By Rapunzel - 18/03/2012 20:02 - United States - Tucson

Today, I watched as my step-dad put locks on my window, because he's convinced that I've been sneaking out at night. All my mom did was casually remark that I'm fucked if there's ever a fire. FML
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ducky42 1

Your step dad has no right. no legal rights anyways. Have fun if there's a fire!!

Yep im sure shes gonna have fun BURNING... Freaking idiot...

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Not when it's a safety hazard, especially if that person is a minor, which I assume op is.

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thiscrazything 1

Step dad.... He doesn't have the same rights as her father.

As #46 said that is a major safety hazar so by law he technically cant do that

We're also forgetting that op has rights to her own safety too.

PInK_ExCiTeD 7

Everyone just hates this comment because of the last sentence... he was being sarcastic... •~•

hellbilly205 17

Did anyone just stop and think OP could just break open the window if there ever happens to be a fire...

#135: yea sure, and hurt herself with broken glass while jumping out... Mr. Nobel price winner lol

hellbilly205 17

153- i meant break all the glass -_-

Even so, glass shards will most likely be left

Either get a few cuts on the hands and knees, or burn alive. Hmmm

Am I the only person thinking its not illegal to lock a ******* window? Christ, people get security screens put on their window! That's not illegal!


54. it said STEP DAD, therefore he is technically not his son so stfu

Start sneaking out through his window , see how he stops you there

theHIGHroad2 5
thiscrazything 1

Remove the locks, and just let them lay on the window so they still liked locked, either that or keep a hammer near the window, just in case you have to get out in a hurry.

Call the Fire Marshal. They would probably assist you taking the locks off and presenting your stepdad with a nice fine.

thiscrazything 1

^ look. Damn IPhone always changing my words!

This may be a silly question, but can you really get fined for having locks on the windows?

gunmania0 12

Yes if it's hazardous to people in the environment, e.g failing to leave a building because your ******* dad has put locks on the window.

stevenJB 25

That'll do no good for her escaping if theirs A fire in her house. :/

JustCallMePic 2

What the **** are you two dipshits talking about?

Mister_Triangle 21

I'm a fire department and I can confirm that we can't fit through windows.

Well asshole, I'm talking about the fact that should there indeed be a fire, he can now either be trained to put out the fire or escape his house. But your brain must be way to simple to comprehend that. It's gotta be a challenge to be you I bet

blackheart24 10

Well? Have you been sneaking out?

Well, have you always been this stupid? "Well" on its own is not a question, not one that makes sense anyway.

wetqueefa 5

You can only use that highly used joke in some situations. This, is not one of them.

smilefaces8 2

Make a escape hatch through the roof :)

keven501 12

Well actually, you're not supposed to open a window during a fire because it just let's in more oxygen to fuel the flame. Just saying.

If the only way to get out of the house is through the window (say, for example, the hall on the other side of the door is on fire) then I'm pretty damn sure the fire fighters would prefer you open a window and get the hell out of the building rather than stay in the burning house.

StonerkidDGK420 0

You open the window to escape if there is a fire and you cannot exit through your door. Just saying.

You are right it does add more oxygen but it also let's smoke out and you're supposed to get out of the window as soon as you open it.

I wasn't assuming that the fire would be right on the other side of the door.

Then if there is a fire use his face to smash the window.

Get a large hammer to break the window if there is an emergency.