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By  stevenmx86  |  7

I don't understand what happened in this FML.. He does not say he fell he says his chair rocked backward. And he says it was a box of cereal not a bowl. I see no problem? He didn't fall and I can't picture that he got covered with cereal either.. Did I miss something?

By  stevenmx86  |  7

No, seriously, it says nothing more than "My chair rocked. I grabbed a cereal box." What could I be missing.. It isn't automatically assumed that cereal has this tricky way of getting out of boxes when you grab them and chairs rock all the time. It may feel like you're falling but it's a natural action of the chair...

  Metteris  |  0

Well, it says "my chair rocked backwards" - not "my chair rocked."
And yes, cereal do have a magic way of coming out the box if the box is open! Which it usually is while placed on the table during breakfast.

By  ClosetTroll  |  10

What if you had grabbed the table and pulled the whole thing on top of you? Things could always have been worse.

Cheer up, now you have a fun little anecdote to tell and laugh at (and be laughed at).