on (Face Stuff, I am a guy, I don't know these things), but say you are not wearing makeup. Then: PROFIT.

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Yeah, your face is different colors no one will notice you're wearing make up

or she could just not wear make up and the boyfriend could get get used to it.

GVirdi 11

I like your idea better 34, I say girls look better natural rather than throwing colorful crap on their faces But I wish they thought the same

I agree :) I'm quite hypocritical because I wear it myself but I'm quite happy not to :)

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42- Hypocrisy would only come into play if you adamantly told others not to use it that it's the WAY of the devil, or something like that, and then you still wore it. Instead you are saying that it's better not to, but at occasions you still do.

GVirdi 11

Well you could always change that "hypocritical" part :P it would make the world a more beautiful place if you got rid of the make up

practice practice an you'll look beautiful. But remember your always beautiful don't hide :)

Makeup doesn't make a girl beautiful it only enhances natural beauty

wlddog 14

Not all women are "Always beautiful". I have seen some dogs in my day.

#112-- And there are plenty of ugly guys out there, too, they just don't bother hiding it. I don't understand why girls are so pressured into wearing makeup, while guys barely have to shower to meet society's beauty & hygiene standards. Strange.

wlddog 14

I never said there were no ugly men. They usually don't have wives. Kind of shows how hypocritical not just men but women can be. They don't want to be told they are ugly but they also don't want to date ugly men.

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Aw :c Whenever I don't wear makeup, people ask me if I'm sick, or if I've been crying, all sorts of shit. People set their expectations too high. I'm sure you looked perfectly fine. c:

Actually, YOU set their expectations too high by always wearing make-up.

or she just wears makeup because people say she looks sick without it..

GVirdi 11

7 I'm sure you look find too, but they might just not be used to seeing you without make up Just keep a natural look more often and im sure they'll get used to it

GVirdi 11

Fine* Didn't let me fix that even though I had 28 seconds left on the clock :(

I think the worst thing women do is wear make up that makes them "natural" as in foundation that is ACTUALLY their skin colour and other such make up to make them look fresh! it's worse than over the top make up because it makes people thing that's what they look like.

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38- You are the first I have heard of saying a tastefully done make up looks worse then a cake face.

39- that is...pretty damn stupid. So you're saying that when a girl puts makeup on, she should look disgusting and orange and look like she has makeup on, because when the makeup actually "fits" her face and makes her look good, it's deceiving? There is nothing wrong with makeup. It is supposed to enhance natural beauty. There is nothing wrong with covering some imperfections. Just as there is nothing wrong with going bare-faced.

not saying over the top looks better, just saying that over the top is obvious and natural make up can sometimes make people think you constantly look like that then one lazy day and people instantly assume you're ill. I can see how you thought I meant that though, was just my wording :)

GVirdi 11

Nobody likes cake face, if girls had a cake face then they would be discouraged by the people around them If they put on a tastefully done make up, well then they would be told they look pretty/hot/etc and will start thinking they need make up to look good I'm not saying girls should get a cake face, I'm just saying in a way it some how is better but you guys might not see it the same way

You're taking leaps here. That's not always how it works "omg he said I look hot but I put makeup on this morning. *gasp* that means I have to wear makeup all the time to look hot and for people to like me." No...I put on makeup for myself. It's fun. Yeah, it does make me look better, but I'm not covering my face in pounds of makeup. Like I said, it is meant to enhance natural beauty. It covers my under eye circles when I need it, it's nice. I still look like me, just not as tired.

GVirdi 11

I did say you might not see it the same way but I never said that's how it always works But alot of girls are self conscious and insecure, especially teenage girl, all because they want to look and feel beautiful so they rely on make up, it might not be always like that but half if not most girls feel that way I know alot of girls who don't think they look good without make up and are afraid to go anywhere out in public without make up when the truth is they look even better without it You might think you don't need make up to look good but that doesn't mean every girl thinks the same way, I wish they did but sadly they don't

Um 28- u posted 9 comments just on this page, usually I would say express your feelings but you sir express too much!

GVirdi 11

You counted? I feel special Yeah sometimes I tend to comment too much

At least people notice if you wear it or not. I've been told I look the same with or without it. I don't see the use.

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Actually 58, you would be surprised how often that's exactly how it works. Self-esteem is a fickle thing.

Isn't the phrase "enhance natural beauty" contradictory on its own? I mean, if you have to do something to change it, then it's not exactly natural, is it...? I think people need to stop being so obsessed with their appearances.

Just tell him the truth. He'll end up feeling embarressed.

That's the thing about constantly wearing make up... There are actually a lot of types that cause skin discoloration. You should give your skin a break more often, but FYL on your bf's comment. Not very nice.

It wouldn't accept my whole comment! Anyway, I agreed with 7 in that people have these ridiculous expectations now. A woman can look just as lovely without a speck of make up on.

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Did you answer "No, but you're about to"?