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Today, my dog managed to get into our cabinet and eat an entire bag of hershey kisses. Now she is puking all over the house and outside too. When I called the vet to tell her about it, she said that it was normal, and to call her back when it was "coming out the other end." FML
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dude, you are sooo lucky the dog is alive

...and the wait begins... Good thing she knew how to induce vomiting from all those years as a show dog...


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dude, you are sooo lucky the dog is alive

Yeah. I thought chocolate usually killed dogs... especially a whole bag of it.

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yeah that's what I thoght too #16

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it has to be dark chocolate. the higher the %70 dark will kill a dog or a cat. interesting note: dogs like the taste of battery acid.

but you should still call the vet if they eat any chocolate. you did the right thing. fyl

18, chocolate is fatal to dogs but depends on the type and amount of chocolate and the size of the dog. Hersheys are milk chocolate which is the least fatal. Dark chocolate is worse, and bakers chocolate is the worst. 28 is incorrect. All chocolate can be fatal. My dog ate a whole bag of Halloween sized snickers, milky way, etc and was perfectly fine. All dogs react differently. It can be extremely fatal. I believe it causes their liver to fail. Guess the vet knows best though. Grapes are also fatal to dogs (and raisins). It takes a fair amount to be fatal but it happens. I think sugarfree gum is also harmful.

chocolate DOES kill dogs. my dog ate like 200 g. of it and we had to drive him to the vet. the vet then gave him a shot that made him throw everything up. your just lucky your dog didn't just go to sleep or something.

something tells me this is fake and gay, my friend's dog died from one whooper ball, you want me to believe your dog would stay alive after eating an entire bag? and to top it off the vet told you to wait? lol this has fake written all over it.

@32 my Irish setter ate a whole bag of milk chocolate and didn't react at all. I freaked out when i found him ear deep in the bag and called my vet and that's what ge told me. course he also ate a pan of unraised bread once and it didn't bother him either. maybe it's just setters.

#32 is absolutely correct! The darker the chocolate, the more lethal it is...but you also have to take into consideration the size of the dog with the amount eaten. You can google the peroxide remedy to make a dog vomit. I believe (but please check) that it is 1/2 teaspoon of household peroxide to 1 pound of dog. But, you have to do this when you first notice that they have eaten something bad...and have a roll of paper towels ready. Also, I would call around to different vets. Get a second opinion...always!

bakers chocolate is what you really have to worry about because it's so rich...they shouldn't have chocolate, but plain hersheys milk chocolate shouldn't kill whippets at about 6 months old managed to pry open a tightly shut cabinet and eat a bag of mini. m

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onions and garlic can hurt them too, well most dogs o've noticed... if I'm ever cooking I can't let the dogs come in cause my dog has ate a tiny bit of onion on numeros ocasions and had seizures. it's terrifying to watch... butt it's happened with my mom's and my uncles dog, buttt it's like they will have a siezure and than be okay. I talked to the vet and they said there's nothing they can do about it so you just have to let it happen..

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@32: Good advice. Unlike the other calls for seeking a second opinion. Large amounts of chocolate solids can be fatal for a dog unless they vomit the chocolate. But, the first sign of chocolate poisoning is vomiting: the dogs treat themselves. If enough stays in the system, then they get jet-propelled diarrhea, and that means a small dose of sedatives for the dog. I'm still waiting for my first case of death by chocolate, but I have had hundreds of pet owners ring in panic over a Hersheys drop eaten by a 100 pound Rottweiler. Now, chocolate coated raisins may be a different kettle of fish

crap I forgot you can't use an ampersand.. I meant m and ms and they're fine 7 years later :) but it's best to get a vets opinion to!

#28, I think it's antifreeze that they like the taste of

u no this… how? mildly scrd about the battery acid drinking dog addicts

#74 a responsible dog owner should know what to keep way out of their pet's reach

Dogs can die if they eat chocolate, but it depends on the type of chocolate, along with the size/weight of the dog. The material in chocolate that is toxic to dogs is theobromine.

