By embarassed - 08/08/2009 14:53 - United States

Today, I went for a hike with my new boyfriend on a fairly deserted trail my ex-husband had shown me awhile back. In all my hikes there, I've never seen another person and figured it would be okay to get intimate. Guess who came hiking past? That's right, my ex-husband. And our 8yr old son. FML
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You're an idiot

sireen 0

why would you go there if your ex husband showed you that spot....


eatmydust 0

thats really awkward...

I hope this is a FML for the ex and the child... I bet it was 10times as awkward for them.

YDI for hiking

Lol @ YDI for Hiking. I always said Hiking was bad for u. ^^

If you have a 8 year old son, I'm guessing you're over or near 30. In which case, YDI. People that old shouldn't be "getting intimate" ew

What, so after you turn 30 you are just never going to have sex again....Grow up.

justdancebbyx3 7

Who the hell gets intimate on a hiking path? KINKY BITCHES

Lol @ 62 and anyway, why get intimate in a forest? What about all the bugs and shit? That seems weird to me, but perhaps it's just me :P

Kiwi_Splash 0

LMAO 62. What a coincidence...

imthatguythatdid 0

just finish up like a boss then say hello son! how are you today? If he says "what were you doing mommy?" say FUCKING and someday u will too. and its great!

You're an idiot

LoveCali 0

Agreed..Instead Of Being With Your Fucking Boyfriend YOU Shouldve Been With Your Son On That Hiking Trip....Fucking Idiot. >=(

Why did you feel the need to capitalize every word in your comment? And I think OP has a right to spend the time with her boyfriend opposed to her ex who was also hiking with the son. Though I do hope she still takes care of her son properly.

Getting intimate in public is not okay.

I assume this was on a weekend? And your ex-husband likes hiking? YDI for not thinking ahead. What did your son say?

Of course you'd want to know....Pervert

wickeddrummajor 0

they deserve it for screwing on a hiking trail

He was probably scarred after seeing his mother fucking another man.

sireen 0

why would you go there if your ex husband showed you that spot....

My thoughts exactly. YDI

I third that ^ and btw you're a real bitch to really do that, besides who knows if you get poison oak or ivy down there. YDI

kittykat1501 31

Ydi Soooooooooooooo bad

You should've at least went of the trail a bit...

HahaYDI 0

YDI for hiking

drzhottie148 0

YDI how about trying to find a new spot.

you failed miserably...YDI

oh_mi_shizzle 0

why did you go to the yea to try to hook up in the first place?! don't either of you own a place or at least make the effort to get a hotel room for te occasion?! I truly feel /aboslutely terrible/ for your child... can't imagine how awful that was for him. "daddy why is mommy being tackled by a strange grunting man?" YDI...

I've never had sex outside, but bedrooms can get old. It's fun going to new places.

YDI for imagining you were making out with Clay Aiken!

aahh!! that, my friend. is a CLASSIC line. epic win.

LMAO! epic fail