By Lola - / Sunday 8 August 2010 14:32 / United Kingdom
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  Flinlock  |  0

I was wondering that myself... Only locks I've seen on bathroom doors are on the inside. If you locked yourself in with one of those, you really are a moron...

  craphappened  |  4

Well you're lucky that there are people around to get you unlocked. If you lived alone, than that would be a real FML.
This one is just saying " Today I tried proving to my mom that I'm not an idiot. But failed." NOT an FML man...

  lizzilla8297  |  2

how do you lock yourself in a bathroom? does it lock from the outside? if so, you are the stupidest person ever for getting them. also, WTF is the purpose for locks that lock from the outside? to lock your victims inside?