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Only in America. Always in America.

Oh my goodness that is horrible. I hope you get compensation for the way he treated you.

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Really...? Compensation for what? Nothing took place, let it go.

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It does not have to be a lawsuit I did not say that. Maybe they can give him something for the trouble he went through. I don't know if any of you have been held at gun point but it is absolutely terrifying and traumatic.

And this is what Murica boils down to. What can I get for my trouble? #FirstWorldProblems

This is what Murica boils down to: what can I get for my troubles. (First world problems.)

Here you are #2. Just like many of other people trying to get something for nothing. Go make an honest living for your money and stfu.

sarahsehhati, I've had a gun pointed at my face twice, even being a cop's gun, it was scary. I'm a security guard myself, and if I treated someone like that I'd lose my security lisence, I'd want some form of apology for having a gun held at my head, too

OP does deserve an apology for what happened to him. However I'm sure the security guard didn't know that OP just tripped, maybe he thought he was being attacked, it's hard to tell. After its all said and done though they can review the situations and see it was all a big misunderstanding and give OP something for his troubles.

I think the thing is that he was pinned down and THEN had a gun pointed at him. Even if he had been armed or planning anything suspicious, he had been pinned down already and wouldn't have been able to do anything hence being threatened with a firearm was unnecessary

Ugh, Americans. It was a mistake in both sides. Compensation is neither required not even vaguely relevant. You lot are obsessed with compensation and lawsuits.

if it was from behind that might be my initial assumption, but once I'd turned around and seen op try to get back up, or already on the ground, I'd think it was an innocent mistake. There is absolutely no need to pull a gun on anyone for that, I don't even have a gun when I work

I think everyone is forgetting that security at a bank is much more serious, so that even something like tripping and bumping a security guard can be accidentally seen as a threat. It sounds like the guard was just doing his job.

I completely realize that it was a mistake, after reviewing what happened, everyone in the situation will see that it was a mistake. Mistakes happen, everyday. And this was at a bank, you know, where there is a lot of money and frequent burglaries. Asking for an apology is one thing, but to demand compensation is absolutely ridiculous, especially since it sure seems that you mean fiscally, and if you don't, then it's a moot statement because what are you suggesting, they say sorry and give OP a latte and a coupon for a sandwich down the street? Demanding compensation for something that was an accident is just absurd. And is the security guard really at fault? Or is that exactly the kind of security you want watching over your money?

Well said #60, and on top of that, no shots were fired during this "incident" and I highly doubt the security guard had intentions of shooting.

Most banks don't even have security guards, it's just money and they're insured

I'm sorry, I know you're probably serious but the way I read that in my head was so sarcastic...

What are you even talking about? You retarded or something?

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Do you really believe American police are the only ones who take things too far?

Nope. They don't. The Israeli police do too. I was in 6th grade when they threw a tear gas canister into our taxi on the way to school when we stopped at the checkpoint. They laughed.

#20 Got banned, wonder why,

Holy crap, that's horrible. How could they not get in trouble for that?

#37 Because... Here in America people think the Police are crooked and go "to far". Yet some countries cops can literally get away with anything. But here in America we try to bust the cops for any little thing and say they are horrible yet for the most part they just do their DAMN JOB! So to answer your question how can they do that? Many countries the Police are pretty much like a invading army and do what ever they please. Yet we Americans still complain and take them to court if they look at us funny.

@97, Have you been exposed to any sort of media outlet the past few days? Or months? America absolutely has the right to complain about police. Look at Darren Wilson in Ferguson. Lines up perfectly with the gun-happy man OP dealt with. We don't have it as bad as some other countries, comparatively, but law enforcement officials are not wrongly persecuted here. Wilson got off completely free for doing a lot more than looking at someone funny. Condolences, OP. That must be traumatizing. I hope the bank/officer issues an apology.

#99. Of course I have, but since when should we listen to media. I don't really have a opinion on that crap because Medias story changes every 5 minutes! So we don't really know what happened and people are protesting just so they have a reason to riot!

wow....that's one HELL of a day.

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that phrase supposed to be used in positive cases?

48 well ill correct you then... i mean, normally hell is not a pleasent, unless youre satan..

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Don't fuck with Paul blart

Hope you were able to explain the situation before being pinned down for too long? Sounds like such a drastic thing for the security guard to do, especially pulling out a gun.

Good thing you didn't get shot by him or his backup

Good ol' 'murica

the new comment i want to ban

Once they look at the security video you should be fine

At least they were over-protective instead of lazy. You can bank on that place not getting robbed anytime soon