By Drunk - 13/09/2010 23:40 - United States

Today, for the first time, I decided to just be myself at work. My boss thought I was drunk. FML
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FirstBornUnicorn 0

That just means that you have a personality of a drunk person. I wonder what you're like when you are drunk.

Your normal drunken self?


Your normal drunken self?

Isumbella 0

Drunk is always fun my friend.

ifyouseekamy666 0

I got sent to the guidance office one time cuz my teachers thought I was comin to school drunk xP

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jaded_pragmatist 0

damn straight

.15 blood alcohol is yourself?

If you pretend to be someone you are not then YOU DESERVE IT!!!!

haha! Love it!

22cute 17

Who were you being allthis time?

FirstBornUnicorn 0

That just means that you have a personality of a drunk person. I wonder what you're like when you are drunk.

He normally works drunk.

dude really please put some clothes on I just had breakfast and I don't wanna lose it change this pic man

rallets 22

he probably acts sober when hes drunk

Hey #4 you stole that picture off my best friend that used to post on this site. His name started with C I forgot. It's on the tip of my tongue.

jinxthejinx 0

InDenial: That picture is everywhere. You can't "steal" pictures from the Internet. Also—YOUR MOM is on the tip of MY tongue. ;p

tngodzilla 0

oooooooh! owned! ^^ high five!

he stole it from google

FirstBornUnicorn 0

Clarkie used to have this pic, but he hasn't been on in a while.

do u listen to da red hot chili peppers? ur name is a lyric in one of there songs

kisweetie2001 3

You're right, fyl, but sometimes, it's best not to be yourself.

#9 My boss actually gave me advice like that today.

Shookitup 0

Sarcasm is a great quality.

#11 I know she was being sarcastic. Sadly, I wasn't...

Shookitup 0

*sigh* Look what our society is turning into.

I do hope that while you're over there shaking your head at society, you're referring to my boss's suggestion rather than referring to me. :/

yep girls, take a glance at society, and you will see slutty clothes and auto tune is taking over. (-.-) and fakes, but more impotantly auto tune :|

It's kind of disheartening that we sometimes have to be something were not in this world. After awhile you forget yourself and can't get it back having to stay in this warped reality that you have created. I dunno, just my thoughts on the world atm.

oh wow are you guys serious I be myself everyday and I am just cool like that, be yourself everyone else is taken, ever heard of that?

#5. When is it not a good time to be yourself? That's ridiculous.

Let's say you wanted to kill someone and you're an extremely nonviolent baker. That would not be a good time to be yourself ;)

Shookitup 0

Well nobody can be better at being you than yourself :) Flaunt it.

so if you act like an idiot they think you're sober? Something is wrong.

kisweetie2001 3

May be this person just has a natirally messed up personality. Who knows?

kisweetie2001 3


530boy 0

YDI for being 2 faced.

banananut 0

how is that being 2 faced? people that are silly can't just act however at work, they have to act professional.

530boy 0

umm not really what if op was acting extremely bitchy and rude when they were acting like themselves? you hate me! sh*t:(

Be professional at work--it's what you get paid for. Be yourself around friends.

banananut 0

i really don't see the fml in this. so he thinks you're drunk, big deal. these fml's are getting worse and worse..

It's his/her boss, so it is a big deal.

spyder1588 0

Maybe you shouldn't be yourself at work.... lol