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Today, I was scheduled for an interview at 3 o'clock. I allowed thirty minutes for the drive, but when I put my key in the ignition, the car wouldn't start. FML
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I got a 5 on my AP Chemistry exam!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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something like this happened to me today. i had to catch a plane at 8 and i had 15 minutes to get to the airport, when i was ready to leave, i couldnt find one of my shoes, i found it on the first floor! i live on the second floor

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did you turn the key, or just stick it in there?

Bump start, jump start, call a taxi... the possibilities are endless.

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You always want to make sure of this stuff before you leave.

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how are you supposed to check before if they just got into the car?!

yeah. its obviously the op's fault that they didn't prepare for their car not working. good job, captain hindsight!

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Testing my car isn't generally on my checklist for being prepared... I'll have to add that on. Though car trouble is generally random and inconvenient. So its not really ops fault, the car was probably working fine not long before.

you can't be prepared for an accident?

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44- How the **** is that relevant? Am I missing something here?

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53- I'm missing whatever you're missing. I don't think an accident was ever mentioned here..

Well it has to stop working for a reason

Happens to the best of us. Call and explain. If they don't take you, then do you really wanna work for such an uptight lot?

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Always leave at least an hour early for stuff like that. That's terrible, I hope you can reschedule.

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umm maybe it's not meant?? haha bttr luck next time (:

I apologize. I didn't read the comments before making this post. Had I read them, I would've seen that someone posted it already.

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Yours was more dramatic anyways. Second times the charm?

I love how you say 2nd times the charm but your username is 2ndSucks ;)

Skanky profile pic if you are only 16... But I'm just judging that by the 95 in your name.


it's still not skanky really

going by her pic I'd say she's probably 16

I'm 19 the 95 in my username is the year I started playing soccer. and I'm wearing a bathing. in the summer. it's not like you can't go to the beach or a pool and see the same thing.