By princess_stabitty - 1/8/2020 08:01


Today, my boss's husband came over to our office, and as a by the way comment told our boss my make-up looks good and suits me. The thing is, I've never worn make-up to work, and obviously, he never told his wife, my boss, that she looks good with make-up on. I'm fucked. FML
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  Cowgirl1293  |  23

My thinking is that boss's husband has seen said coworker outside of work (while she was wearing make up) which sparked the comment to boss. Now the boss thinks that husband may be cheating with said coworker. Now if that suspicion is true or not, only OP can tell us for sure.

By  zeffra13  |  31

Given OP followed up with "he obviously never told his wife she looks good with make-up on," I'll wager he was trying to hint to his wife "see, That's how you do it" (after mistaking OP for having make-up on) or otherwise call his wife ugly.