By wowsucks - 30/01/2010 09:40 - United States

Today, I realized that the only reason my boyfriend has been coming over to hang out at my house for the past two months is because my little brother has an N64. I have become a third wheel to their mario kart dates. FML
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Don't underestimate the power of Mario! And you're obviously no Princess Peach.


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just because he finds a N64 more exciting than getting into it with you, doesn't mean you have the right to shit talk Mario Kart.. Oh buy the third wheel reference was quite Punny.

your bf has good taste in games lol my n64 broke :( hey let's go out so I can play with your brothers

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For all of the idiots who side with her boyfriend; your idiots. Her bf is using her. OP, dump him.

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Unless he has some shitty 10 year old computer, tell him to download a N64 emulator and games, and play them at home. Although, if he was only using you for the N64, he'll probably dump you after giving him this idea.

Pretty simple, OP.. You gotta end their friendship.. They shouldn't like eachother in the first place.. Tell your boyfriend to go into your bedroom to sex you up.. And your brother should start hating him..

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n64 and not wii, ps3, or xbox?

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Simple solution: Go topless. If that doesnt work.. maybe theres a reason why he plays with your brother and not you.

dude! your bro has a N64!?! wanna go out I mean you won't even have to drive I'll come to your place errday!

81 you suck haha you care obviously if your taking your sweet time to complain you liberal hahaha

Reminds me of that post, forgot where I heard it. "No one cares about online threats. Winning a fight online is like winning the Special Olympics. You won, but you're still a retard"

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can I say antique game console? F ur bros L

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lol thats what i was thinking, **** this girls problem, your brothers still playing an N64

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those were the best ones! don't hate!

n64 is hands down the best console. it definately is better than most of the garbage that is out now.

Don't underestimate the power of Mario! And you're obviously no Princess Peach.

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Maybe if you played with his Wii a little more, you'd give him a different reason to come.

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I agree give him more of a reason to stay

perdix, your comments are always awesome. XD

Oh look, a Wii joke that has been made thousands of times in the past. How original and funny! ...scratch that, pathetic and lame.

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It seems like some people like it. Anyways, even if it is lame and pathetic as you say, it is still funnier than anything you have ever contributed. Your insults suck almost as bad as your comments. You may just want to hang up your keyboard and be merely a spectator.