By Lola - 08/08/2010 14:32 - United Kingdom

Today, we got new doors fitted. There were new locks on the bathroom, to the reluctance of my mother, who thought one of us would lock ourselves in. "Only an idiot would lock themselves in," I said, and shut the door to demonstrate. I locked myself in. FML
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Maybe I'm misunderstanding this FML, but don't most locks allow you to open it from the inside regardless if they're locked or not?

Well, I guess you are that idiot.


looks like R-Kelly isn't the only one trapped in the closet!

be careful, don't fall asleep in there, Freddy Krueger might get ya!

oh it's a bathroom! nevermind the stale R-Kelly joke. ~_~

Haha you fail, and YDI

it's funny because you said only idiots would do what you did which means you are dumb

well atleast your mum was right - one of you DID lock yourself in.

fail. Let's start a fail combo

What kind of locks lock you inside the room? I thought the point was to lock people out while you do your business?

Here we go again with reposting something below up here.

mom = 1 you = 0

you guys fail at fail combos

I was wondering that myself... Only locks I've seen on bathroom doors are on the inside. If you locked yourself in with one of those, you really are a moron...

my friend locked himself in my bathroom. you two may get along(:

Well you're lucky that there are people around to get you unlocked. If you lived alone, than that would be a real FML. This one is just saying " Today I tried proving to my mom that I'm not an idiot. But failed." NOT an FML man...

well I've locked myself in a bathroom too. it sucks.

how do you lock yourself in a bathroom? does it lock from the outside? if so, you are the stupidest person ever for getting them. also, WTF is the purpose for locks that lock from the outside? to lock your victims inside?

thats what i want to know!

LMAO Mrssassypants wins haha


retard put the lock on the wrong side of the door. just takes a couple of minutes and a screwdriver to fix bozo...

FYL for having locks on bathroom doors.

and so are you

does 37 have a lazy eye?

Well, I guess you are that idiot.

hahaha idiot! xD

and the idiot of the year iiiiiiiss....Lola! congratulations, you are an idiot!

haha that made me laugh. yourr an idiot! fyl

idk what to vote this one lol ydi for trying to be cool but fyl for being an idiot :)

I probably would've done the same thing.. :P

Maybe I'm misunderstanding this FML, but don't most locks allow you to open it from the inside regardless if they're locked or not?

maybe they might be a weird combination lock of some sort!

maybe it's one of the locks you have to twist to unlock