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chocolate can kill ur dog fyi

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Dogs are highly allergic to chocolate. Indeed, it is a surprise the dog is still living after consuming a whole bag of chocolate.

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XD I have a husky and when I was seven my parents put egg chocalates all over next day they are gone and the dogs shitten rainbow colored droppings wraped in tinfoil

Dumbass dog. There are dogs starving in New York City! All he can think about is eating things poisonous to him D:

.....yummy XD if there is a god...hes probably laughing his ass off at you right now....

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not an fml at alll! unless they would have told you your dog had an hour to live and anyone who touched it would die too.

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badpinkitty so true thus bitch was stupid enough to put chocolate in a cupboard where the dog could get it

the dogs the bitch. it ate all the ******* chocolate and now its waisting it. chocolate doesnt kill dogs, dogs kill dogs

...and the wait begins... Good thing she knew how to induce vomiting from all those years as a show dog...

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ha! let's see a Chinese wanting to eat that dog! "oh yesh, he look vely big! I eat him!" "sir, he's poisoned..." "what he got?" "chocolate poisoning" "oh sheet, that good filling! I take him now!" aww...well, nevermind...I guess it works out.

Koreans eat dogs. I'm Korean I would know. get ur sht straight pls

some Vietnamese do too haha :P. my Korean ex said that only rural areas of Korea eat dog though. idek

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Koreans eat dogs. That means nobody else can. get ur sht straight pls

In some areas of China they breed St. Bernards just to eat them. To put it simply: some East Asians eat dogs. Get your shit straight, please.

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I shit straight, I'm so regular it hurts!!

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some chinese peple eat cats brains get your sh!t strate peoples

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everyone stop worrying about the orientation of other people's shit! god!

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what if this shit kinda curves? yknow? ever had those ***** that just kinda curl?

My brother in law says he likes dog because it goes right through you and so you are ready to eat again quickly.

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My shit is straight, but sometimes is green... is that normal?

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Of course it is, dakota ^^ Sometimes my poop is red :D But its all good, cause I know its just blood! ^^

We Koreans don't usually eat dogs anymore. Old Koreans still do, because we were used to eating dogs and trash during the Korean war. I'm a first generation Korean so I would know.

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Girl!!!, dogs can't eat chocolate, chocolate is poisonous for him, he can die because of that.

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ewwwwwww poor op, has to clean the whole house but at least the doggie is still alive....

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YDI for keeping food, especially food that's poisonous to dogs, somewhere where they can get to it. You're lucky you're only cleaning puke and not picking up a dead dog.

I say fake, because a vet would never say "Oh your dog ate chocolate? No big deal, we'll wait awhile." Chocolate is poisonous to dogs, especially in large quantities, so either fake or your vet is an idiot.

i expect you dont have a dog... ive been feeding my dog chocolate all her life, she's healthy and 7 or 8 years old. it's a small amount of chemical in cocoa, so one bag won't poison it. only really strong chocolate in a large amount will. but this is hardly an fml.

Chocolate isn't as poisonous to dogs as most people think. Source: Mother is a vet tech.

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No, it depends on the weight of the dog. A bigger dog can eat a shitload of chocolate and be fine while a little dog would drop dead. Plus, it depends on the chocolate. Dark chocolate is much more dangerous than milk chocolate. I know this since my dog easily opens cabinets, drawers, or closes tupperware. He's gotten into chocolate before and was perfectly fine. OP, give your dog some plain bread. That will help absorb some of the chocolate and make it pass easier.

17, sorry but you're an idiot. For all you know you're slowly causing your dogs liver to fail. Dogs can't tell us when something is wrong, so if you are causing a problem you probably won't find out until it's too late. "Its fatal in large amounts so I'll just give him a little for no reason whatsoever" makes zero sense. If you want to give him a treat buy dog snacks. He'd like those better anyway.

idk about that weight thing my aunts dog (a Pomeranian) ate a whole bag of those Dove chocolates and he was fine. probably the same as anything else, as long as it doesn't get into your system you're fine, which is why the vet doesn't care as long as the dog is throwing it up.