By indiansbaseball4 - 14/01/2010 08:27 - United States

Today, while at a bar a woman of about 40 came up to me and asked me to dance, and being only 20 I thought I had met the perfect "cougar" for a one night stand. After a few up-beat dances, a slower song came on and we continued to dance. She started sobbing and claimed I was the son she never had. FML
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indiansbaseball4 tells us more.

In Texas there are TONS of bars that are 18+....for all of you that claim it has been on a show, that's your own prerogative and you might need to get out more and quit watching so much TV. Just sayin'....BUT what's so bad about trying to experience an older woman while I'm still young enough to do something about it?? haha. Bad thing about the whole deal was, I never made a move on her other than dancing and I wasn't even looking at her when she started sobbing out of control! After the comment I bought her a drink, and never even glanced her way again. FYI, while I don't have a "fake," I use my brothers I.D., so as far as the bars are concerned, I'm 25..good call synchroskater

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YDI, one night stands suck.

You should have told her she was like the grandmother you never had. That will help her out with her mid life crisis.

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CyclonePsycho 1

Cool story, bro.

Cool meme, bro.

it's funny because you commented and you said no comment

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I think this is the awkward moment in which you back away slowly......

YDI, one night stands suck.

Especially when by getting more comfortable, she takes out her dentures.

YDI for chasing a "cougar".

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HAHA rofl thats so jokes

You should have told her she was like the grandmother you never had. That will help her out with her mid life crisis.

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YDI for wanting to **** a 40 yearold.


Some of the hottest women in the world are 40+, so I don't see anything wrong with his attraction to older women.

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Well to me he was at a bar just to get a easy ****. You're disgusting.

boatkicker 4

Half the people that go to bars, both women and men, are just looking for an easy ****.

I'm the same age and have a cougar, it's the best! Are you kidding me?? They're successful, don't have drama, don't say "like" with every sentence, actually have real problems not like 20 year olds getting their panties in a bunch over the stupidest things, they pay for dinner (yeah, you should try it sometime), will show you everything! Not the other way around, they don't play stupid games, they don't test you, they don't need presents, don't need to know "where this is going," don't want kids (my cougar doesn't have any either), AMAZING SEX - they will teach you everything! Look, if you guys want some dumb stuck up bitch that will bother you 24/7 about the STUPIDEST shit, an immature little brat, fake, phony, more times then not - RETARDED! go for it. Once you go for a cougar, you'll never mess with a kitten I have to work on that one.......but you get the idea.

In regards to going to bars for an easy hookup ... "I cut down trees, I skip and jump, I love to press wild flow'rs. I put on women's clothing, And hang around in bars."

perdix 29

thatoneguyinca is right on the money, except he leaves out one important point. Have fun with the cougar, but don't marry her! They do wear out and the store doesn't take 'em back after you've put a ring on it.

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#23 You just made me smile. Awesome.

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You should be in advertising

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thatoneguyinca : and you're life is just so wondeful isn't it? i feel for you and everyone else who thinks sex = love. your life is shit.

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You sir, have yet to disappoint when it comes to comments...can sombody get this guy an award or something?

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@50 I can't see where in his post he mentioned anything about love? It's just a good time and I think they are both fully aware of it. Enjoy it while it lasts. Oh and you obviously must be a young woman.

Funny. You talk about women in their 20's being immature and just look at your comment. It's like you're describing yourself.

TrijonVirus 0

u had to slap that ass and make it urs! U cuda calld her mommy during sex and have her lick ur ass clean for u! nothing like having ur ass hole lickd clean for u!

Okay, that is disgusting...

Well, your post got at least one thumbs up.

I don't know what disgusts me more here: the mental image of that or the fact you misspelled more than half the words in your comment.

Well, you were trying to use her for your own advantage, whether it could've potentially been what she wanted or not. YDI. On other note, you should've gotten the hell out of there at that point.