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Today, I was unloading Cokes outside of the movie theater I work at. While bent over, I heard someone call out, "Damn girl, you got a fat ass," followed by, "Oh God, that's a man!" I am indeed a man. FML
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U still have a nice ass take it as compliment

1dvs_bstd 41

So you've got a nice kaboose, what's the big deal? Are we supposed to only worship women asses? Stop the double standards, people!


U still have a nice ass take it as compliment

He still got catcalled. How is objectification a compliment again?

No doubt. I never get hollared at or groped anymore. It's disappointing.

People aren't offended by cat calls, it makes us feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

#21, it's more of a feeling of disrespect and fear. If someone called me beautiful, I would take it as a compliment, but by picking out a certain body type, regardless of the gender, it can make it seem like the person being catcalled only worth his/her body parts. Not only that, but as a person that gets cat called, I can honestly say that when it happens to me I wonder that if that person was brazen enough to say that to me, what else they would do.

#21 You have really beautiful eyes. Is that disrespectful?

You do know that catcalling isn't as innocent as just saying 'you have beautiful eyes'. It's much more leering and aggressive than that. There's a difference between a compliment and a catcall :-/

AkBunny907 18

You can't say it's always aggressive though, n besides some people enjoy those kind of remarks just depends on personality

Saying 'you have beautiful eyes' when you're already conversing on the internet is way different from shouting it at people from across the street. Since it's pretty difficult to connect on a personal level via yelling about body parts it's safe to assume their motivations aren't to have a pleasant conversation.

Is it really so hard for people to hear someone say ' I don't like that comment you yelled at me please stop' and just respect that it's their opinion? Their emotions are not up for debate.

Just feel the need to point out that they never said he has a nice arse. They called it a fat arse.

to those easily getting offended by 21s remarks, just stop. The first thing to happen lately is the down votes by either white knights who down vote comments and obviously speak about the female agenda, or we have women immediately who have to state that *oh you brutish men all you think about is body parts* excuse me ask anyone what thing they love about their husband's/wife's/girlfriend's/boyfriends most attractive qualities and see if anyone doesn't say something that isn't about the body the person loves. there will be ass holed both men and women alike. but how dare you say appreciating any feature of a person's body is bad. sincerely the sane

down voting my comment only proves my point, good day

if you live life afraid and are so frightened and shaken to the core over something like that, think there's probably internal problems on your end as well as on the one doing cat calling. Take a self defense class

8313girl 28

I'm a girl who loves a nice ass on a man. I hate flat asses where their back goes straight to their legs and the ass is nonexistent. A guys ass should have a little cushion and be able to withstand a light smack. Yeah OP, a nice thick ass is definitely a compliment.

"fat ass" is not a compliment in my book lol

#86 Women shouldn't have to have a reason to take a self-defense class. It's called being a decent human being.

I totally agree but I live on earth. It's about building one's self-confidence. Being able to take care of ones self and being confident of that fact makes most things in life a non-issue.

noahelizer 7

@68 No it doesn't. Maybe you need to exercise out a little more.

68, no it doesn't. I exercise and weight train regularly, and I still have had a fairly prominent butt for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it's just genetics.

1dvs_bstd 41

So you've got a nice kaboose, what's the big deal? Are we supposed to only worship women asses? Stop the double standards, people!

I want to like but I don't want to tip it over 69 votes!

@41 it's way past 69 votes so feel free to like the comment

People who catcall are douchenozzles. At least you know you've got a nice ass though, I guess?

You can confort yourself with the knowledge that were you a woman, you'd have a nice ass. As a man, you apparently have a surprising / ambiguous ass.

Funny how people feel it's okay to comment on a woman's body, but the instant they realize it's a man, they're apologetic. At least the OP now has a small idea of what it's like to be a woman in a man's world.

Excepting all the comments on here talking about how "at least you know you have a nice ass", you mean? Catcalling shouldn't happen to anyone, and we shouldn't treat men and women differently when they GET catcalled. If this were a woman, people would be up in arms about how rude it was. Because it's a guy, it's a compliment? No. OP, sorry for the douchenozzles of the world. They don't know when to shut it off, apparently.

I think that previous FMLs where a woman gets unwanted attention probably have more of those "take it as a complement" comments than this one does. The cat-caller was certainly an ass, but it's something that men don't really have to deal with unless they are mistaken for a woman.

Yup unfortunately not even women are safe from the 'take the compliment' brigade. You are right that it's a douchey move regardless of gender, but unfortunately it's one of those things that women have to put up with more. More people are speaking out against their douchey friends now though (which is not to be underestimated because it's often engrained in work-place culture) so I think maybe communication and empathy is the way to go rather than equal-opportunities harrassment.

As a man with hair down his back, I do sympathize with women. Several times I've been catcalled at.

tantanpanda 26

#9, no one apologizes. I don't know what fml you're reading. Woman comment on guys all the time, you're not special.

They don't apologize, but they immediately take it back. It shows disrespect to women. If a woman is catcalled and she looks at the person with an obviously unhappy face, nobody says "oh, you don't like that? Whoops, I take it back!", yet they do for men.

NotGabe 28

Girls like a butt on a guy. All good, man.

juturnaamo 29

Agreed. Red beans and rice didn't miss my husband, and I love it.