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Today, I ran into my ex-boyfriend at the store, holding hands with his very pregnant girlfriend. They were buying baby supplies. We had a very nasty and painful breakup not even three months ago. FML
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doesnt mean its HIS. you can date an already preggo chic.....

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even if it's not his it's still hard to look at that... that would mean he's already real committed to the new chick if he's helping her pick out baby clothes


doesnt mean its HIS. you can date an already preggo chic.....

nobody should sleep with girls that are already pregnant!! everybody knows thats how you make twins

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maby it was a really close sister you've never seen

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#1 could be right. Stop assuming, OP.

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omg that was just plain epic!

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#14 hahahaha nice. but I seriously hope that you're joking..... xD

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so? You broke up. get over it. you seem like the clingy type. ydi. this is NOT an FML!!

lol @7. the preggo chick needs her eggo's o.0

#29 stop asumming that op though at was her ex's. kinda ironic isn't it?

who the **** cares? ur not with him any more so I fail to see the point of fml.

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yeah really you can date a pregnant girl. maybe she just wanted someone to go with her. seriously you know what assuming does? :)

@14 and you get a dimple headed baby.

14, I didn't know that's how you make twins holy shit hahah I'm dumb

104, assuming makes an ass out of u and me, assume

woah I'm confused. how can someone be "very" pregnant. to be "very" pregnant is impossible. you can't determine on what degree you are pregnant. you are either pregnant or not ... I don't know if that made sense or not.

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People say "very pregnant" when a woman I'd clearly showing... Usually in the third trimester, when it's impossible not to notice.

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110 I was joking I was saying maby she's pregnant but also large so she looks "very" pregnant

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wow. that's just sad. do you know anything about pregnancys?

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you only make twins if its within 24 hrs of the other guy who got her prego

you idiot they had an affair when she was dating him that's y this is an fml

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really? I hope you're joking!

@103... the point is that'd sort of add insult to not-fully-healed injury if the (prospective) douchebag had been cheating on her and knocked some broad up. do you get it now?

Some girls look really big really fast. Maybe?

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even if it's not his it's still hard to look at that... that would mean he's already real committed to the new chick if he's helping her pick out baby clothes

I like to pick out baby clothes. But not for babies. I give them to homeless people to see what they do with them. My favorite was when one used a one piece to strangle a buisness man and take his bagel. Priceless!

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At #9 Afatmonkey- I am so intrigued with some of the things you say. Are you a genius or a madman? If both by what percent? 'Cause damn!!

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at #9 holy crap are u serious?! that is hilarious! are u just making convo or r u dead serious?

bagels ARE to kill for don't blame the homeless dude

everybody loves my soon to be husband<3

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I'm trying to decide if afatmonkey is crazy or a comic genius

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bagles are good exspecialy blueberry ones :)

I know Brooke, it's really hard to tell in his stories, one part you laugh the next you think WTF? I just end up taking the positive side and try to think of him as a comic

i'm trying to decide if i should go gay so i can marry afatmonkey... eatin some **** meat sandwiches would totally be worth living with that silly bitch around

#9 you are my hero. #2 is kinda hot. but still not as cool as #9 i really gota try that

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he could have been dating her on the side or (more likely) visa versa

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The only difference is that the condom burst with that girl, and the surprise abortion didn't work.

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whoa that's mean ugly chics can pregnant and op should just be happy she avoided him getting her pregnant because he's prob not gonna marry that girl so the babys gonna have a tough life

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Fernandotorres you shouldn't joke about abortion there's nothing funny about women murdering helpless babies and getting off scot free

Abortion--it really brings out the kid in you.

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#60, LMFAO that was hilarious but still messed-up. >.<

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Oh shut up #52. Its not your body so it's not your business. Do you plan on adopting this now unwanted child? No? Then sit down, shut up, and color cause your being stupid.

