By Tired - 05/08/2010 18:38 - United States

Today, I got home from work to find the door locked and dead bolted, so I used my cell to call the home phone while banging on the door. My stepmom came out of her room, looked right at me, laughed, and went back to bed. This is the fifth time she's done this. FML
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wildpepper 5

maybe you should lock the door next time she leaves the house to check the mail and then laugh and go back to whatever you were doing when she wants back in.

UsernameHere015 0

break in and beat the bitch ass. Prob solved.


M13LO 0

break the window that'll teach her or just lock her out

it's funny because your mother locked you out of the house and this is the 5th time it's happened

...and you didn't put a rock through the window??? YDI dumbass.

Stepmoms are worse than normal moms. YDI.

op If this was the first time I'd say fyl but 5 times? ydi x4

Sean you're a dumbass. he said it was deadbolted.

53" YDI because you were beaten at your own game by "50" hahaha FYL for being slooooow

I'd actually want this stepmom then you can just ditch over to a friends house

No dead bolt will stop me. I'll kill it.

lol @ 64. W I N. Must've been awkward for 53 though lol

64 - I still have no clue who the hell that guy is. Yet I'm always "stealing his funny".

KiddNYC1O 20

she said the door was dead bolted so how would a key help that

Well a dead bolt is already dead so just move the body and use your key. Simple.

Wow, that's something I see my stepmom doing to me lol.

how about it was dead bolted!!! read properly next time!

hockeyplayer82 0
lovelove24 1

50, it's funny because I am going to rip out your spleen and your large intestine if you don''t stop posting this awful crap.

"ydi for not having a key" i'm sorry, I didn't realize a key unlocks a deadlock, makes so much sence now

just nail the doors up and burn the house down and laff at her

Troll_Hater 0

skroal you are a **** sucking monkey.

luckymay 0


OopsieDaisies 0

Keep an extra key in your car or somewhere near the door. That'll show her who's smart.

when you finally get into the house, grab a screwdriver and put the deadlock on her door.. or shoot her in the face?

twinny_sc 13

I am actually starting to think that you guys like skroal, seeing as in how you all keep adding fuel to his fire. Threatening him and telling him he isn't funny won't make him stop. So how about we just ignore him.

quent10 0

you don't diserve that OP take her most personal thing wit u wen u go to work and hold it up wen she look @ u then when she let's u in break it right b4 she asks u to give it back then laugh at her and go to sleep

PurplePigeon 0

ok...shame on me maybe, but if a deadbolt is what I'm thinking it is...I have one on my door and my key does unlock it.

trumpetGIRL12345 0

hey soty I thought they banned you

if I ever have a step mom/dad, ima shoot 'em

Just plant some crack under her bed and call the cops on her ass and be done with her

where the hell is your dad and call the cops I'd want to punch that lady soo hard lol

lotuspod 0

a dead bolt is still a lock you still use a key to unlock it otherwise what's the sense of using one if you can't unlock it from the outside

a deadbolt isn't a lock with a key you ******* retard. it's a bolt you slide across to lock a door. the WHOLE reason they exist is so you CAN'T open it from the other side. Christ you are stupid.

First off, is the deadbolt accessible from outside the house? If so, then YDI for not having a key to both locks. If not, then why haven't you told the other adult in the house (I'm assuming your dad)? Especially since its the FIFTH time! I'd confront her with another adult present. If you live there you should be allowed access. Then, next time she does that, throw a rock in the window to unlock it.

BallinJ 0

a key wont unlock a deadbolt geniuses.

TwoStrikeBadAss 0

33 Go back and read the part where she says the door was "BOLTED" and 50 I could of sworn she said Step mom .. y'all niggas make y'all selves sound real stupid

YDI for having a stepmom. Get a real mom.

HeyyImPhuong 0

burn her while she is sleeping

mrz_tweety22 5

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twinny_sc 13

YeA Datzzzz y I dnt lykkee tp parentzzz eitherr...Do you realize that is horrible to look at.

CrosbyBlows 0

I assume you don't like proper grammar as well?

perdix 29

Quit banging the door while she's banging your dad!

Haha that made me laugh quietly to myself.

PimpdaddyCJT 13
perdix 29

Thanks for your offer, but my comment wasn't THAT funny.

perdix 29

Sorry, no, iicaptain. I hope I don't mislead you and PimpDaddy, but even if I hit a home run with a great comment, I will still not let anyone bone me. I'll accept the kind thoughts, but my butthole will always be closed for business.

59 you would bone anything that moves

PimpdaddyCJT 13

perdix I'm not talking to you and it's sad that ur queer self even thought about that

CJT - Of course you were talking to perdix. Just because he doesn't want to take you up on your boning offer doesn't mean you have to get offended and call the great master of comments names. D: He's too busy with all the ladies

Brittaneyyy 0

step parents are assholes they think their in charge but it's the other way around they just remarried ur a family jewel so she's a bitch and do it to her sometime

Hgielad_720 0

iicaptain, you have the cutest dogs! just saying. :)

UsernameHere015 0

break in and beat the bitch ass. Prob solved.

or the OP could get a key to the deadbolt so they can get in. and if the "deadbolt" is the chain thingy, carry bolt cutters around =D

slap that bitch up side the head with a frying pan.

YDI for eating yourself. YDI for licking snails. YDI for slow roasting your gramma. YDI for wearing your pants over your head. YDI for having 2.9 teeth. YDI for smuthering your neighbor with a pillow. YDI for chucking turtles at a drunk lamp. YDI for sniffing the lamp post. You deserve it for reading a book about morbidly obese spoons. YDI for think that "poop" is spelled p-o-o-p. YDI for not finding the governor attractive. YDI for slapping an old man with a banana.

PimpdaddyCJT 13

YDI for lifting up your toenail and eating the goldfishes monkey juice.

Talking Bout # there yo. 60, YDI for not licking a kitten. Can't top that, can ya? Thought not.

teehee your attempts at humor fail miserably

Your attempts to attempt to attempt to tell me That my attempted attempts for humor attempt to FAIL. Attempt. 8P

hm, someone's trying hard. as woody would say, "reach for the skyyyyy." |the kid|

In Soviet Russia, I FTSU! (F* THE SHUT UP)

teehee, you're ridiculously unfunny. stop breathing.

lindseytaylor201 0

sorry op, but that's friggin halirious. that sounds like something I'd do lol.

In no remote way shape or form is this hilarious it's mean

wildpepper 5

maybe you should lock the door next time she leaves the house to check the mail and then laugh and go back to whatever you were doing when she wants back in.

Oh, I would definitely do that if my stepmom was a bitch like that. Revenge. It's fun.

dude just woop some ass!!(: lol thts what IIII would do at least!! :O

nanners16 0

you should stay home one day OP, and wait till she leaves, than do the same thing to her. than when she's standing there, call her and say "ohh how the turn tables..."