By Fillifilo - 18/04/2012 04:38 - France

Today, I was having a hard time waking up. When I sat down for breakfast, my chair rocked backwards. I reflexively grabbed out at something to hold on to. Unfortunately, I grabbed the cereal box that was on the table. FML
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laurenobrien 4

It's okay we all have our moments

Better than grabbing a mug of hot coffee. Still, that's gotta hurt


laurenobrien 4

It's okay we all have our moments

zakkyzebra 11

So did the cereal box save him???

Jakesterk96 8

Well due to the fact that OP said "Unfortunately".... Yea the cereal box saved him.

-26 No, but it did give OP part of a complete breakfast!!!! :D No? Ok, I'll be under my rock if you need me...

Hey, instant shower! I'll bet you're awake now though.

I wish it would rain cats and dogs at my house, then I could have a pet!

So do you have king-sized bed sheets wrapped around your ass, or is that some sort of rare underwear with an extremely elastic waistband?

They do make underwear for people who are really overweight

im sorry but EEEEEEWWWWWWWWW..... some guys enjoy that sort of thing...... but please dont advertise it here>__

I thumbed down your comment just because of your picture

thatsucks42 4

I'm pretty sure that's not actually them, considering their profile says they're 14... Then again, this is the Internet...

soccerchicx9x 5

It's not them, that picture is all over google. In high school my friend and I would always get onto our teacher's computer and change that to her background :)

aaahhhfire21 0

Haha lucky charms are magically delicious they dont magically break ur fall... But guess u found that out

OP: FUS RO DAH!!!! Shiiiit! Wingardium Lev- *thud* I bet he regrets using his last slowfall potion doing stupid shit in Tel Branora...

Just take the time to picture this in your head. :)

I'm pretty sure that's what happens while reading.

p3mguin 7

Better than grabbing a mug of hot coffee. Still, that's gotta hurt

saIty 17

Captain Crunch save meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

I don't understand what happened in this FML.. He does not say he fell he says his chair rocked backward. And he says it was a box of cereal not a bowl. I see no problem? He didn't fall and I can't picture that he got covered with cereal either.. Did I miss something?

How about instead of voting me down you grace me with your infinite knowledge?

It's implied that she fell. Since the chair rocked back, and she grabbed something that would not stop her from falling.

No, seriously, it says nothing more than "My chair rocked. I grabbed a cereal box." What could I be missing.. It isn't automatically assumed that cereal has this tricky way of getting out of boxes when you grab them and chairs rock all the time. It may feel like you're falling but it's a natural action of the chair...

The ops chair was falling over they grabbed onto something to stop the chair but op grabbed a cereal box which didn't help

Well, it says "my chair rocked backwards" - not "my chair rocked." And yes, cereal do have a magic way of coming out the box if the box is open! Which it usually is while placed on the table during breakfast.

xStaciexLynnx 15

How old are your chairs that they naturally rock backwards? Really, they're not supposed to do that.

What if you had grabbed the table and pulled the whole thing on top of you? Things could always have been worse. Cheer up, now you have a fun little anecdote to tell and laugh at (and be laughed at).