By skatergrrrl - 15/02/2010 18:40 - United States

Today, I had my first ice skating lesson. I had to wait 5 years for a rink to open in my town, 2 weeks for my lessons to begin, but only 10 minutes to fall and hit my tailbone so hard that I can't walk. FML
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The circle of life is a vicious one. Take heed, wear protection.

Well, good things come to those who...well, maybe not.


The circle of life is a vicious one. Take heed, wear protection.

I agree also.

Applicable in other "situations".

i'm impressed with your dirty reference to protection, freeze. xD

agreed haha

from experience: you can NOT wear protection for your tailbone. I'm a hockey player and an excellent skater and even i have hit my tailbone a few times. even if she were wearing hockey pants they dont afford any real protection. FYL op that hurts like hell.

want me to sign your cast?

imm an ice skater but imm stoppin for a little while to work on my dancing becayse im trying out for a varsity dance/cheer team. so sorry that you had to wait *that* long.

lmao angry ninja

that's the answer to everything isn't it?

@43 A butt cast?

yup #1 is right get ur shit together lol

hahahah that is soooooo funny but unlucky

#69 may have a point lol

shouldn't your instructor tell you what to wear? and if you don't have it they make u buy it. There are these pants for all ages that have a cushioning on the tush you really need to get informed YDI for being stupid and this is a total fake FML

37, you are a wise man, people on this site do not know what they are talking about.

There is padding designed for figure skaters that offers some protection, if one knows how to fall. It's a bit of a tradeoff, however, between looking ridiculous and not offering much protection; I wore very thin padding that kept repeated falls from being too painful, but wasn't terribly visible (being a guy in trousers helped), whereas a number of others wore thick pads that made them look completely absurd.

boo hoo! wow what did you expect on your first time?

I love how #69 made a sex reference. Hahaha. Sex.

Well, good things come to those who...well, maybe not.

go to' but for you, because of your 3rd grade idiotic spelling mistake

The first time I'd ever gone ice skating was less than a year ago.... And I fell once the entire afternoon. don't be a spastic.

1.) I'm willing to bet that the OP only fell once, too. 2.) I can guarantee you that everyone's first time ice skating is not the same. 3.) "Spastic" is an adjective, not a noun.

Looks like someone got their ass handed to them on a silver plate of chocolate devils cake filled with banana cream from a donkey riding an elephant under the water as it slowly loses oxygen and begs for help from Saten himself but would later regret asking help from the devil because the price needed to pay for help would have been the unborn daughter of his wifes grandmother father who was at the time a clown giving away free bjs at circuses near you... Juliet then dies and the play was over... The end.

LMAO ..I forgot to breathe reading that.. and I didn't even read it out loud >.>

Its also a noun- referring to 'mentally handicapped'. I don't live in your country. I'll rephrase, I fell once after a few hours of skating. And then kept skating. It wasn't that hard to avoid hurting yourself.

lol weird how just went ice skating today, but hey look to the future no pain no gain

Just call me Mad... James Mad... Wait... Just Mad will do o.O

Sometimes life just feels like being the world's biggest bitch and does that to people :[ I'm sorry, OP.

your picture scares me.. zombieland referance- if I see you I will doubletap! ahhhhhhhh...

LOL @ doubletap but Tara's a cutie! Lay off

Ajjas013 6

More creepy internet zombies. BACK OFF! *Swings... Potato* Leave Tara alone! Shit, where's Dickcheney when you need him?

Yup she is very cute... I would hug her so hard that she would die from me crushing her little innocent body... Even after that I would continue to hug her motionless body :D ... Why am I having the slight sense of dejavu~

Because that's been said before :) Also, I didn't know you were into necrophilia. Me likes.

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Pedophilia? Me also likes :]

For a thirteen year old... You seem to be lacking innocence but make it up with all that naughty talking... Oh shit... I am a pedo :O

lol I actually am quite innocent in real life :) But, it's fun to be somebody I'm not when I'm online.

Ain't that the truth~

Hell to the yes.

Ajjas013 6

Bullshit pendatic, we both know you're like... Carry the one *Carries the one*... About 4 1/2? Maybe 5. Tara... You're so getting raped :)

Practice makes perfect. Just keep trying. It's not so hard once you get the hang of it. Good luck with your lessons!

inb4 snickerdoodles

Fail... RIP OP

aww i pity you after waiting 5 years for it yo be opened and then shortly after urblesson started, your cant walk anymore.

I also pity the foo.

Holy shit, your spelling. It's terrible

I broke my tailbone more than once just skating - and I played hockey. Keep trying and you'll get it.

it's just like roller blading.