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60# that's not funny at all that's messed up but for people who assume things i'm not agaist it i'm o.k if its your body do whatever you want with it but i just d'ont think its something to joke about

69- I am only in support of abortion if it was needed as a result of rape, otherwise you shouldn't be having sex without protection that works, I consider people who have abortions murderers of that child if pregnancy is achieved solely for pleasure of sex

well you see 86, even when you do use protection, such as the pill or condoms, you can still get pregnant. there are way more foster kids than families for them and even if they do get adopted the system fails 80% of the time. and if you're not wanting the kid or can't support it, I feel way worse for the kid that is brought into the world than the one that is killed before it's concious and gets to go back to God where he sends it to another family. I hate people that bitch about abortion but don't see further than the "murder" asspect. it's a quality of life dilema, not a moral one.

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60, holy shit I'm dying lol hahahhahaha , idc how ****** up that is it's funny .. hell I was almost aborted nd I'm laffing at it

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What do you define as death? For me it is when there is no electrical activity in your heart (aka flatline). The beginning of life should be the opposite of death, when the heart starts beating. Calling people who get abortions murderers is just plane stupid. It would be worse to have a kid and give them up for adoption then to get an abortion. Its better to have never been born then to suffer all your life. I have heard many pro lifers say "it has the potential to become alive", so what, each egg in a woman has the potential to become a baby.

sometimes just because someone adopts you doesn't mean that your going to live a good life. the system fails to always send ppl to good familys.. some ppl put up fronts, not all adoptive patents have good intentions. my husband was adopted and his mother had him sleep outside while her dogs were in the house.. among other things. and I've witnessed myself some of these things. so sometimes abortion may be a better choice as sad as that is to say.

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it's not the child's fault the parents made the mistake! why should they die ? g God knew that baby before it was formed in the womb. He wanted that baby to be born to that mother even if it didn't live with that family. adoption is a blessing for many unfortunate couples who can't even concieve a child.. why is it fair to you that people every day are killing their babies when they are physically incapable of having their own? and with rape, it's hard, I know for sure of that. but the child is still half of her.. the innocent child is already getting physically and emotionally attatched to it's mother.. rape is horrible.. but think about the pain the child feels?

The baby is better off dead before it experiences a crappy life than growing up as a burden to its parents. Abortion ftw.

@99 Are you seriously saying that giving a child up for adoption is worse than abortion!? I've got an adopted son and I can tell you that it is not. I'm pro-choice but personally don't believe abortion should be used as birth control. If it's not rape or incest, adoption is the better way. But I respect the woman's right to make their own choice. I'm also thankful and blessed to be able to provide for a child that someone else was not able to. And in-case anyone is questioning, I have other children naturally, so it wasn't an issue of being unable to have children. There was a need and we were able to help. My child is having a wonderful life because someone was able to see beyond them self and do what's right for the child.

@105, I don't know if I'd want to traumatize someone more than the rape, by forcing her to birth the rapists child. I don't think that's a choice that anyone other than the possible mother should have to make.

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gosh guys. yes, the child is safe to a home. the hospital takes much better care of the child than the parents. and all over America there are couples looking for a baby. I know people in my little city of 6000 who want one. being adopted doesn't mean messed up life! where the heck do you get that from? it's rare. for one, adoption and raising a child isn't cheap. a family should be able to afford it. don't start throwing at me that I don't think they can't be happy without a higher income family, but yea, it does help. my best friend is adopted. his mom couldn't raise him on her own since she was too young. now he is older and gets to see his mother once in a while and is very happy. my aunt was forced to put up her daughter for adoption. she regularily sees her now, and is also happy. a friend of mine took in a foster girl, fell in love and adopted her. her real mother was an unfit mother. my cousin was adopted by my uncle do to an unfit mother. I'm totally glad these people weren't aborted. their mothers considered it. it's a beautiful thing seeing that they got a chance to experience life. and to you who called or "asked if I was" stupid, that's totally rude. just because I believe different than you does NOT make me stupid. I understand being pro choice, and everyones story is different. I know people who have gotten abortions and they do feel sad thinking about their child and wonder what they were like. basically, abortion isn't for me. I don't judge when others do. I'm VERY much against the narrow minded people who have picket signs and terrifying images of aborted fetuses. it's sick of them to put that out there and it's just as wrong to me as abortion itself. I don't like being judged or called stupid. the end.

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ps I would like to add that I am FOR keeping abortion LEGAL, because if women can't go to a clinic, they will find much worse ways to rid of the child, which is VERY harmful to the mother as well. sometimes fatal. please don't think I'm not concerned for the mothers health and well being as well..

Abortion should be legal. As 124 said, the women will and do find another, often fatal way. My grandmother died getting a backstreet abortion in the 1960s, and thanks to the law at the time, she died. She was only 19, and I've never met my grandmother due to this. If abortion had been legal, do you think she really would have died? It's highly unlikely, and the fact is, Abortion is not a privilege, it's a right. It's not murder until 12 weeks in my opinion. Whereas the governments opinion is 24 weeks, for me, the child is too humanoid shaped.

you know the risks when having sex, so deal with the consequences. So don't make the decision for the child, put him/her for adoption. Rape is a bit different though seeing how it was not your choice, so then it would be your decision.

mikes abortion clinic and spaghetti house: your loss is out sauce!

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both of u should stop ur whiny ass bitching some people are against and for abortion get over it u fucktards and stop making a big ****** deal out of it.

If your grandmother was 19 when she died then she must have had your dad/mum awfully young... seriously backstreet abortion at 19 and still having another kid to carry on the line. she had your mum at 17, 18?

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What the hell is your problem?! That's so rude! Especially since she already said it was a painful and recent breakup.

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Unless u wanted to have a kid with him and stuff, I don't see the fml.

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you can't get VERY PREGNANT in three months. he cheated on her while they were together

it doesn't mean it's his. he could be dating a girl that's already pregnant.

#11 um no even if he didn't EVER get caught it is still considered cheating. wow I worry for any girl unlucky enough to get in a relationship with you!

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I heart u number 11 ur funny as **** >.< LMFAO

1) I love your username. 2) More importantly, if he was cheating on you, why would you wanna be with him anyway?

perdix 29

Cuz guys who cheat are hot! There are tons of loser guys out there that can't even get one girl. Quite a few of us who can get one, and then there are those who are so damn hot that girls will grudgingly share him with others. You want security? Date a loser. You used to be safe with nerds, but now nerds are becoming sexy, so you may have to look in another pool;)

I swim in gene pools. Every now and again, I come across an allele.

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the problem with your gene pool is there's no life guard

Cheaters aren't hot. Either are liars or tools. Just thought I should clarify so you don't have to continue through life a naive little wannabe. Douche.

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Sometimes when I swim in the gene pool I find a very nice elderly gentleman discretely jerking off under his trunks. Never again.

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hey seahorses is tht from drinking out of cups ?? if so tht sh*t halarious haha Seahorses foreva !! bitchs ;)

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Snick, most men jerk off at intervals. There's no way they can keep that up all the time! XD

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58 us having her period, suck my jock is funny as ****, and imma puerto rican....... all of us get pregnant at sum point haha

perdix 29

seahorses4eva, I can't decide which meaning from Urban Dictionary applies to you. I'd like to think it's the woman who likes to be on top, but my second guess the act of a very drunk man peeing in a woman's ****** in a failed attempt at sex. Cheaters may lie, but it is because they have to in order to follow their genetic imperative. This wouldn't happen if polygamy were legal.

i dont think its that bizzarre. if hes in a relationship where he genuinely cares about a girl, and it isnt his then she could be going through alot as a single parent and hes being there for her as a responsible partner. if it is his, then least hes being responsible. i'm sure its hard to see but he's not doing anything wrong or rubbing it in the OP's face or going out of his way to have her know about the child.

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Sometimes, actually, most times, it's easier to be a single mom than it is to deal with a lame ass man's BS. And yes, I'm a single mom.

it is tax season baby stuff is tax deductible

Don't even waste your time on the douche, weather or not hes the father i wouldn't waste another minute of your precious time on being upset.

maybe she should douche if she was with him and he was sleeping around.. just saying.